SOUR TUSK – British Motherrockers Kick Out The Jams On Their New Manic Missile ‘KICK IT IN’

Daily noise to load your batteries

11 November 2023

Who: Rowdy trio from Sheffield, UK.
A cross between Motörhead and Clutch.

New single: KICK IT IN

Nic Rudd (vocalist): “This is the full embodiment of what it means to get on stage
and let it all go! The lights go down that’s when it will change, let the monster out,
out of its cage, the utter epitome of letting it all hang out, giving the energy to the
audience and back again.”

TUTV: This is the kind of head-spinning steamrollers fabricated to be played live to
a maddening moshpitting crowd. Hallelujah! Maniacal guitars, ear-splitting drumming, barking vocals and a scream-along kick it in chorus. Herculean turmoil for diehard headbangers.

Get the loud picture? Sour Tusk are here to turn up the decibels to an illegal level
and test your stereo’s resilience. Badass stuff. An ace of spades missile Lemmy would
be proud of.

Kick out the jams.

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