Classic Crackers – THE BEATLES & THE STONES

11 June 2021

THE ROLLING STONES topped the US Singles Chart with
PAINT IT, BLACK 55 years today on 11 June 1966.

A haunting, dark, and ominous masterstroke. The Stones
at their very mystical best. It also hit the top spot in the UK
and several countries in Europe.

No colors anymore I want them to turn black

Stones: Website

Today 52 years ago, on 11 June 1969, The Fab Four (in this case only Paul and John were involved) topped the UK Singles Chart with BALLAD OF JOHN AND YOKO. Actually one of my all-time favorite Lennon classics. It was the band’s 17th and final Numero Uno in their native country. The song tells the story of the eventful days of the marriage of the late genius and his muse Yoko Ono. It stills sounds brilliant.

Christ, you know it ain’t easy
You know how hard it can be
The way things are going
They’re gonna crucify me


TURN UP THE VOLUME Listened Back To The Year Of (3) Great Movies – 25 Ace Tracks From 1987

1987 – the year of 3 all-time favorite movies of Turn Up The Volume.

ANGEL HEART – with Robert De Niro & Mickey Rourke.

FULL METAL JACKET – the Vietnam War through
the eyes of visionary filmmaker Stanley Kubrick.

BARFLY – a semi-autobiographic film about writer Charles Bukowski
with starring roles for Mickey Rourke and a sublime Fade Dunaway.

And again a year of sonic
razzle-dazzle knockouts.

Turn Up The Volume‘s selection
of 25 ace tracks from 1987

Rolling Stone’s best single of 1987

NME‘s best single of 1987

TURN UP THE VOLUME Listened Back To The Year Of The Chernobyl Disaster – 25 Ace Tracks From 1986

Back in time…

1986 – the catastrophe at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. Four hundred
times more radioactive material was released from Chernobyl than by the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki together.

1986 in music – a varied palette of indie and mainstream stuff by the likes of The Fall, Talking Heads, Hüsker Dü, Peter Gabriel, A Certain Ratio, New Order, The Cramps and many more.

Turn Up The Volume‘s
25 ace tracks of 1986

NME‘s best single of 1986 KISS by PRINCE

Rolling Stone‘s best single of 1986 – also KISS by PRINCE

ROBERT PALMER Topped US Singles Chart With ‘ADDICTED TO LOVE’ 35 Years Ago Today

Top singles from the past

4 May 2021

Artist: ROBERT PALMER (Batley, England)
19 January 1949 – 26 September 2003 – only 54

Score: #1 on the US Singles Chart
35 years ago today – 4 May 2021

Album: Riptide

Note: The accompanying clip was a remarkable/memorable event in itself with Palmer backed by a group of sensual moving mannequins looking like robots with pale skin, red lips, layers of make-up, staring eyes and a cold, yet utterly cool expression on their face, following the style of women in the paintings of the late American artist Patrick Nagel.

Here comes the heat…


DEXYS MIDNIGHT RUNNERS Scored No 1 Hit In UK With ‘GENO’ This Day In 1980

Top singles from the past…

3 May 2021

Band: Dexys Midnight Runners
Single: Geno  – the band’s second 7″
B-side: Breakin’ Down the Walls of Heartache

Released: 15 March 1980

Note: The song was an ode to American
soul singer Geno Washington

Album: Searching for the Young Soul Rebels
Debut LP – peaked at #6 in the UK

Score: #1 in the UK on 3 May 1980 – 41 years ago

Top Of The Pops performance…

DEXYS: Facebook


Top singles from the past…

28 April 2021

Home: Düsseldorf, Germany
Active: 1978–2020 / 7 albums

D.A.F: “We just wanted to provoke, instead of doing
what everybody was doing and it worked perfectly.”

Released: 28 April 1981 – 40 years ago

Album: Alles Ist Gut

Studio version…

Live version…

D.A.F: All Albums

Live in Belgium (2016 – pic by Turn Up The Volume!)