New Multi-Faceted Album By Electronic Act MECHANIMAL – Discover ‘CRUX’ Here…

8 February 2020


Who: A ‘drone n roll’ project from Athens Greece founded
by Giannis Papaioanou and joined by Freddie Faulkenberry
producing “a stunning mix of post-punk, electro and industrial

Album: CRUX – released 27 January 2020

Sound/lyrics: “Crux” is an in-depth exploration of the past, present, and (possible) future
of everyday life with the aim of personal awakening. It focuses on an idea that can account
for the melding of seemingly incompatible musical worlds and theories with respect to the mechanisms of each one of them. It could easily be described as the absolute “crossover”
album of Mechanimal, or simply the one where the ideas and obsessions of its members
meet at the heart of the mechanical animal. It consists of electronic music, spoken word,
cut-up images and videos, deconstructed slogans, ideas and actions. A multidimensional
collage inspired by the harsh reality, or otherwise the violent regularity that is “enforced”
(by the new music industry to home entertainment and by “fake news” to climate change),
and at the same time criticized.”

Turn Up The Volume: An intriguing, political and multi-faceted record from atmospheric and reflective soundscapes (Ghetto Level / Sharon / Stolen Fresh / Hospital Of The Storm / La Poverina Della Ossa) to high-powered, industrial drones (Scavengers / Easy Dead), from darkwave (Red Mirror) to trippy techno (Razor Tube / Vanquish). So much to uncover with every listening, so much to relish with every spin.

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