German Indies DEEP DYED Deliver Versatile Guitar Pop Tunes With Their Debut Album ‘UNMADE BEDS’

8 June 2023

(Tim Dajan Thiele)

Who: Bedroom pop quartet from Hamburg, Germany. They use the dazzling
space between catchy independent pop songs and psychedelic rock to enable
their listeners to take a journey into the world of their own dreams and emotion.

Debut album: UNMADE BEDS

Album artwork

TUTV: Actually, I can describe this debut in one sentence: 11 captivating, high-quality, guitar-driven indie tunes. But I’ll add my overall impressions in more detail right here. Thematically, Unmade Beds is about emotions many of us have experienced/experience. Love and longing, boredom and panic.

Human mood swings that shift from elation to melancholia, from feeling great to feeling empty. Sonically, the record covers a versatile palette of indie sounds. From dream-pop à la Belle and Sebastian (Memory Starts To Bloom / Since I Can Sleep / Outworm / Laundromat) to amplified jangly pop somewhere between Bully and Alvvys (Rush / Crystal Ball Sensation / Dracula Force) to blues-infused psychedelia (Drowned / City Lights / Dead Crass). The vocals also switch depending on the up/down vibrancy. From moony to high-spirited, from romantic to zestful. A notable debut all the way.

Singles/clips: Dracula Force / Rush

(My absolute fav track)

– RUSH –


DEEP DYED: Facebook – Instagram – on ‘Unmade Beds’ on Spotify

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