Signs Of The Times – British Indie Rockers CRUX Impress With New EP ‘DEATH AT THE CASH MACHINE’

19 October 2021

Band: CRUX (great title)
Who: Up and coming indie
rockers from Newcastle, UK


CRUX: “We’ve tried to capture different aspects of the chaos and despair that penetrates modern living drawing on a number of themes, from zero-hour contracts and austerity to sexual predators and dodgy nights out. Some of the songs are particularly character-driven, with ‘Radgie Gadgie’ and ‘Incel’ both being based on real people, but also on archetypes we’re all familiar with in our day-to-day lives.”

(Photo by Chris Ord)

Turn Up The Volume: History, unfortunately, repeats itself over and over again.
The past few years greedy power-addicted charlatans (the likes of Trump, Johnson, Erdogan, and Orbán) got elected by a scary majority of autocracy-supporting people. Sexism, racism, and inequality are back from never being away. Add the devastating coronavirus crisis and the never-ending nuclear race and it looks as if the world is
heading towards self-destruction.

Crux tackle most of those inhuman issues and more in this 6-track extended play,
lyrically and sonically. From the pumped-up Royal Blood-like stomper Living In Dystopia
on they ignite all cylinders. Smashing slam Big Market (do I hear echoes of prog-rockers
Yes track To Be Over track of their 1974 album Relayer here in the intro) rocks hard.

Furious whirlwind stormers Incel and Radgie Gadgie speed up your bloodstream
while the decibels reach an illegal level. Slaving Away has a glowing glam groove with
an instant impact on your body langue and closer Agent Orange is a tremendous tour
de force combining The Black Keys drones, a wham bloody wham-bam chorus, and a surprising, classical choir climax. A spectacular finale of a spectacular EP.

The scary signs of our modern times led Crux to a far-out EP triumph.



Stream full EP here…

CRUX: Facebook – Instagram

Turn Up The Volume’s 15 KNOCKOUT TRACKS – March 2021

The best of the past month…

Turn Up The Volume‘s 15 Knockout Tracks for March 2021!
A fervid fusion of rhapsodic rippers and clashing crackerjacks.

‘High Horse’ by DEAP VALLY (LA, California)
When the utterly cool Deap Vally queen cats invite their friends you may expect firework like this blues-rock steamer featuring KT Tunstall & Peaches. Stream/buy the full stellar Digital Dream EP here.

‘Stay’ by ONISM E (New York)
A soul-stirring and electrifying top track – from one of, yes, the best albums of 2021 –
by this rad emo-striking NY-based outfit. Stream/buy ‘Survivors’ LP here.

‘White Elephant’ by NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS (Australia)
What can I say? Cave & Ellis made a brilliant longplayer called Carnage and
White Elephant is its most impressive piece (to my ears). Mind-boggling.

‘Not To’ by WOLF VAN WYMEERSCH (Belgium)
Melancholia at its starry-eyed synth-pop best. Here’s a romantic at heart, going solo, who’s sanely obsessed with creating music, playing music, and enjoying music, if possible all at the same time. Damon Albarn‘s moody side comes to mind.

‘Five Finger Exploding Heart Technique’
by OK COOL (Chicago, US)
A sonic shot of riot grrrl guitar-pop that has an instant impact on your body activity. You just want to go out and scoot in the street, feel ecstatic, and hear your heart beat madly. These are 130 thrilling seconds you want to relive over and over again.

‘I Want Noise’ by LOBSTERBOMB (Berlin)
What you get here is Bikini Kill‘s raw outcries, L7‘s detonating gusto, B-52‘s rock lobster’s liveliness and catchy aaah-aaahh-aaaah chants. A boosting injection of Riot Grrrl adrenalin. A punk-fun knockout.

‘Hail Satan’ by PINK ROOM (Belgium)
A merciless haymaker, a scrappy Molotov cocktail banging from start to finish
like a brutal sledgehammer. The mean Pink machine honors their best friend.
From their brand new, ace album Putain Royale.

‘One + One’ by DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 (Canada)
With Is 4 Lovers the Canadian champions of drone noise rock made one of their best
full-lengths (so far). And the lead-single ‘1 + 1’ feels like a bulldozer coming at you.

‘Crank Bugs’ by RADIO SILENCE (Newcastle upon Tyne, UK)
Blustery guitars all over the place, manic drum hits, and combative Richard Hell vocals. 2021 is the new Orwellian 1984. From their red-hot-blooded debut EP ISOLATION.

‘Cimmerian’ by SLAP RASH (Manchester, UK)
After an ominous word-spoken intro this industrial hammer blow explodes like
a raging volcano and singer Amelia starts her enigmatic and nightmarish rant
about obscene abuse. Insane masterstroke with a hell-raising shock-chorus.

‘Living In Dystopia’ by CRUX (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK)
Crux translate their justified discontent, about our messed-up world, in this razor-sharp-cutting-power-stroke with pounding punch. A bludgeoning Royal Blood groove is the firm backbone throughout this stormy stunner. Wham bloody wham bam.

‘Hunted From Below’ by EMPTY HEAD (Belgium)
Sonic madness, mind-crushing paranoia, and muscled tumult all rolled into one bad motherrocker of an electro-shock wallop. You can smell the scent of scorching punk frenzy. Nasty, filthy and vicious! Totally insane!

‘Electric Yerevan’ by SERJ TANKIAN (LA, California)
System Of A Down loudmouth Taikan rocks like hell, sings like hell and raps like hell. What
a titanic voice! Fuck SOAD, welcome Serj. From his fresh smelling solo EP Elasticity.

‘Hourglass’ by GLASS VIOLET (Bristol, UK)
Multiple waves of blistering guitars infiltrate your greedy ears, while a persistent drumbeat activates your feet and makes your head spin. When the flamboyant chorus pops up with a fervent flair à la The Killers you know and you feel that Hourglass is amplified top pop bliss with a dark lyrical twist.

‘Unspoken’ by ANNIE TAYLOR (Switzerland)
A troubled love reverie with a sorrowful touch. Heartbreaking romanticism at its balladesque best, notable for its vocal splendour and silver-toned resonance.
A sweet little pearl.

All 15 together on Spotify


See/hear you next month, music junkies…

A Brave New World Groove – Here’s ‘LIVING IN DYSTOPIA’ By British Rockers CRUX

19 March 2021

Band: CRUX
Who: Solid indie rock
from Newcastle


About: “At the time, I was reading the dystopian novels, ‘Brave New World’
and ‘1984’. I thought our world was far from the dystopian levels in the stories
I was reading. The seminar leader quickly shot my view down, opening my eyes
to the similarities the world currently is to both of these novels, almost a cocktail
of dystopia. This was in 2017, and it’s only got worse since then,”
says frontman Max.

Score: 2021 is the new 1984, a brave new world in big trouble. A deadly pandemic
and political leaders embracing the far-right for their own benefit. And the poor get
poorer and the rich richer. Crux translate their justified discontent in this new sharp-
cutting power-stroke with pounding panache. A bludgeoning Royal Blood groove is the
firm backbone throughout this stormy stunner. And when the song slows down its only the harbinger for a gusty guitar solo and a blustering finish. I’m sure George Orwell would have been proud.

Press play here…

CRUX: Facebook

Scream Yell And Shriek Along With CRUX To Anti-Charlatan Belter ‘SLAVING AWAY’

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

12 October 2020

Band: CRUX

Who: A four-piece alternative rock band based in Newcastle. Massive riffs,
classical piano, slap bass, and political rhetoric all come together in Crux’s sound.

Pick: SLAVING AWAY – new single which critiques the band’s “obsession with spending
the majority of our lives ‘slaving away’ just to make our bosses richer and to make ends meet, especially now when wages are stagnating and prices are rising, and how it is viewed as the honourable thing to ‘graft’.”

Score: Open your windows and doors and turn up the decibels so everybody in your
street can hear this massive ‘to hell with the rich‘ belter. Capitalist pigs still rule the world, corporate scoundrels still abuse the workers and corrupt politicians still have hidden agendas. So if you’re not one of those charlatans, get up, stand up and fight for your
right to scream, yell and shriek in their greedy faces. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Slaving Away
Paving the way
For the next generation
To do the same rotation
Cos I’m slaving away
Slaving Away

Go nuts here…

CRUX: Facebook

Watch Greek Electro Drone And Roll Duo MECHANIMAL In CRUX Motion…

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

15 February 2020

A couple of weeks ago versatile Greek electro ‘drone ‘n’ roll’ duo MECHANICAL launched their new lonplayer called CRUX which was Album Of The Day on Turn Up The Volume saying “This is an intriguing, political and multi-faceted record from atmospheric and reflective soundscapes to high-powered, industrial drones, from darkwave to trippy techno. So much to uncover with every listening, so much to relish with every spin.”

Here’s the LP in full…

And here are the clips for four
of the album’s highlights…






New Multi-Faceted Album By Electronic Act MECHANIMAL – Discover ‘CRUX’ Here…

8 February 2020


Who: A ‘drone n roll’ project from Athens Greece founded
by Giannis Papaioanou and joined by Freddie Faulkenberry
producing “a stunning mix of post-punk, electro and industrial

Album: CRUX – released 27 January 2020

Sound/lyrics: “Crux” is an in-depth exploration of the past, present, and (possible) future
of everyday life with the aim of personal awakening. It focuses on an idea that can account
for the melding of seemingly incompatible musical worlds and theories with respect to the mechanisms of each one of them. It could easily be described as the absolute “crossover”
album of Mechanimal, or simply the one where the ideas and obsessions of its members
meet at the heart of the mechanical animal. It consists of electronic music, spoken word,
cut-up images and videos, deconstructed slogans, ideas and actions. A multidimensional
collage inspired by the harsh reality, or otherwise the violent regularity that is “enforced”
(by the new music industry to home entertainment and by “fake news” to climate change),
and at the same time criticized.”

Turn Up The Volume: An intriguing, political and multi-faceted record from atmospheric and reflective soundscapes (Ghetto Level / Sharon / Stolen Fresh / Hospital Of The Storm / La Poverina Della Ossa) to high-powered, industrial drones (Scavengers / Easy Dead), from darkwave (Red Mirror) to trippy techno (Razor Tube / Vanquish). So much to uncover with every listening, so much to relish with every spin.

Explore CRUX here…