SINEAD O’CONNOR – Released Memorable Debut LP ‘THE LION AND THE COBRA’ 30 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history…

23 October 2017



Released: 25 October 1987 – 30 years ago

Rolling Stone wrote: “Sinéad O’Connor’s first album comes on like a banshee wail across the bogs. Blending the uncompromising force of folk music, the sonic adventurousness of the Eighties and lyrics that draw on classical history, ghost tales and the Bible. With The Lion and the Cobra, Sinéad O’Connor joins the ranks of Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson, and Jane Siberry — all women who are shattering the boundaries of pop music.”

Turn Up The Volume! says: Sinead O’Connor was quite unique in sound, vision and looks when she entered the music world with this stunning debut longplayer. The start of a career with up and downs due to a turbulent life and psychical problems, nonetheless a remarkable artist blessed with a towering voice & flamboyant guts to be honest and outspoken. RESPECT!
Three Top Tracks: Mandika / Jerusalem / Troy


* MANDIKA (at 1989 Grammys)


SINEAD O’CONNOR: Website – Facebook – Twitter

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