Blues Rock Gang BOSS HOG Ready To Inflame Europe – Here’s ‘SHH SHH SHH’ To Get Us All In A Voodoo Mood…

John Spencer and his New York blues-punks BOSS HOG fronted by his charismatic wife Cristina Martinez released, last March, their very first new album in nearly two decades. BROOD X is a mighty, robust beast of a record filled with a series of dynamite killers. Dark, ominous and firing. The torrid kick-ass clan will invade Europe at the end of this month for several concerts. Check the cities and dates here. Until then we’ll have this smoking taster to prepare us for the storm. Here’s one of the nastiest cuts on the new longplayer, the spine-tingling SHH SHH SHH with Martinez explaining “The lyrics began as an exercise in
free association. I imagined a place of chaos, panic, and loss of control and that’s what emerged.”
Yes, Halloween is just around the corner…

BOSS HOG: Facebook – Instagram – Discography


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