Flashing Rockers ANNIE TAYLOR Furious About Getting Messed Up For ’17 DAYS’…

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4 September 2019

Firm Swiss rockers ANNIE TAYLOR already caused stormy waves before with some striking singles and a solid EP (check their Bandcamp to hear it all). The foursome is gearing up now to unleash their debut LP sometime soon. And here’s the lead single.
’17 DAYS’ An angry filled first-rate contagious ripper with fronwoman Gini Jungi counting the days someone messed with her. Multiple guitar layers inject the track with a stream of heated electricity and the aroused chorus has a five star glue quality! Bingo!

Feel the feverish ardor right here…


Stream 17 DAYS on Spotify / Purchase it on Bandcamp 

10 Questions For Swiss Swirling Satan Sensation – Here’s… ANNIE TAYLOR

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26 April 2019

After seeing London‘s new guitar pop heroes Wolf Alice led by the wonderful Ellie Rowsell, Swiss Satan lover Gini Jungi did what she actually wanted to do for quite a while. Forming
a band! With three friends she started ANNIE TAYLOR back in 2016. The swirling 4-headed outfit recorded some cutting ear-opening singles fueled by big guitars, pumping beats, and sensuous vocals and today the band release their 5-track debut EP titled NOT YOURS! You can feel and hear the giant steps this quartet made in the meantime. They rock, they roar and they roll and most of all they seduce you with rad tunes. Enough reasons to talk to frontwoman Gini Jungi about the trip so far. Let’s start the acquaintance with one of their earlier glam crackers…

1. What sparked you to start a band in the first place?
“I always liked making music with my best friend, but we were usually just jamming without really playing actual songs until I went to a festival where I saw Wolf Alice playing.
It was my first time seeing them perform and I was so inspired, that I couldn’t stop thinking of starting my own band. My only goal was at that time to practice a lot, so one day I could be opening for them. Didn’t happen so far, but this is still one of my goals.”

Without Wolf Alice no Annie Taylor

2. What’s the story behind the group’s name?
Annie Edison Taylor was the first human who tossed herself over the Niagara Falls,
back in 1901. A pretty crazy thing to do! We liked her attitude and thought this would
be a nice way to honour strong and emancipated women like her.”

Annie Edson Taylor

3. The band’s bio on your FB-page starts with the great line: “Satan
I want to marry you”. Are you into black magic and/or Satanism?

“Not really! But we actually also have a song about Satan. But to me, Satan is more
like a metaphor for doing forbidden things and crossing limits. There are always so
many people judging and expecting you to do things in their way. It feels like Satan
stands for the power of ignoring expectations and do whatever feels right to yourself.”

4. ‘S.L.E..E.P.’ is the newest single off the debut EP. It’s actually
my favorite track. How did the song came together?

“Oh, thanks! S.L.E.E.P. is the outcome of a summer where I was working a lot and still wanted to be part of all the activities and festivals which were taking place around me. Classic fear of missing out. So I ended up having a great summer but not a lot of sleep. Tobi totally got the vibe of the song and played some of my favorite guitars on it. I guess that’s why it ended up to be so dreamy and dramatic.”

5. The debut EP is entitled ‘NOT YOURS!’ So why isn’t it ours?
“The second track of the EP is called ‘Not Yours‘ as well and it is a very precious song to me because it was the first song I’ve ever written and brought into the band. Since we didn’t use it for a single, we wanted to honor it in another way, that’s why we called the EP after the track.”

6. The EP’s front artwork is quite powerful. Tell us more about it…
“We were super lucky and got through our friend Kai Barbian in touch with Dominic Foster, who also worked with great artists such as The Coral, Cabagge and Noel Gallagher. We fell in love with his style and, luckily, he agreed to do the artwork also for our last singles and the music videos for ‘Under Your Spell‘ and ‘S.L.E.E.P‘.”

Artwork Not Yours! EP…

7. I think, as far as my memory still works well, you’re the first Swiss guitar band
I ever interviewed. Doesn’t Switzerland has an alternative rock scene?

“There are quite a lot of rock bands in Switzerland…. or bands in general! Also there are a lot of bands traveling through Switzerland on their tour in Europe, so we are very spoiled
by the offer of live shows! I wish though there were a bit more dirty, dark and sweaty rock’n’roll venues around our home town Zurich.”

8. What movie would you pick to visualize your music on a big screen while playing?
“Ah man, that’s a hard question to answer! Well, I really like the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, because I love the vibe of the movie and also because it has a really weird twist. The soundtrack, stage-setting, and costumes are just amazing! I don’t know if I can compare our music to it, but maybe that’s an aim for our next song.”

Annie Taylor’s future movie soundtrack

9. You already played with great bands such as Sunflower Bean and
L.A. Witch. What band would you sell your soul to do a world with?

“There is a whole list of bands, which I hope to play with one day.
But on top of the list is Wolf Alice for sure.”

10. ANNIE TAYLOR’s ultimate ambition?
“To keep on playing shows, make people
sweat and dance and record the first
album this summer!”

Thank you Gini for taking time to answer the Qs.
May the road rise with ANNIE TAYLOR!

Stream NOT YOURS! in full here…

You can buy the EP via Bandcamp

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – Bandcamp

(photos: FB Annie Taylor)

Swiss Foursome ANNIE TAYLOR Eager To Get ‘UNDER YOUR SPELL’…

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23 February 2019


Who: Girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy dark pop. Imagine ANNIE TAYLOR as a rusty dog searching for his bone in the expanding universe. Pandora’s Box opened in end of 2016, when Gini (singer & guitarist) forced her flatmate to rehearse in the living room, until the neighbours came by to sing along or shut them up.”

Track: UNDER YOUR SPELL – brand new track from upcoming EP ‘Not Yours‘, out in April

Score: Annie Taylor‘s new cut feels like a twofold story. In the first half frontwoman
Gini, backed by her electrifying band, tells us joyfully that she’s under someone’s
spell but almost midway the tempo drops down, the mood gets darkish, the drums
start rattling and a feverish guitar solo kicks in as if the process of ‘I’m gonna make
you mine’
isn’t as innocent as it first appeared. Enigmatic electricity all around. Tune in…

ANNIE TAYLOR: Facebook – ‘Under Your Spell’ available on Bandcamp

ANNIE TAYLOR With New Heavy Ripper ‘TEACH ME ROCK ‘N ROLL’ Today…

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9 February 2018

Today Swiss 4-headed turbo ANNIE TAYLOR drops their brand new ripper ‘TEACH ME ROCK ‘N ROLL’. A steaming groove from start to finish, pushed by a mighty droning riff and a ferocious glam beat. Fueled with a vigorously incisive swagger and dead cool vocals all over it. Just imagine trash rock icons New York Dolls fronted by Joan Jett. Yes, indeed, no silly special effects nor arty farty bullshit. This cracker is about ROCK BLOODY HELL ROLL…

ANNIE TAYLOR: : Facebook – Instagram – Bandcamp

You can stream the track here on Spotify