Canadian Outfit BASEMENT REVOLVER Shares Shiny Title Track From New EP – Here’s ‘WAX AND DIGITAL’…

New sonic impulses

9 September 2019

Canadian daydreamers BASEMENT REVOLVER led by singer/songwriter Chrisy Hurn
and her touchingly fragile voice released their wholehearted and emotive debut album
HEAVY EYES  back in Augustus 2018.

The band returns now with new work. They announced a 6-track EP titled WAX AND DIGITAL. It will be out 18th October.

The first taster is the elevating title track. Chrisy Hurn revealed in a press statement that the song  “is about me and my husband, the music that we love together, and how that music has shaped our relationship. In a broader sense it is about how culture informs our lives – even though culture changes rapidly and is temporary, we will always have certain things to hold on to, like music, to look back on and feel sentimental about.”

Wax And Digital‘ has indeed a stimulating tone and an elated sonority with Hurn‘ s characteristic vox shining along the glimmering guitar sound Interpol is so famous for. Capture the avid fervency here…


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