A Brave New World Groove – Here’s ‘LIVING IN DYSTOPIA’ By British Rockers CRUX

19 March 2021

Band: CRUX
Who: Solid indie rock
from Newcastle


About: “At the time, I was reading the dystopian novels, ‘Brave New World’
and ‘1984’. I thought our world was far from the dystopian levels in the stories
I was reading. The seminar leader quickly shot my view down, opening my eyes
to the similarities the world currently is to both of these novels, almost a cocktail
of dystopia. This was in 2017, and it’s only got worse since then,”
says frontman Max.

Score: 2021 is the new 1984, a brave new world in big trouble. A deadly pandemic
and political leaders embracing the far-right for their own benefit. And the poor get
poorer and the rich richer. Crux translate their justified discontent in this new sharp-
cutting power-stroke with pounding panache. A bludgeoning Royal Blood groove is the
firm backbone throughout this stormy stunner. And when the song slows down its only the harbinger for a gusty guitar solo and a blustering finish. I’m sure George Orwell would have been proud.

Press play here…

CRUX: Facebook

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