‘Happiness In Magazines’ By GRAHAM COXON (2004)

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20 February 2020

Artist: Graham Coxon

Album: Happiness in Magazines

Released: 17 May 2004 – His fifth solo LP

ALL MUSIC review: “…what is a shock is that Coxon has the confidence and will
to not hide behind the noise and obscurist tendencies that made his previous solo
efforts a bit laborious. Here, his emotions are pushed to the surface and they are
married to catchy, memorable songs that are delivered in an immediate and
imaginative fashion.”
Full review here – Score: 4.5/5

TURN UP THE VOLUME!: The best rock album Blur never made.
Without Coxon, they would have become an arty-farty project
rather than Britpop icons they became.

TOP TRACKS: Spectacular / Freakin’ Out / Don’t Be A Stranger




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GRAHAM COXON: Facebook – All Albums

New Multi-Faceted Album By Electronic Act MECHANIMAL – Discover ‘CRUX’ Here…

8 February 2020


Who: A ‘drone n roll’ project from Athens Greece founded
by Giannis Papaioanou and joined by Freddie Faulkenberry
producing “a stunning mix of post-punk, electro and industrial

Album: CRUX – released 27 January 2020

Sound/lyrics: “Crux” is an in-depth exploration of the past, present, and (possible) future
of everyday life with the aim of personal awakening. It focuses on an idea that can account
for the melding of seemingly incompatible musical worlds and theories with respect to the mechanisms of each one of them. It could easily be described as the absolute “crossover”
album of Mechanimal, or simply the one where the ideas and obsessions of its members
meet at the heart of the mechanical animal. It consists of electronic music, spoken word,
cut-up images and videos, deconstructed slogans, ideas and actions. A multidimensional
collage inspired by the harsh reality, or otherwise the violent regularity that is “enforced”
(by the new music industry to home entertainment and by “fake news” to climate change),
and at the same time criticized.”

Turn Up The Volume: An intriguing, political and multi-faceted record from atmospheric and reflective soundscapes (Ghetto Level / Sharon / Stolen Fresh / Hospital Of The Storm / La Poverina Della Ossa) to high-powered, industrial drones (Scavengers / Easy Dead), from darkwave (Red Mirror) to trippy techno (Razor Tube / Vanquish). So much to uncover with every listening, so much to relish with every spin.

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(photo by Christos Sarris)

Underrated Album ‘BE’ By BEADY EYE – Released 2013

Old and new albums to make your day

7 February 2020

Album: BE
Released: 10 June 2013
AllMusic wrote: “Beady Eye does something Noel does not (at least not yet): they can
deliver a pure pop rush with an insouciant flair. Perhaps they’re happily stuck in the past,
but there’s no denying that when they have a hook or melody they deliver the retro goods.”

Turn Up The Volume: Totally underrated album, Definitely as good as what our kid,
Liam Gallagher does solo. Great vibes, contagious grooves, and top tunes.
The singles: Soul Love / Second Bite Of The Apple / Shine A Light




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BEADY EYE: Facebook

Sound-Exploring Psychedelic Duo LAS COBRAS Released Their Second Album ‘SELVA’

Old and new albums to make your day

6 February 2020


Who: An invigorating and adventurous psychedelic duo- Sofía Aguerre and Leandro
– out of Uruguay. A pair of sound-exploring musicians. Their intriguing debut album Temporal was one of the most appealing debut LP’s of 2017. They inject their
musical vision on psychedelia with lysergic sounds of South-America, therefore they’re different from the rest of the pack.

Album: SELVA – second album

Released: 10 January 2020

Sound: Again Las Cobras impresses with intoxicating electro waves, a sonic variety of seductive songs and different sounds matching different moods. From bluesy psychedelic reflections (Down Low / Misterio / Lo Hacemos Mal) to far-out grooves with a poetic touch (Llamarás Mi Nombre / Selva) and the almost 8-minutes closing track The Colour Of Dawn,
a mind-boggling, dark and experimental voodoo-like odyssey with nightmarish echoes.
A Los Cobras record feels like a discovery trip in another aural universe where you pick
up new sonorous elements and new fuzzy twists and psychedelic turns with every spin.

Experience the adventurous journey here…

Album is available via Bandcamp, iTunes and via Fuzz Club

LOS COBRAS: Facebook / photo by Raoul Dukkha