VELVET CHAINS Develop Titanic Wall-Of-Sound On New Volcanic Single ‘EYES CLOSED’

Daily noise that works faster than any stimulant

13 November 2023

Who: Hard rockin’ team from Las Vegas formed in 2018. They are a fusion of diverse musical influences, ranging from the heavy and aggressive to the melodic and introspective.

New single: CLOSED EYES

TUTV: Expect impassioned mid-tempo metal bombast going sky-high.
Velvet Chains develop a titanic wall-of-sound with roasting guitar riffage,
baffling drumming and red-hot blooded vocals. Galvanizing and fervid.

Closed Eyes has the overwhelming capacity of an erupting volcano. High-strung
tension is in the air all the way through, cutting like a Swiss knife. Spectacular score.



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