New NYC Band ACTIVITY Debuts With Haunting Story ‘CALLS YOUR NAME’…

New sonic impulses

23 January 2020


Who: A New York City avant foursome “who gleefully discard the more weary
connotations of indie rock through a natural, minimal and intelligent use of
modern implements”
. The band formed a year ago with members from
Grooms, Field Mouse and Russian Baths .

Track: CALLS YOUR NAME – the band’s debut single is inspired by C. S. Lewis‘s
1945 novel The Great Divorce based on a theological dream vision of his
in which he reflects on the Christian conceptions of Heaven and Hell.

Score: This haunting story could be the main sonic theme of a new psycho-thriller
movie. The intoxicating combination of this track’s spooky electronic groove and
repetitive ghostly drums with vocalist Jess Rees‘s bone-chilling voice adding a macabre tone, turn this remarkable debut into a nightmarish experience. Don’t be surprised if
you hear this devilish hymn near your local graveyard.

Tune in and shiver right here…

ACTIVITY: Facebook

Debut album UNMASK WHOEVER is out 27 March – details right here.

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