What is a ballad?

According to it is:

1. Any light, simple song, especially one of sentimental
or romantic character, having two or more stanzas all
sung to the same melody.
2. A simple narrative poem of folk origin, composed
in short stanzas and adapted for singing.
3. Any poem written in a similar style.
4. A sentimental or romantic popular song.

Okay, I just wanted to check if I picked the right songs here.

Below you find TUTV’s Ballads Of 2021 Spotify playlist with
a total of 30 beauties that I picked from the past 12 months.

And here’s the TOP 10

1. ‘Ode To The Mets’ by THE STROKES (NYC)

I played this song almost every single day this year.
So this is unquestionably the one that moved me the
most. From their newest LP The New Abnormal.

Just marvelous…


2. Albuquerque by NICK CAVE & WARREN ELLIS (Australia)

From the two bad seeds’ goosebumps album Carnage.

We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Anytime this year
We won’t get to anywhere, darling
Unless I dream you there


3. Samurai by ALAN VEGA (Brooklyn)

The late Suicide legend had a lost album out this year
called Mutator. One of those rare lost albums that are
actually really good. Samurai is one of the dark

Haunting and mysterious…


4. ‘Love Kills Slowly’ by ICEAGE (Danmark)

The passion-driven Danish outfit finally hit the bull’s eye
with their fifth longplayer Seek Shelter. A near-perfect
opus with this slow-burning torch…


5. ‘My America’ by ONISM E (San Antonio, Texas)

Stand out track from these young Texans’ debut album Survivors.

The lyrics are crystal clear. America is not what Hollywood tells you. It has become
a dangerously divided country where racism and far-right rebirth stimulated by
charlatan Trump and his ruthless entourage are frighteningly realistic (again).

Alarming feelings expressed with heavy-heartedness…



Finally, it happened. The two heavenly voices and
gorgeous Amazons teamed up for a tower of song…


7. ‘Skin’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Ontario)

A brave and affecting pop pearl. An inspiring encouragement for
the countless girls/women and boys/men worldwide, struggling with
the looks of their body when it doesn’t correspond with society’s
everlasting sexist perception of how a body should look like, as
we all know.

Singer/songwriter Chrisy Hurn sounds as if she’s
related to The Sundays‘ grand voice Harriet Wheeler.



8. ‘Weeping Willow’ by MODERN MOXIE (South-Carolina)

This nostalgic gem has that melancholic and magical feel we, adults,
are familiar with. Looking back at good times gone. This wistful lullaby
brings tears to your eyes.



9. ‘Monterey’ by OCEANOGRAPHY (Oakland)

This is the solo project of Oakland-based singer-songwriter,
and multi-instrumentalist Brian Kelly.

“Monterey is a tribute to my big sister who I lost last year. I hope you
enjoy it and it provides some comfort for any loss you’ve experienced.”

Universal feelings of loss, mourning, and tristesse. Heartbreaking…


10. ‘Carry Me On’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)

Feels like a nightly gloaming. Acoustic, soul-searching
and intimate tenderness for the twilight hours.


The full 30-song strong list..


Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of The Month – AUGUST 2021

Turn Up The Volume‘s 20 Knockout Tracks for August 2021!
A stream of rattling rippers, jagged jams and romantic reveries.

All together on Spotify…

Knockout by knockout…

‘Before You Gotta Go’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Australia)

An infectious ditty, bouncing in your head before it ends. If this, simply irresistible, tune doesn’t do anything for  you, you gotta go to your shrink. From Barnett’s new, upcoming album Takes Time, Take Time, out 12th November.

as hell…


‘Hot Summer’ by PRINCE (US)

Summer is only over when it’s over. Still time to move and groove to this disco
stomper from the recently released lost Prince album Welcome To America.

Make your move here, ladies and gents…


‘Go Get A Tattoo’ by FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES feat. Lynks

Why don’t we all get a tattoo, suggests Frank. I think he’s right, it’s
the only way to really go nuts to this bangtastic jackhammer. From
the band’s 4th longplayer called Sticky, arriving in October.

Smash your TV…


‘Security’ by AMYL AND THE SNIFFERS (Australia)

“I’m not looking for trouble, I’m looking for love / Let me in your hard heart Let me in your pub” sings Amyl over and over again with fervency and tons of gusto, while flamed-up guitars go mental. A blast from new album Comfort To Me, out 10th September.

Hit hit hit, Amyl…


‘Aire & Calder’ by ULTRASOUND (UK)

These passionate British glam-prog rockers unleash a deluxe edition of their
1999 double debut LP Everything Picture on 24 September. More info here.

Here’s a new video clip for one of the album’s highlights ‘Aire And Calder‘…


‘Soap And Cigarettes‘ by Nun habit (London)

A queer five-piece from London who play fun, fuzzy garage rock. Their songs are a mishmash of influences all pulled together by a love of loud noises, pop tunes, and
having a good time. ‘Soap And Cigarettes‘ is a stand-out knockout from their brand
new album Hedge Fun.

Trust me, you can’t resist this vibrant vibe…


‘You And Me’ by THE RUDDY RUCKUS (Canada)

This ardent 4-piece flames with force on this new riff-roaring ripper. They operate somewhere between Green Day and Weezer, with peppery panache, gusty guitars,
vivid vocals, and a cracking chorus.

Scream along…


‘What’s Wrong With People?’ by PESCH (Belgium)

Darkwave electricity from Belgium. Haunting and ominous. You can smell Doomsday waiting around the corner. It’s 2021, folks, we need to fix our problems now. This sickly sticky roller coaster is a call to arms.

What’s wrong
with all of us..


‘Highway To Hell’ by TOM MORELLO feat. Eddie Vedder and Bruce Springsteen

Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello launches his new album titled
The Atlas Underground Fire on 15 October. He invited several friends, like
Springsteen and Vedder for a bombastic version of AC/DC’s classic headbanger.



‘Queen Of Swords’ by TYPHOID ROSIE (Brooklyn, US)

The speedy and steamy title track is one of the fired-up highlights of the new album of this punked-up Brooklyn squad. A zigzagging collection of amplified belters to start and end post-lockdown parties with. More info here.

your ass off here…


‘Money Song’ by ROYAL CASTLES (Canada)

Wham bam, bloody bam! From the kick-off Money Song booms, bangs and batters. Hefty guitars blare in between and raise your blood pressure on the spot. And when the blissful chorus pops up it’s time to leave your cocoon and let your body do its thing. Don’t wait to boost your stream of adrenalin.

Act now, dance now, party now.


‘And Tomorrow’ by LORE CITY (Portland, US)

A stunning and shadowy top piece from this duo’s equally stunning
album Participation Mystique. And Tomorrow sounds cinematic,
atmospheric and spacey. Join Lore City on their journey.

today and tomorrow too…


‘No Regrets’ by SHE/BEAST (Sweden)

Wurlitzer jukeboxes were invented for these 60s inspired humdingers, so they could be played in dark bars downtown were broken hearts gather at midnight. One more thing:
do not mess with SHE/BEAST, she’s not in the mood for fucking assholes and psychos.
And she’s absofuckinglutly right.



‘Popstar’s Daughters’ by SHAUN RYDER (Manchester, UK)

The Happy Mondays frontman’s brand new solo album
Visits From Future Technology is hip-shaking proof
that he still can fill dance floors.

Here’s the trippy and poppy single…


‘All Nations’ by NADINE GAGNE and The Star Nation Collective (British Columbia)

This resonates as a bright sonic light at the end of our troubled world tunnel. Only with togetherness, friendship, mutual respect, equality, harmony and tolerance, humankind can have hope for the future. This tremendously catching chant reflects all that. It’s a joyful, anthem that should be played on radios all over the planet.

“We are all stars, all stars come on now. Rise, rise and shine, gotta stay proud!”

Let’s get together…


‘Heart Like Chernobyl’ by SOFT CELL (UK)

The song’s title is the gloom and doom harbinger for
a scary, realistic vision of how we live on the edge.

Tainted love…

Lead-single from new album *Happiness Not Included,
out in the Spring of 2022.


‘See The Light’ by SHAUNA SEETEENAK (Iqaluit, Canada)

We need songs like these in the restless times we live in. Songs of hope, songs of consolation, songs of inspiration. Shauna wants humankind to fight to see the light
(at the end of the tunnel) again. Her thoughts are embedded in a starry-eyed and
instantly enthralling groove that hops from dreamy pop to hip-swaying rap and back.

See the light here…


‘Nowhere’ by THE BLACK FEVER (Toronto)

Nowhere sounds like a desperation song, but one that has a deeply felt effect on your psyche, on your state-of-2021-mind. This spellbound jam is driven by melancholic guitar lines, reminding me of Interpol‘s electrically-charged drive. Affecting and soul-stirring fever.

Check it out…


‘Skin’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Canada)

An inspiring reverie for the countless girls/women and boys/men worldwide, struggling with the looks of their body when it doesn’t correspond with society’s everlasting sexist perception of how a body should look like, as we all know. Skin is an instantly heartfelt
slo-mo musing, turning after a distorted guitar intro, into a vocal and musical pearl, with touching piano play. I’m sure The Sundays‘s Harriet Wheeler would love it.

Open your ears and eyes here…


‘You Are A Runner And I Am My Father’s Son’ by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton, UK)

Porridge Radio‘s leading Amazon Dana Margolin is a fan of Canadian rockers Wolf Parade. Here’s her  terrifically gripping rendition of the band’s 2005 composition.

Just beautiful…

See/hear you next month, music junkies…

Bold And Inspiring Pop Pearl – BASEMENT REVOLVER Reveals New Touching Single ‘SKIN’

New sonic impulses

19 August 2021

Who: Indie outfit crafting both noisy and graceful shoegaze-esque
tracks out of their hometown of Hamilton, Ontario since 2016

New single: SKIN – cut from their upcoming album Embody

Chrisy Hurn (singer/songwriter/guitarist): “This song has helped me to love the parts
of my body that have often been scrutinized in the mirror. Ahead of getting married, I felt terrified about the vulnerability that it would bring. It was the first time I had ever explicitly written about my body, and my struggle with it, creating a slow burn of a track.”

Skin is a brave pop pearl, sonically and lyrically. An inspiring humdinger for the
countless girls/women and boys/men worldwide, struggling with the looks of their
body when it doesn’t correspond with society’s everlasting sexist perception of how
a body should look like, as we all know.

Skin is an instantly affecting slo-mo musing, turning after a distorted guitar intro, into
a vocal and musical beauty, with touching piano play. I’m sure The Sundays‘s Harriet
would love it.

The accompanying video clip is a magnificent revelation…


Skin available via Apple Music

Canadian Outfit BASEMENT REVOLVER Shares Shiny Title Track From New EP – Here’s ‘WAX AND DIGITAL’…

New sonic impulses

9 September 2019

Canadian daydreamers BASEMENT REVOLVER led by singer/songwriter Chrisy Hurn
and her touchingly fragile voice released their wholehearted and emotive debut album
HEAVY EYES  back in Augustus 2018.

The band returns now with new work. They announced a 6-track EP titled WAX AND DIGITAL. It will be out 18th October.

The first taster is the elevating title track. Chrisy Hurn revealed in a press statement that the song  “is about me and my husband, the music that we love together, and how that music has shaped our relationship. In a broader sense it is about how culture informs our lives – even though culture changes rapidly and is temporary, we will always have certain things to hold on to, like music, to look back on and feel sentimental about.”

Wax And Digital‘ has indeed a stimulating tone and an elated sonority with Hurn‘ s characteristic vox shining along the glimmering guitar sound Interpol is so famous for. Capture the avid fervency here…


ALL STAR TRACKS TEAM – Turn Up The Volume’s 21 Knockout Tracks Of 2018…

Lots of hair-splitting havoc and flaming pop firework this year.
21 Knockouts, 21 standoouts, 21 big ones right here, right now…

1. ‘Liberty Belle’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Dublin, Ireland)
Up and coming Irish punk idols impress with catchy ramshackle punk force…

2. ‘Dust On Trial’ by SHAME (London, UK)
Razor-sharp rage from South London from their cutting debut album ‘Songs Of Praise’

3. ‘Danny Nedelko’ by IDLES
“Fear leads to panic, panic leads to pain / Pain leads to anger, anger leads to hate”

4. ‘Isolation’ by TUBELIGHT (Belgium)
Belgian garage rockers sneer and spit with poise…

5. ‘Lately’ by TERRA PINES (Queensland, Australia)
A tornado of multi-layered guitars rollin’ all over you…

6. ‘User Guide’ by IT IT ANITA (Belgium)
Primal screams getting way deep under your skin…

7. ‘How Did This Happen?’ by BODEGA (New York, NY, US)
Irresistible jingle jangle electricity from one of the most thrilling new acts around…

8. ‘Paradox’ by SEXTILE (Los Angeles, California, US)
Inflammatory firecracker thundering like electronica pioneers Suicide on speed…

9. ‘Odyssey’ by MIEN (UK/US/Canada)
Like minded spirits from different bands coming together for a psych-y trip…

10. ‘Shiny One’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
A glowing return in grand style with Tanya Donnelly‘s touching vox in the middle…

11. ‘The Bluebirds Are Singing’ by EERIE GLUE
Ongoing bluesy psych groove with a spellbinding impact on your soul…

12. ‘Turn The Knife’ by PALM GHOSTS (Nashville, US)
Mesmerizing make or break love song with glimmering guitars and vivid duet vocals…

13. ‘You Don’t Walk Away From Love’ by PEACE (UK)
Euphoric guitar pop at its very best…

14. ‘When We Left’ by SOMEDAYS (London, UK)
Glowing drive, tenacious pace, confident dynamic and instantly infectious. Strike!…

15. ‘Dark Stains’ by EXPLODED VIEW
Mysterious, magnetizing and masterful…

16. ‘Subsonic Dream’ by THE DARTS (Phoenix, CA, US)
Fuzzy garage banger hittin’ and kickin’ relentlessly…

17. ‘Faith & Science’ by MODERATE REBLS
The addictive power of repetition combined with a catchy boowie woogie piano…

18. ‘Under The Moon’ by REBECCA LOU (Denmark)
Vigorous, dynamic and highly brisk pop standout…

19. ‘Human Child’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
A gripping human pearl…

20. ‘Wayne’ by RICH GIRLS (New York, NY, US)
This is how authentic sensitivity resonates like…

21. ‘Knocking’ by BASEMENT REVOLVER (Hamilton, Canada)
Singer Chrisy Hurn‘s breathtaking voice will make you silent.

CHRISY HURN’s Touching Voice Of Canadian Outfit BASEMENT REVOLVER Will Make You Silent…

Relaxing musings for the laziest day of the week…

9 December 2018

Canadian three-piece BASEMENT REVOLVER led by heartwarming singer/songwriter Chrisy Hurn released their emotive debut LP Heavy Eyes last Augustus with KNOCKING as one of the standout tracks. Hurn‘s breathtaking voice on this marvelous song’s live rendition will make you silent. Sheer splendor…

BASEMENT REVOLVER: Website – Facebook  

BASEMENT REVOLVER Reveals The Artists Who Inspired Their Wholehearted Debut Album ‘HEAVY EYES’ Track By Track…

27 August 2018

BASEMENT REVOLVER is a Canadian indie trio led by winsome songwriter and striking vox Chrisy Hurn. The band just released their gripping debut LP entitled HEAVY EYES. A highly captivating collection of mixed emotions musings drenched in a turbulent bath of stirring guitar fuzz. Here are songs many of us feel/felt familiar to in one way or another. Intense reflections about being grief-stricken and sorrowful, hurt and confused, lost and puzzled. Amplified and soul-stirring pop heartbreakers you’ll love to have as sonic companions when feeling down and melancholic. This is deeply human music that has the healing force to set your troubled mind free in the end. Comforting music for the twilight hours.

It’s truly a great pleasure for Turn Up The Volume! to have Chrisy here revealing
the artists who influenced Heavy Eyes, track by track. Here we go…

The songs

The inspiring artists,
track by track, with Chrisy

“When I wrote Baby I was heavy into Turnover. I had just watched them open for mewithoutYou in Las Vegas at the Brooklyn Bowl. I think I was just trying to capture
a similar emotion that their music made me feel. It is almost a nostalgic feeling but
like, a sad nostalgia.”

Johnny was written a few years back, almost three years ago actually, and it was when Archie, Marry Me by Alvvays was playing EVERYWHERE. And what a good, good song to be playing everywhere, may I add. When I heard that song for the first time, I remember thinking, “this is what I have been looking for!”

Dancing is a newer song for the band. For a long time we called it Joy Division because we thought the bassline could be from a Joy Division song. We also wrote this one starting from the bassline, it is what shaped the song. I think I was also watching a lot of Stranger Things because it was when the second season came out on Netflix, and yes, I think that is very relevant!.”

Joy Division‘s legendary bass player Peter Hook

“Definitely a Frankie Cosmos inspired song. I was listening to her music
pretty much exclusively at the time and wanted everything to sound like her.”

5. Knocking
“I think when I wrote this song I was going for a Big Thief‘s Mary kind of vibe.
That song is so freaking beautiful.”

Arresting live rendition. Awesome voice

“I don’t know if I can pin down who inspired this song. I honestly forget a lot of the
time surrounding its conception because I was very, very sad. I will say that on the
Sunday drive downtown” where “Johnny” and I broke up, we were randomly listening
to an Adele CD because it was the only CD in my parents’ car. So maybe the memory
of the breakup brought out Adele-like sentiments?”

“Mmmm… Words was my first venture into writing music with guitar pedals and vocal effects. At the time I was listening to a lot of Youth Lagoon and Wild Nothing. Maybe that somehow got in there?”

Youth Lagoon effects

“I think Wait was probably somehow inspired by Diet Cig. It is also in drop D
tuning which consequently makes me feel like a badass. I don’t know why, but
it makes me feel a tiiiiny bit metal. I think we just wanted to write a song that
sounded a little bit darker and heavier.”

Manchester Orchestra most definitely inspired this song. Most definitely.”

Basement Revolver Orchestra live

“A little bit of Frankie Cosmos, a little bit of  The Weakerthans, and very much cheese went into this song. Also very much crippling self-doubt. We wrote it in a band practice – and the thing I like the most about it is the breakdown that happens in the second chorus. You can thank my days spent as a scene kid, and every hardcore band I used to listen to in high school for that.”

“I am gonna say that Dilly Dally inspired me to be a little bit heavier for this one
and to throw on that overdrive. I like playing this song, because the sentiment of
being very tired is very real most of the time for me, and it also makes me feel
tough. I don’t feel like I have to be anything other than myself when we play it live.”

Dilly Dally’s Katie – energetic impact

Diamonds was written many moons ago when I was deep into the folk music scene. I was listening to a lot of Valley Maker – please everyone go listen to Valley Maker – and Right Away, Great Captain! at the time. I was a young 19 years old, and unrequited love was the most painful feeling I had ever experienced.”

Thank you Chrisy Hurn!
May the road rise with Basement Revolver!

HEAVY EYES out now and available here.

BASEMENT REVOLVER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

ON REPEAT – Here’s TURN UP THE VOLUME’s Knockout Team For May 2018!…

Killer tracks on repeat this past month

Quote - kopie (2)

ELEVEN KNOCKOUTS I played on repeat in MAY!
A dazzling cocktail of red-hot rippers & crazed grooves
activating all my senses and itchy limbs this past month!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Here’s the May knockout team!

1/ ‘City Looks Pretty’ by COURTNEY BARNETT (Melbourne, Australia)
Barnett rolls, rattles and rumbles, again with this swirling cracker…
Album: Tell Me How You Really Feel

2/ ‘Mine’ by BELLY (Boston, US)
Its groovy mid-tempo beat and seducing rhythm sticks instantly…
Album: Dove

3/ ‘Strange’
Gracious voice, gloriously affecting pop stroke, magnificent score…
EP: Ice Cream Dream

4/ ‘Lately’ by TERRA PINES (Brisbane, Australia)
Firework guitar electricity. Speedy bolide going totally nuts…
Album: new self-titled LP on Bandcamp

5/ ‘Jack In Titanic’ by BODEGA (New York, NY, US)
One day these Parquet Courts‘ proteges will outplay their patrons, definitely! Cracking cut!…
Album: Endless Scroll – out 18 July

6/ ‘Feels’ by DEEPER (Chicago, IL, US)
An irresistible 2-minute jingle jangle guitar drone with a feverish drive…
Album: self-titled debut out now – stream here

7/ ‘Feel Your Love’ by THE MAGIC LOTUS (London, UK)
A tempestuous garage slam with a highly addictive, scream along chorus…

8/ ‘Discover’ by OSKAR BRAVES (Dunfermline, Scotland)
Wall-of-towering-sound anthem with a monumental chorus and king-sized vocals…

9/ ‘Poets’ by THE TOWN HEROES (Inverness, Mabou, Canada)
A first-rate pop pearl, a melodic beauty, a momentous highlight…

10/ ‘A Good Guy With A Gun’ by THE BANKROBBER (Italy)
Mysterious and mystifying, another classy pop symphony from Italy…
Album: Missing

A gripping ballad to cry your heart out to, a sad beauty for the twilight hours…

Quote - kopie (2)

See/hear you next week, music junkies

Gripping Sadness With BASEMENT REVOLVER And Downhearted Ballad ‘BABY’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

17 May 2018

Canadian indie rockers BASEMENT REVOLVER impress passionately with new track BABY from their upcoming debut LP. “It’s a song about feeling sad and down even though you are generally happy about everything and everyone in your life’ explains frontwoman Chrisy Hurn.

Many of us are familiar with those emotions, I guess. Being confused, lost, puzzled is part of humankind’s nature. Therefore, in moments of solitude a gripping, downhearted ballad as ‘Baby’ is a comforting companion. It’s the kind of touching song you want to hear when feeling miserable and mournful. The kind of soul-stirring song you play on the jukebox, in a bar, late at night, when you’re depressed and went out for a drink on your own. The right music at the right time and place can do so much more than having a chat with someone who has no idea of what you’re going through. Sonic melancholia can ease the pain…

“Baby I’m so sorry, I’m trying my best to figure this out, I swear that I’m so happy,
this crying won’t fix what’s already broken and dead, just give me some time”.

BASEMENT REVOLVER: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Album HEAVY EYES – out 24 August – all info here.