How Was 2020? A Chat With The WOLFMAN Of Sound-Crusaders ELEFANT

9 December 2020

They’re not as famous as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones but ELEFANT is along
with those British combos a must-hear band. Why? Because they don’t want to
be as famous as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Why? Because their second LP,
titled BEJAHUNG is not really a pop nor rock record in the traditional sense.

What these loverboys do is balance between post-punk-sludge, a cappella chants, stillleben instrumentals, knockout crackers about walking a dog, and not sing-along conversations in a room. Accessible, but not in an Elvis Presley way, more in a Frank
way. A bit kooky, a bit eccentric, and with a lot of mothers of invention fun.

So Turn Up The Volume invited the ringleader of these sound-crusaders for a chat about the past twelve past months. Ladies and gents please welcome Wolfman, after this message of public benefit…

Hello Wolfman

I listened about 100 times to the brilliant BEJAHUNG album.
And what about you?

“I must have listened 1000 times playing and mixing it,
but after that not so much. My favorite track is Stillleben.”

What’s the story behind the LP’s title?

Bejahung means something like saying yes to life. Doing only what you
love and doing it with extra love. I still haven’t figured out if it is a longing
or an actual intent.”

In a normal world, ULTRA PLUS ULTRA would be a massive indie hit.
But I’m not sure what the ripper is about. Help me…

Ultra Plus Ultra is about walking the dog basically. But with
the Bejahung mindset: if you walk the dog, do it with love and
with pride! I love stupid actions and transcend them to heroic
and useful/interesting acts.”

The album launch gig back in January was one of the best ELEFANT performances
I ever witnessed. New meds or an exceptional stream of adrenaline?

“Same meds, different year. 2020 promised to become something special
and indeed this year was something else, but not in our predicted way.”

The band stopped wearing those pretty cool, white Chernobyl outfits on stage. Why?

“It was old news, we wanted something else, maybe something less sketchy and caricatural. We wanted the audience to focus on the music and not so much on our
crazy stage antics.”

That nasty coronavirus stopped/canceled all live-action. How hard is/was that?

“Pretty hard to be honest, but true to my Bejahung beliefs, I try to make the best of it.
I wanted to rehearse a lot and work on new songs, but due to COVID regulations we
didn’t get to rehearse, so I started recording some solo stuff.”

A lot of musicians came up with a cover of another artist’s song during these
bizarre times. Which one would you pick to cover?

“I covered different Leonard Cohen songs this year, but I’ll pick “Everybody knows’ It doesn’t fit the Bejahung mold because it’s a dramatic pessimistic one. But alas, it’s still
a true vision on these times and mankind.”

Suppose you’re asked to rewrite the national Belgian hymn.
What would it be the outcome in sound and vision?

“I wouldn’t do it.”

What was the best track you heard in 2020?

Mr. Bungle’s ‘Bungle grind’ from the Easter Bunny album. It’s a blast
from the past, humorous and ingenious without pretentiousness.

Your favorite prick of the year?

“The idiot that ate the corona infected bat.”

Any tips to have fun this lockdown Xmas?

“Sit down and relax.”

Which song will be on your stereo on
31st December at midnight?

The Beatles ‘Good Day Sunshine.’
Good vibes!

Which promise for 2021 will you not keep?

“See next question.”

New ELEFANT music next year?


Cheers, Wolfman.
May the road rise with Elefant.
And I hope you’ll become as famous
as The Beatles and The Stones in 2021.

Ladies and gents, Turn Up The Volume is proud to announce
that his best album of this mad 2020 year is BEHAJUNG!

Stream/buy the winner here…

ELEFANT: Facebook

(photo on top via Wolfman / all other pictures by Turn Up The Volume!)

3 Oscar Nominations For Belgian Sturm Und Drang Misfits ELEFANT

29 October 2020

The end of this science-fiction-like mouth mask year is nearing its end. Time to listen
back to all the impactful stuff that terrorized our poor speakers in 2020 and to work on the traditional end-of-the-year lists. After consuming gallons of Red Bull and hours of non-stop music the most impressive conclusion is that only one band/artist succeeds in collecting nominations in our 3 categories. Here we go…

Nomination for album of the year with their second LP BEJAHUNG

Nomination for single of the year with ULTRA PLUS ULTRA

for concert of the year: their album launch party on 16 February

Why? “I didn’t think for a second about the fact that I saw the outlandish bohemians for
the first time without their white, bizarre scientific engineer’s outfits and their faces creepily smeared with white chalk. Yes, the music was the overwhelming and intoxicating winner of
the night. An euphoric triumph.”
Full TUTV review here.

Yes, yes and yes…

To celebrate all this sturm und drang news here’s EAZY,
the LP’s third single/clip with footage from that launch party…

ELEFANT: Facebook


(live photo by TUTV)

ON REPEAT! The Blasting Motherrocker ‘ULTRA PLUS ULTRA’ By ELEFANT

Belgian sound-exploring gunslingers ELEFANT scored big time with their
second album Bejahung. One of the best longplayers of this infected year.

ULTRA PLUS ULTRA is without a shadow of a doubt my favorite motherrocker
on the album. I lost track of how many times this top haymaker tried to crush
my poor speakers. It’s an ongoing motorik-like stomper, a steamy sledgehammer
with a wall-of-bloodthirsty-guitars-and-scary-synths sound. Capice?

Let’s roll

While you’re here check out their intoxicating live force

ELEFANT: Facebook

Photo on top: press promo via Elenfant / Live photo by Turn Up The Volume! February 2020)

Bloodcurdling Sound Explorers ELEFANT Triumph At Their Euphoric Album Release Show…

16 February 2020

A couple of weeks ago Belgian bloodcurdling sound explorers ELEFANT released
their excellent second album BEJAHUNG. A helter-skelter motherrocker, a magnetic record. A more accessible work than their debut, except for the schizophrenic and transcendental debaucheries. The experimental misfits have entered another sound territory with layers of special effects, some blistering knockouts, some puzzling disturbance, and an overall refreshing new Sturm Und Drang identity. Last Friday
on Valentine’s Day the four horsemen of the Apocalypse presented their fresh excesses in my hometown Ghent, Belgium. Here are the highs and lows of
a memorable and euphoric release show.


1. It’s early in the year but the sizzling opener of the album and the concert
Ultra Plus Ultra will be, unquestionably, one of the best knockouts of 2020.

2. It’s early in the year but their new ace longplayer Bejahung
will be, unquestionably, one of the most fascinating LPs of 2020.

3. It’s early in the year but this concert will be, unquestionably,
one of the hottest performances of 2020.

4. Band and audience were into each other and had an instant bond
from the get-go. making me think of an euphoric gospel gathering
with lots of love in the air.

5. I didn’t think for a second about the fact that I saw the outlandish
bohemians for the first time without their white, bizarre scientific
engineer’s outfits and their faces creepily smeared with white chalk
Yep, the music was the one and only overwhelming and intoxicating
winner of the night.

6. Their setlist was a flawless steamroller adrenalizing the packed venue
from start to finish. It was a non-stop mind-blowing experience.

7. the visual effects on the big screen matched the rip-roaring turbulence on stage.

8. The songs played, from their otherworldly debut LP Konark und Bonark 
fitted perfectly in the sonic whirlwind.

9. The wayward bohemians dived into the crowd at the end of the orgastic event
and hugged several exhilarated spectators. I never saw this at a Cure concert.

10. We all went home with a big smile on our sweaty faces.


Picture This…

Let’s dance

Alien guest

Schizophrenic frontman

A kick-ass triumph

Stream/buy BEJAHUNG right here…

ELEFANT: Facebook

(concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

Erratic Combo ELEFANT Released Their New Sturm Und Drang Album – Discover ‘BEJAHUNG’ Track By Track

14 February 2020

After their gloom and doom debut album Konark Und Bonark, a nightmarish psycho opus remarkable for its both otherworldly and creepy metallic sludge disorder, Belgian erratic combo ELEFANT returns with the synthtastic motherrocker called BEHAJUNG.
A more accessible work, except for the schizophrenic and hair-raising moments which make me think of longtime weirdos The Residents. Anyway, the experimental misfits
have entered another bloodcurdling sound area with layers of special effects, some
steamy knockouts, some puzzling razzmatazz, and an overall arresting new Sturm Und Drang sonority of which, even after several spins, you still haven’t a clue how to define it. Therefore we invited Herr Wolllf, the band’s musical maestro to tell us more about their second electroshock longplayer.

The tracks…

The anecdotes by Herr Wolllf, track by track…

1. Ultra Plus Ultra
“This one was bound to be the first song of the album. Lyrically it’s about the heroic
deed of walking the dog…”

2. Rechtschreibe
“This one I wrote like in 10 minutes and I really love it. It’s pretty complex rhythmically and dissonant as fuck! The lyrics go back to Robert Frost‘s poem ‘Lodged’ showing humanity who’s in power.”

3. Eazy
“Eazy’ is balancing between Minor / Major, Happy / Sad, Annoying / Soothing.”

‘I will make you go, take a step forward
Let’s take you home, enjoy the walk
I will help you cope, take a step inward
and take you home, enjoy the walk’

4. Water Always Flows Down

“I’m a sucker for choir and vocal music. In Elefant most of the lyrics are pretty upbeat
(no irony) and here i’m trying to put stuff in perspective: humanity might have wandered off its path, but hey, water still flows down. We might destroy ourselves and everything around us, but atoms will survive!”

4. Stillleben
“This is one of my favourites! It’s not sexy. It’s too sad and too slow, but I love
the drama. The title is also the most beautiful word with ‘lll’ consecutive lll’s!”

5. Welcome To Life Sonny
“A fond welcome to my son Elko, the destroyer of death. Musically it turned
out to be our take on 80’s wave boom tchak-ing all the way through…”

6. Bejahung
“A Meeting with Death: Sit down, loosen up, have a cookie. The whole album deals with life/death in a direct or indirect way. Do you choose life or death? It’s got a great oriental vibe provided by our lord of oud: Dr. M. Flamand.”

7. The Dooor
“Tony Clifton in the house! I think in 2019 I was half Wolf, half Tony and this song reflect that. Soundwise to me, it’s Slayer performing in a Bollywood movie.”

8. 3-3-3
“This song was also sung by Tony. Musically, it was inspired by Mariachi music,
but it mutated to this thing called 3-3-3.”

9. A Conversation In A Room
“I needed a little pause before the last track and I remembered this canon.
It’s an invitation to a conversation if the occasion would arise.”

10. My Race Race is Better Than Your Race
“This one’s a bitch to play, but what a lovely squeaky bitch! It’s a reaction to the fear/propaganda that has been pumped in our veins by the press and politicians.”

close your doors for they are coming
close your borders, the water’s rising
close your eyes, the sun is shining
shine your light ’cause all are hiding

forget your rights for they are coming
sell your profile, the water’s rising
shut your voice, the sun is shining
buy a choice ’cause all are hiding

close your doors
close your eyes
they are coming
the sun is shining

Thank you Herr Wolllf to guide us through
Behajung! May the road rise with Elefant!

The album is available digitally via Bandcamp and iTunes, streamable via Spotify

ELEFANT: Facebook

One more thing. From day one the Elefant squad, on stage, dressed as deranged scientific engineers in white outfits and their faces smeared with white chalk, but that’s over now. The band burned their camouflage and look almost normal now.