THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers Week 39

Every week Turn Up The Volume picks 7 new
firecrackers that burned his ears the past 7 days

‘Truck Songs’ by ANGEL DU$T (Baltimore)

Hardcore noiseniks Angel Du$t mellowed their sound a bit lately,
but still kick-ass, like here with the title track of upcoming album
A Collection Of Truck Songs, out 29th October.

Tripp(songwriter): “This is one of my favorite recordings of a song that
I’ve written. Plus, all my best homies got all up in this track’s ass and sent
it home. Was listening to Tom Petty a grip. If you don’t know who that is
check him out, I guess.”

Start the fire…



The hardcore legends announced a new LP
featuring Goth heroine Chelsea Wolfe.

Lead-single Blood Moon sounds like an astonishing harbinger for
what is to come. It’s a disturbing, confusing, and flabbergasting
slam dunk.

Turn it up here…


‘The Beachland Ballroom’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)

New album Crawler, out 12th November.

Expect the slower side of Idles with hefty eruptions now
and then and frontman Joe Talbot‘s blood cooking…


‘7000 HOURS’ by THE CHELSEA CURVE (Boston)

With the snarl of the punk scene and the swagger of the mods,
The Chelsea Curve often earn comparisons to The Pretenders and
Husker Du (personal favorites of the trio). On their new single, the
band shows a deeper emotional side, setting a lovely mood of
autumnal longing.

Expect a twinkling tune that gets under your skin without asking.
Repeat buttons were invented for catchy corkers like these.

Start feeling good here…


‘Text The Dead’ by ACTIVITY

The New York-based rockers’ new single is about broken-heartedness,
mournfulness and sadness following the passing of one of the most
beloved and closest person we all have, our mother.

Travis Johnson (the band’s songwriter) about the song: “My mom passed
away in February. I still can’t process it honestly… I was going through old stuff
and found it and started singing the verse melody. Then we all added our parts
and subtracted others, etc. It’s not a very ‘live’ song but we all came together
on it still.”

Text The Dead is a disturbing, confusing, strangely
infectious, and fascinating grief processing song…

Listen/watch here…


‘Write A List of Things To Look Forward To’ by COURTNEY BARNETT

The wonderful singer/songwriter Courtney Barnett from down under,
unleashes her new longplayer Things Take Time, Take Time

Barnett: “It’s a song about darkness but also about friendship. I found
a deeper communication with people in my life — deeper conversations.
And a new level of gratitude for friendships that had been there for so
long that I had maybe taken for granted.”

Listen up…




Besides having a great band name these siblings from Toronto score big time with their new steaming single. A song “about what hides behind the smiles for social media. It can be described as a cry for help, disguised as an upbeat dance floor banger.”

Pithy, swirling, and as sticky as first-class glue. Add glamorous vocals and a glittering, full-on wall-of-electrical sound and the final result is an instant hit.


‘Troubles A’ Comin’ by THE ROLLING STONES

The imperishable Stones have shared a previously unreleased cover of ‘Troubles A’ Comin’, a golden oldie hit of American soul legends The Chi-Lites. The song will feature on the upcoming 40th-anniversary reissue of their Tattoo You LP.

Here we go…

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Ominous Brain Cracking Groove – New Single ‘WHITE PHOSPHORUS’ By ACTIVITY

7 February 2021

Who: Adventurous 4-piece
from New York / Philadelphia

A song that didn’t fit the band’s astounding 2020 debut LP Unmasked Forever.

Band member Travis Johnson: “One of the first things we wrote together, the first
thing we recorded, but it didn’t fit on the record in some ways. Another with references
to disease and inoculation and lack of getting outside that’s totally coincidental. Just
about a particularly gross/unhealthy situation I had to get myself out of and luckily did.’

Score: The ominous guitar-layered intro triggers your imagination immediately and transfers your mind to a dark place. While the haunting groove moves on and on, like
a bloodthirsty serpent on a mission, Billy Corgan like vocals amplify the sinister tone of
this obscure brain cracker you can’t resist playing over and over again.

Enter here…

ACTIVITY: Facebook

(Press info via Western Vinyl, Texas)

New NYC Band ACTIVITY Debuts With Haunting Story ‘CALLS YOUR NAME’…

New sonic impulses

23 January 2020


Who: A New York City avant foursome “who gleefully discard the more weary
connotations of indie rock through a natural, minimal and intelligent use of
modern implements”
. The band formed a year ago with members from
Grooms, Field Mouse and Russian Baths .

Track: CALLS YOUR NAME – the band’s debut single is inspired by C. S. Lewis‘s
1945 novel The Great Divorce based on a theological dream vision of his
in which he reflects on the Christian conceptions of Heaven and Hell.

Score: This haunting story could be the main sonic theme of a new psycho-thriller
movie. The intoxicating combination of this track’s spooky electronic groove and
repetitive ghostly drums with vocalist Jess Rees‘s bone-chilling voice adding a macabre tone, turn this remarkable debut into a nightmarish experience. Don’t be surprised if
you hear this devilish hymn near your local graveyard.

Tune in and shiver right here…

ACTIVITY: Facebook

Debut album UNMASK WHOEVER is out 27 March – details right here.