Japanse Kawaii Metal Sensation BABYMETAL About To Unleash New Album

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10 Maart 2023

Japanese Kawaii metal* sensation BABYMETAL unleash
their 4th longplayer, named The Other One on 17 March.

They talk about it in an interview with Kerrang! Some quotes here.

One of the singles off the album is the
bombastic banger METAL KINGDOM.


*Kawaii, also named idol metal, cute metal, J-pop metal or kawaiicore is a musical genre that blends elements of heavy metal and J-pop that was pioneered in Japan in the early 2010s.

Japanese Teen Sensation BABYMETAL Introduce SILENT MOSHPIT

30 November 2022

Japanese teenage metal sensation BABYMETAL will
play two massive concerts in January in Chiba.

The band’s management just announced that they will be sectioning off an area in standing called the SILENT MOSH’SH PIT, for fans who have children or “who are not confident in their physical strength, etc”. In this silent pit, gig-goers are encouraged not
to shout, cheer, talk loudly or participate in any other behaviour “that may be an inconvenience to other customers”.

Also wearing a mouth mask is required. All visitors will receive Saviour Mask,
which is the official dress code and is required to be worn on top of your own

The full official statement.

BABYMETAL: Facebook – Instagram


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