Ominous Brain Cracking Groove – New Single ‘WHITE PHOSPHORUS’ By ACTIVITY

7 February 2021

Who: Adventurous 4-piece
from New York / Philadelphia

A song that didn’t fit the band’s astounding 2020 debut LP Unmasked Forever.

Band member Travis Johnson: “One of the first things we wrote together, the first
thing we recorded, but it didn’t fit on the record in some ways. Another with references
to disease and inoculation and lack of getting outside that’s totally coincidental. Just
about a particularly gross/unhealthy situation I had to get myself out of and luckily did.’

Score: The ominous guitar-layered intro triggers your imagination immediately and transfers your mind to a dark place. While the haunting groove moves on and on, like
a bloodthirsty serpent on a mission, Billy Corgan like vocals amplify the sinister tone of
this obscure brain cracker you can’t resist playing over and over again.

Enter here…

ACTIVITY: Facebook

(Press info via Western Vinyl, Texas)

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