THE GOODIES – Californian Duo With All You Need Is Reggae Love Earworm ‘ALL AROUND THE WORLD’

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21 November 2023


Who: San Diego-based band founded by Justin Goodman (“Goodie”) and Zan. With a sound that blends reggae rock, pop, R&B, folk, and other genres, The Goodies draw inspiration from a wide range of musical styles. Justin, originally from Detroit, discovered his love for reggae music during a life-changing trip to Jamaica at a young age. Meanwhile, growing up in San Diego, Zan was exposed to reggae music at a young age by older siblings who were passionate about the Jamaican genre.

New single: AROUND THE WORLD feat. Lukup
New piece from their upcoming 6-song debut EP,
out in January 2024.

“Around The World” is what we call a “fasterpiece masterpiece”. We wrote and recorded the entire song in the studio in one day, including the featured artist Lukup, who also wrote their lyrics on the fly the same day. It was one of those magical moments as a musician when everything just flowed. The song is essentially a love story about how we are all looking for
love to save us.”

TUTV: This a honey-sweet, uplifting reggae earworm that makes your day on the spot, certainly on a rainy day like this in Europe. This is the kind of sonic upper that boosts your mood and makes you jump out of bed in the morning with a firm dose of lust for life. It’s sunlit vibe and feel-good bliss causes an on cloud nine experience, sooo welcome in these restless times.

Lyrically, reggae had a tradition of social criticism, overtime other, more personal themes were/are expressed too. Sonically to my ears its funky vibe always put a smile on my face and that’s what The Goodies do too with this rapturous tune about what The Beatles used to sing ‘all you need is love‘ back in the 60s. Let’s hope this universal message goes around the world once again and again and again.


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