The Moody Side Of ANNIE TAYLOR – Hear Magnificent Reveries ‘THE FOOL’ And ‘UNSPOKEN’

Daily electricity to load your batteries…

15 March 2021

Who: Swirling garage pop-rockers
from Switzerland


Annie Taylor? Always a thrill, always a kick, always a turn-on. Check their dynamite
2020 debut album Sweet Mortality (stream below) and you’ll hear what I’m talking
about. And if you want to discover the more moody and the more shadowy side of
their soul than THE FOOL and UNSPOKEN is what you’ll have on your headphones
for a while.

THE FOOL is the closer of their debut LP. A mixed emotions love song starting as a meditative ballad turning slowly but surely into an amplified, multi-layered, emotive discharge with Gini Jungi vocals bringing Wolf Alice‘s wonderful vox Ellie Roswell to mind.

UNSPOKEN is a new piece. Another troubled love experience with a sorrowful touch. Heartbreaking romanticism at its balladesque best, notable for its vocal splendour
and silver-toned resonance. A sweet little pearl.


Stream/buy debut LP
Sweet Mortality


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