MY BLOODY VALENTINE – Groundbreaking Debut LP ‘ISN’T ANYTHING’ Released 35 Years Ago Today

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21 November 2023

British groundbreaking guitar noise legends MY BLOODY VALENTINE, fronted
by feedback sound wizard Kevin Shields, who turned 60 last May released their flabbergasting debut LP ISN’T ANYTHING 35 years ago today, on 21 November 1988.

Pitchfork says: “At the heart of My Bloody Valentine was the mixture of the crushing power of Dinosaur Jr. and Hüsker Dü and the delicate vulnerability of indie pop; the masculine/feminine dynamic was accomplished not through the brilliant interplay between Kevin Shields and singer/guitarist Bilinda Butcher (whose voices complement each other but often sound quite alike) but by the effect of their voices against the guitar noise. My Bloody Valentine offered a new expression of androgynous sensuality in pop, crafting deeply sexual but also abstracted music, short on specifics but heavy with feeling.”
Score: 10/10.

TUTV: One kind of band, one kind of noise, one kind of album.



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