British Music Website NME Ranked All 188 BEATLES Songs In Order Of Greatness

15 November 2023

Despite the best band in history (to my ears) THE BEATLES split in 1970, they have never been really away as there are still two Beatles active with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, making albums (mostly Macca) and playing live. Also over the years all sorts of Fab Four compilations came out.

And just two weeks ago the final Fab Four track named Now And Then, written
and sung by John Lennon in 1979, recently worked on and finished by Paul and
Ringo, came out.

The song went around the globe and music magazines and websites used
the occasion to feature all sorts of articles about the imperishable Beatles.

So did NME by ranking all of their
188 songs in order of greatness.


1. TOMORROW NEVER KNOWS (On Revolver LP – 1966).

The band experimented with loops, sampling, drone and tape manipulation, guitars played backwards creating not just the epitome of psychedelia and exposing pop audiences to anti-materialist Eastern ideas, but effectively inventing dance music.

2. A DAY IN THE LIFE (On Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band LP – 1967)

Lennon’s ‘Sgt. Pepper…’ closer viewed a series of newspaper articles – about the death
of Guinness heir Tara Browne and road repairs in Lancashire – through LSD specs and came out with a world-beating vision. Includes arguably the most famous crescendo in rock.

3. HEY JUDE (1968)

Paul composed The Beatles most rousing sing-along to
comfort Julian Lennon over the break-up of his parents.


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