SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES Released Their Spellbinding ‘A KISS IN THE DREAMHOUSE’ Album 35 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

4 November 2017



Released: 5 November 1982 – 35 years ago…

NME wrote: ” ‘A Kiss in the Dreamhouse’ is a feat of imagination scarcely ever recorded. It’s breathtaking. Somehow, a bold assurance of intention has met with a hunger for experimenting with sound to expand an already formidable group of songs into pure, open-minded ambiguity. The flesh of the song will balloon out or contort into unimaginable patterns, indecipherable echoes volley between the walls of the recording, glassy, splintered tones pierce the luxuriant sheen of the mix. Repeated listens trick the sense of balance; tremendous risks are taken.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: their most mystifying and compelling albums ever to my ears. Siouxsie became the superior queen of gothic grandeur and went with the fabulous Banshees (including the late, great guitarist John McGeoch) on a mind-boggling journey…

Three Top Tracks: Slowdive / Melt / Cascade

* SLOWDIVE hypnotic drive, stunning beats


* MELTgloomy majesty

* CASCADEpitch-black electricity…


Full Album…


SIOUXSIE AND THE BANSHEES: Facebook – Album Discography

The Legendary RAMONES Send Their Flaming Punk ‘ROCKET TO RUSSIA’ Forty Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…


Album: ROCKET TO RUSSIA – their third longplayer

Released: 4 November 1977 – 40 years ago today

ALL MUSIC wrote: “The Ramones provided the blueprint and Leave Home duplicated it with lesser results, but the Ramones’ third album, Rocket to Russia, perfected it. Rocket to Russia boasts a cleaner production than its predecessors, which only gives the Ramones’ music more force. It helps that the group wrote its finest set of songs for the album. From the mindless, bopping opening of “Cretin Hop” and “Rockaway Beach” to the urban surf rock of “Sheena Is a Punk Rocker” and the ridiculous anthem “Teenage Lobotomy,” the songs are teeming with irresistibly catchy hooks; even their choice of covers, “Do You Want to Dance?” and “Surfin’ Bird,” provide more hooks than usual. The Ramones also branch out slightly, adding ballads to the mix. Even with these (relatively) slower songs, the speed of the album never decreases. However, the abundance of hooks and slight variety in tempos makes Rocket to Russia the Ramones’ most listenable and enjoyable album — it doesn’t have the revolutionary impact of The Ramones, but it’s a better album and one of the finest records of the late ’70s.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Their best full-length fireball ever. All catchy blitzkrieg killers.
Smoking trash punk to go completely nuts to! 1-2-3-4!

Three Top Tracks: Sheena Is A Punk Rocker / Rockaway Beach




The havoc in full (original tracklist: #1 – #14)

RAMONES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE Released Their Political Rap Metalhouse Debut 25 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

2 November 2017


Album: self-titled debut

Released: 3 November 1992 – 25 years ago…

Rolling Stone wrote: “This debut album is a grenade that keeps exploding. Among Nineties albums, only ‘Nevermind’ and ‘The Chronic’ rival it for cultural impact. RATM made hip-hop-tinged funk metal the new rebel music, taking over the alienation beat from grunge slackers
and making Marxist sloganeering seem badass. Rage were machinelike, yes, but built to
change worlds.”

Cover sleeve: “A photo of the self-immolation of Thích Quảng Đức, a Vietnamese Buddhist monk, in Saigon in 1963. The monk was protesting President Ngô Đình Diệm’s administration for oppressing the Buddhist religion. The photograph drew international attention and persuaded U.S. President John F. Kennedy to withdraw support for Ngô Đình Diệm’s government. It was taken by Associated Press correspondent Malcolm Browne.

Turn Up The Volume!: says: The first band that made me like metal madness because they did it the way nobody else did back then. With overwhelming intensity, with ferocious rage, with forceful scream along raps, with biting messages & scorching concerts…

Three Top Tracks: Killing In The Name / Bombtrack / Bullet In The Head

* KILLING IN THE NAMEtimeless molotov cocktail

* BOMBTRACK loud and clear

* BULLET IN THE HEAD “Ya gotta bullet in ya fuckin’ head!”

The Furious Full Album…

RATM: Website – Facebook – Discography

MOGWAI – Released Their Innovative Debut Album ‘YOUNG TEAM’ 20 Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…

27 October 2017

Band: MOGWAI (Scotland)

Album: YOUNG TEAM – debut LP

Released: 27 October 1997 – 20 years ago today…

All Music wrote: “Mogwai’s first full-length album fulfills the promise of their early
singles and EPs, offering a complex, intertwining set of crawling instrumentals, shimmering soundscapes, and shards of noise. Picking up where Ten Rapid left off, Mogwai use the sheer length of an album to their advantage, recording a series of songs that meld together — it’s
easy to forget where one song begins and the other ends. The record itself takes its time to begin, as the sound of chiming processed guitars and murmured sampled vocals floats to the surface. Throughout the album, the sound of the band keeps shifting, and it’s not just through explosions of noise — Mogwai isn’t merely jamming, they have a planned vision, subtly texturing their music with small, telling details. When the epic “Mogwai Fears Satan” draws the album to a close, it becomes clear that the band has expanded the horizons of post-rock, creating a record of sonic invention and emotional force that sounds unlike anything their guitar-based contemporaries have created.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: The first time I heard this noise army and the first time I saw them live (Brussels, 1997) they blew me off my feet with their hypnotic noise escapades. Nothing less than a stunning experience!

The striking sonic symphony in full…

MOGWAI: Website – Facebook – Twitter



Going back in sonic history…

26 October 2017



Released: 28 October 1977 – 40 years ago…

All Music wrote: “While mostly accurate, dismissing ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ as merely a series of loud, ragged mid-tempo rockers with a harsh, grating vocalist and not much melody would be a terrible error. Already anthemic songs are rendered positively transcendent by Johnny Rotten’s rabid, foaming delivery. His bitterly sarcastic attacks on pretentious affectation and the very foundations of British society were all carried out in the most confrontational, impolite manner possible. Most imitators of the Pistols’ angry nihilism missed the point: underneath the shock tactics and theatrical negativity were social critiques carefully designed for maximum impact. ‘Never Mind the Bollocks’ perfectly articulated the frustration, rage, and dissatisfaction of the British working class with the establishment, a spirit quick to translate itself to strictly rock & roll terms. The Pistols paved the way for countless other bands to make similarly rebellious statements, but arguably none were as daring or effective. It’s easy to see how the band’s roaring energy, overwhelmingly snotty attitude, and Rotten’s furious ranting sparked a musical revolution, and those qualities haven’t diminished one bit over time. Never Mind the Bollocks is simply one of the greatest, most inspiring rock records of all time.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: It’s simply the best punk rock album ever in my book. All killers, no fillers. Massive machine gun protest killers, thanks to Glenn Matlock‘s sticky tunes, fueled by Steve Jones‘ awesome riffs, Paul Cook‘s hammering power and last but not least, the man in the middle: Johnny Rotten! Without his unique, piercing sneers, biting lyrics, viciously staring eyes and his charismatic appearance the Pistols would have been a far less memorable animal. I just loved his guts, his performance, and his early visions! Unfortunately, Johnny turned into a conscious parody of himself with a pathetic ‘the whole world is against me’ attitude throughout his whole career. Really sad. He started to act and still does as the ROCK STAR character he hated as a teenager. Recently the former punk icon became an American citizen (living for many years already in the rich region of Los Angeles while still claiming he’s ‘with the British working class’) and said on several occasions that he fancies the behavior of fascist idiots Trump & Farage. What a reversal! Goodbye, Johnny…

Three outstanding tracks: God Save The Queen / Bodies / Anarchy In The UK




The monster in full (original tracklist: #1 – #12)…

SEX PISTOLS: Website – Facebook

One Of The Last True Originals MARK STEWART Released His Third, Self-Titled LP 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…


Album: Self-titled, third LP

Released: 26 October 1987 – 30 years ago

The Maffia: Mark Stewart – vocals, production / Keith LeBlanc – drums / Skip McDonald – guitar / Adrian Sherwood – keyboards, production / Doug Wimbish – bass guitar

All Music wrote: “Mark Stewart challenges listeners’ expectations through open-ended experimentation, rejecting simple song-oriented formats. With producer Adrian Sherwood and Maffia members Keith LeBlanc, Skip McDonald, and Doug Wimbish, he continues to play havoc with conventional notions of structure on several tracks, assembling dark, fragmented collages cut up with scratches, heavy metal guitar flourishes, voices culled from the media, and blasts of electronic noise. A prime example is the nine-minute assault of “Anger Is Holy,” which finds Stewart pasting together big go-go beats, a recurring sample from Billy Idol’s “Flesh for Fantasy,” and his signature distorted vocals, as well as interrupting the proceedings with a random moment of complete silence. But there is a less difficult, more melodic side to this album. Considered by some to be the blueprint for trip-hop, “Stranger” grafts together a version of Satie’s “Gymnopedie No. 1,” West Side Story’s “Somewhere,” and Stewart’s pained/painful crooning. More than this track, however, the most genuinely beautiful and affecting cut on the album is the bass-heavy reworking of Ryuichi Sakamoto and David Sylvian’s “Forbidden Colours” (titled “Forbidden Colour”), which Stewart then deconstructs on the dub version that follows. “Fatal Attraction” moves in a more dance-oriented direction; with its snaking, Moroder-esque disco beat, this track points toward the heavyweight ‘funk grooves Stewart would explore on 1990s Metatron.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Mark Stewart is one of the last true originals. An artist who never ever compromised. An authentic performer and a restless creator, then and now. From the gloriously wayward funk punk eccentricity of the legendary The Pop Group to his solo achievements. He always explored new soundscapes and questioned, unceasingly, society’s madness and most of all its narcissistic, unworldly leaders. And he still does. Listening to his work is like going on a discovery trip. This album is a damn compelling example of the man’s insatiable hunger for sonic experiment and his constant investigation of humankind’s raison d’être. Ingenious triumph. Experience here…

MARK STEWART: Facebook – Twitter
THE POP GROUP: Website – Facebook

(photo: JL/Turn Up The Volume!)

SINEAD O’CONNOR – Released Memorable Debut LP ‘THE LION AND THE COBRA’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

23 October 2017



Released: 25 October 1987 – 30 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Sinéad O’Connor’s first album comes on like a banshee wail across the bogs. Blending the uncompromising force of folk music, the sonic adventurousness of the Eighties and lyrics that draw on classical history, ghost tales and the Bible. With The Lion and the Cobra, Sinéad O’Connor joins the ranks of Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, and Jane Siberry — all women who are shattering the boundaries of pop music.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Sinead O’Connor was quite unique in sound, vision and looks when she entered the music world with this stunning debut longplayer. The start of a career with up and downs due to a turbulent life and psychical problems, nonetheless a remarkable artist blessed with a towering voice & flamboyant guts to be honest and outspoken. RESPECT!
Three Top Tracks: Mandika / Jerusalem / Troy


* MANDIKA (at 1989 Grammys)


SINEAD O’CONNOR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

THE SUNDAYS – Sophomore Album ‘BLIND’ Released 25 Years Ago Today…

Going back in sonic history…


Album: BLIND

Released: 19 October 1992 – 25 years ago today

All Music wrote: “Featuring gentle, folk-based guitars and pop melodies, the Sundays’ second album isn’t much of a sonic departure from their first album. While it does have several fine numbers, it doesn’t have as many outstanding songs as ‘Reading, Writing and Arithmetic’ nevertheless, ‘Blind’ will please most fans of the group.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Yes, we all know that their outstanding debut album was impossible to beat but there are enough dark and bittersweet dream pop musings on ‘Blind‘ to soundtrack the dusk hours of a fall’s night and Harriet Wheeler‘s voice will always be comforting company when the lights are out…

Three highlights: Love / 24 Hours / Goodbye…


* 24 HOURS


Full Album…

THE SUNDAYS: Biography – Disocgraphy

BAUHAUS – The Goth Legends Released Third Album ‘THE SKY’S GONE OUT’ 35 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…



Released: 19 October 1982 – 35 years ago

All Music wrote: “Old, pre-recording-career songs like the strong but dated ‘In the Night’ were revived and balanced against experiments and attempts to further develop the band’s sound, ultimately making ‘The Sky’s Gone Out’ feel more like a compilation than anything else. Piece by piece, though, the songs still often showed Bauhaus in excelsis. Ash’s elegant, haunting acoustic guitar work received two great showcases, ‘Silent Hedges’, adding a more familiar electric explosion to a fine Murphy performance detailing a desperate mental collapse, and ‘All We
Ever Wanted Was Everything’, a sympathetic, nostalgic reflection on dreams of the past, again matched by a perfectly balanced Murphy vocal. Other standouts include the brooding lope of “Swing the Heartache,” with a skeletal rhythm matched against some of Ash’s best guitar work, and “Spirit,” a live standout inspired by the performance vibe the band received from its fans.

Turn Up The Volume! says: After all these years this record is still a compelling substantiation of Bauhaus‘ enthralling impact, sonically and lyrically…

Three Top Tracks (hard choice): Spirit / All We Ever Wanted Was Everything / Third Uncle

* SPIRITglorious tribute to their loyal fans

* ALL WE EVER WANTED WAS EVERYTHING (lyrics clip) haunting & gloomy beauty

* THIRD UNCLE (live version – 1992 – Manchester) – cutting Brian Eno cover

Full album…
(original tracklist: #1- #10)

BAUHAUS: Facebook – Discography
PETER MURPHY: Website – Facebook

Anniversary Albums – IAN DURY Released His Cockney Music Hall Punk Debut ‘NEW BOOTS AND PANTIES!!’ 40 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

29 September 2017

Artist: IAN DURY (his fab band ‘The Blockheads’ formed ‘officially’
a month after the LP’s release, therefore only Dury was credited


Released: 30 September 1977 – 40 years ago

Note: notorious single ‘Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll‘ was not on the first pressings of the LP
Roy Carr wrote in NME: “It’s impossible to bag Ian Dury, except to say that he has taken the essence of the Cockney music hall and utilised rock as a contemporary means of expression.
On occasions, Ray Davies has dallied with a similar approach, but Dury has none of the self-conscious pretensions that Davies exposed in his flawed ‘Flash Harry’ caricature. Ian Dury feels no need to adopt a transatlantic voice to comply with his subject matter, preferring to deliver ribald and bittersweet monologues in the tone of voice he was born with. Whether or not you buy New Boots and Panties at least make hearing the album a priority…”

Turn Up The Volume! says: unique voice, impressive razzle-dazzle tunes and crazy stories (which I only could fully understand after a speed course ‘learn cockney in 48 hours‘) – his best ever achievement…

Three Top Tracks: Wake Up And Make Love With Me / Sweet Gene Vincent / Blockheads…

* WAKE UP AND MAKE LOVE WITH ME (lyrics video) – this gem hasn’t aged one bit

* SWEET GENE VINCENT cracking rocker

* BLOCKHEADSArrrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhhhh

Full album…

IAN DURY: Website – Facebook – Discography

R.I.P. legend… (Harrow, 12 May 1942 – Londen, 27 March 2000)