3 Oscar Nominations For Belgian Sturm Und Drang Misfits ELEFANT

29 October 2020

The end of this science-fiction-like mouth mask year is nearing its end. Time to listen
back to all the impactful stuff that terrorized our poor speakers in 2020 and to work on the traditional end-of-the-year lists. After consuming gallons of Red Bull and hours of non-stop music the most impressive conclusion is that only one band/artist succeeds in collecting nominations in our 3 categories. Here we go…

Nomination for album of the year with their second LP BEJAHUNG

Nomination for single of the year with ULTRA PLUS ULTRA

for concert of the year: their album launch party on 16 February

Why? “I didn’t think for a second about the fact that I saw the outlandish bohemians for
the first time without their white, bizarre scientific engineer’s outfits and their faces creepily smeared with white chalk. Yes, the music was the overwhelming and intoxicating winner of
the night. An euphoric triumph.”
Full TUTV review here.

Yes, yes and yes…

To celebrate all this sturm und drang news here’s EAZY,
the LP’s third single/clip with footage from that launch party…

ELEFANT: Facebook


(live photo by TUTV)

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