THE STEVE MILLER BAND – Classic Slam Dunk ‘ROCK ‘N ME’ Numero Uno In The USA 40 Years Ago Today…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


6 November 2017

STEVE MILLER and his BAND released masterpiece album FLY LIKE AN EAGLE back in 1976. The second single from the LP is to me and millions the track to go completely nuts to. ROCK ‘N ME is no less than a classic diamond that puts a giant smile on my face every, countless, time I hear it while yelling the lyrics out loud, word by word. Here’s what author Steve Miller revealed about what inspired him to write his top-notch rocker, back then: “elements of “Rock’n Me”, particularly the intro, was a tip of the hat to British group Free’s “All Right Now”. Yeah, it’s a tack on the wall for Paul (Kossoff). I did one concert in the 2 years that I was off the road. I went to London and played with Pink Floyd… it was a big, huge outdoor show so we needed a big rock and roll number that was really going to excite everybody. I just put it together and didn’t think much about it.” The banger hit the top spot of the US singles chart on 6 November 1976. Forty years ago today!…

Here’s a stunning and euphoric live rendition that gets the audience
and definitely, you too on your feet while going totally bonkers…

Well I’ve been lookin’ real hard and I’m tryin’ to find a job
But it just keeps gettin’ tougher every day
But I got to do my part ’cause I know in my heart
I got to please my sweet baby, yeah
Well, I ain’t superstitious, and I don’t get suspicious
But my woman is a friend of mine
And I know that it’s true that all the things that I do
Will come back to me in my sweet time

So keep on rock’n me baby
Keep on a rock’n me baby (x3)

I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma
Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.
Northern California where the girls are warm
So I could be with my sweet baby, yeah

Keep on a rock’n me baby ( x5)

Don’t get suspicious, now don’t be suspicious
Babe, you know you are a friend of mine
And you know that it’s true that all the things that I do
Are gonna come back to you in your sweet time
I went from Phoenix, Arizona all the way to Tacoma
Philadelphia, Atlanta, L.A.
Northern California where the girls are warm
So I could hear my sweet baby say

Keep on a rock’n me baby (x7)

STEVE MILLER BAND: Website – Facebook – Discography

The top album – released 20 May 1976…

ELVIS COSTELLO Watched The Detectives 40 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


12 October 2017

Forty (!) years ago – on 14 October 1977 – ELVIS COSTELLO released one of his best
songs – to my ears – as a single. WATCHING THE DECECTIVES was Costello’s inventive
and sparkling way of playing reggae. This sharp-witted stroke (produced by Nick Lowe) about a lover who would rather watch TV was described perfectly back then by Rolling Stone Magazine as ‘a clever but furious burst of cynicism’. It peaked at No 15 on the UK singles chart. Here’s a cool, quaking live rendition (Koln, Germany, 1978)…

ELVIS COSTELLO: Website – Facebook Discography

Elvis and his Attractions 40 years ago…

Since JOHN LENNON’S Message To All Political Leaders Worldwide Back in 1969 Nothing Has Changed At All…

When timeless in sound and vision…


10 October 2017

Yesterday would have been eternal icon JOHN LENNON‘s 77th birthday. Back in 1969 together with his PLASTIC ONO BAND he send a ‘GIVE PEACE A CHANCE‘ message to
all political leaders on this planet at a moment that the devastating Vietnam war was
going completely out of hand while the American Military Industry looked the other way.
Nobody listened… at all, despite the fact that two horrible world wars earlier on caused enormously disastrous tragedies for humanity which would have an impact for several generations to come. On the contrary, since then the world has been horrified with
deadly warfare on a daily basis in different region’s around the globe. The unbounded greediness of the Military Industrial Complex (remember President Eisenhower‘s speech back in 1961) and the unlimited power of the NRA (National Rifle Association) in America
is one of the scary examples of the fact that a peaceful way of life will never be an option for those cold-hearted moneymakers. Peace, tolerance and equality are the only and
most important instruments for a harmonic society. So, let’s persevere and repeat Lennon‘s credo over and over again…

American’s vision on peace…

BIKINI KILL’s Legendary Debut EP Is 25 And (Unfortunately) Still Relevant Today (As It Was The Past 25 Years Actually)…

When timeless in sound and vision…


9 October 2017

Furious riot grrrl turbo BIKINI KILL, led by the awesome Kathleen Hanna, out of Olympia, Washington released their now legendary 6-track debut EP twenty-five years ago today on
9 October 1992. A loud and clear feminist manifesto. A clamorous punk attack on all male pigs on this sexist planet. Last year, in Brussels, I saw Hanna with the ass-kicking The Julie Ruin, about 3 weeks after idiot Trump‘s election. As a male feminist it was tremendous to see her back again, on the other hand, the hard reality was/is that male pigs are still in charge worldwide, women are still treated by them as insignificant human beings, so Hanna still has to scream and shout about this eternally men dominated universe just as she already did 25 years ago. Yes, Bob Marley is absolutely right “Get Up, stand up, stand up for your right / Get up, stand up, don’t give up the fight”. Today, we need a Bikini Kill injected revolution more than ever again. Let’s start with its soundtrack. Here’s the uproarious opener of the anniversary EP, ‘DOUBLE DARE YA‘…

We’re bikini kill and we want revolution
Girl-style now!!!

Hey girlfriend,
I got a proposition
Goes something like this:

Dare ya to
Do what you want
Dare ya to
Be who you will
Dare ya to
Cry right outloud
You get so emotional baby

Double dare ya, double dare ya, double dare ya
Girl fuckin friend
I double dare ya
I triple dare ya
Double triple fuckin
Double fuckin dare ya

Don’t you talk out of line
Dont go speaking out of your turn
Gotta listen to what the man says

Time to make his stomach burn
Burn, burn, burn, burn
(double dare ya)

Youre a big girl now
Youve got no reason
Not to fight
Youve got to know
What they are
‘fore you can stand up
For your rights
Rights– rights–rights?
You have them, you know.


Since November 2012, when Kathleen Hanna founded Bikini Kill Records
the band’s work is available again. All info and order facilities here

X-RAY SPEX – 40 Years Ago Today They Shook The Punk Scene With ‘OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS’…

When timeless in sound and vision…


30 September 2017

X-RAY SPEX really stood out back then in 1977, the key year that British punk exploded. The clamorous energy and charmingly confident ‘who cares if I can’t sing, I’ll just scream my frustrations at you ‘ attitude of frontgirl POLY STYRENE combined with the other girl in the group, Lora Logic, who played saxophone as if she was in a kind of big trouble, was truly special among the many rock orientated and mostly male punks bands of that moment. On 30 September 1977 – yes, 40 years ago today – their debut single OH BONDAGE! UP YOURS! was released. Riot grrrl was born! A boiling mix of loud and clear lyrics and a razor-sharp DIY racket. Piercing stroke! Here’s a raw live version (without Lora Logic) to illustrate
the sheer power of this rowdy classic… .

Some people think little girls should be seen and not heard
But I say…
Oh Bondage! Up yours!
1, 2, 3, 4!

[Verse 1]
Bind me, tie me
Chain me to the wall
I wanna be a slave to you all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

[Verse 2]
Chain-store, chain-smoke
I consume you all
Chain-gang, chain-mail
I don’t think at all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

[Verse 3]
Thrash me crash me
Beat me till I fall
I wanna be a victim for you all
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!
Oh bondage, up yours!
Oh bondage, no more!

X-RAY SPEX: Biography – Discography

Left: Lora Logic / Right: the great, late Poly Styrene (passed away 25 April 2011, only 53!)

DAVID BOWIE Released Phenomenal Love Anthem ‘HEROES’ As A Single 40 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


22 September 2017


Forty years ago – 23 September 1977 – the title song from DAVID BOWIE‘s outstanding HEROES album was released as a single. Inspired by the sight of his producer/engineer Tony Visconti and his girlfriend by the Berlin Wall, the song tells the story of two lovers,
one from East and one from West Berlin. It was co-written with Brian Eno and recorded
in July and August 1977 in the legendary Hansa Tonstudio in Berlin. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a big hit it became one of Bowie‘s most famous and most covered songs. An epic diamond, a solid gold and timeless achievement with the immortal line for all lovers on this planet, then and now, “We can be heroes, just for one day…”.

Here’s the masterstroke…

I, I wish you could swim
Like the dolphins, like dolphins can swim
Though nothing, nothing will keep us together
We can beat them, for ever and ever
Oh we can be Heroes, just for one day

I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing will drive them away
We can be Heroes, just for one day
We can be us, just for one day

I, I can remember (I remember)
Standing by the wall (by the wall)
And the guns shot above our heads (over our heads)
And we kissed, as though nothing could fall (nothing could fall)
And the shame was on the other side
Oh we can beat them, for ever and ever
Then we could be Heroes, just for one day

We can be Heroes (x3)
Just for one day
We can be Heroes

Oh-oh-oh-ohh, oh-oh-oh-ohh
Just for one day

DAVID BOWIE: Website – Facebook – Discography

THE CLASH Released Fierce Punk Single ‘COMPLETE CONTROL’ 40 Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


22 September 2017

THE CLASH, the last gang in town, released COMPLETE CONTROL as a 7″ single, forty
years ago, on 23 September 1977 and the frantic outburst also (and only) featured on
their debut LP in the US. A rebellious punk anthem. A biting rant against their record
label (that released another track ‘Remote Control‘ without the group’s permission),
against their greedy manager and against all who wanted to control the band somehow, someway. The late, great Joe Strummer said in 1991: “After The Anarchy Tour (1977) our manager Bernie Rhodes said to me, in a bar in Soho, London that he wanted complete control.
I came out of the club with Paul Simonon collapsing on the pavement in hysterics at those words.”
And Strummer used those very words for the title of this tremendous classic…

They said release ‘Remote Control’
But we didn’t want it on the label
They said, “Fly to Amsterdam”
The people laughed but the press went mad

Ooh ooh ooh someone’s really smart
Ooh ooh ooh complete control, that’s a laugh

On the last tour my mates couldn’t get in
I’d open up the back door but they’d get run out again
At every hotel we was met by the Law
Come for the party – come to make sure!

Ooh ooh ooh have we done something wrong?
Ooh ooh ooh complete control, even over this song

They said we’d be artistically free
When we signed that bit of paper
They meant let’s make a lotsa mon-ee
An’ worry about it later

Ooh ooh ooh I’ll never understand
Ooh ooh ooh complete control – lemme see your other hand!

All over the news spread fast
They’re dirty, they’re filthy
They ain’t gonna last!

This is Joe Public speaking
I’m controlled in the body, controlled in the mind

See-o-n control – that means you!

THE CLASH: Website – Discography

SUEDE – Anthemic Single ‘METAL MICKEY’ Released 25 Years Ago Today…


14 September 2017

Single: METAL MICKEY – 2nd single from their debut LP
Released: 14 September 1992 – 25 years ago today…
Charts: No 17 in the UK
My experience: to my ears one of the best Suede tracks ever – challenging in sound
and vision – an epic, flamboyant and electrifying anthem!…
Note: then guitarist/co-songwriter Bernard Butler once said that musical inspiration for ‘Metal Mickey’ was 60s hit ‘The Shoop Shoop Song’ and that the guitar solo was influenced
by The Kinks’ timeless cracker ‘You Really Got Me‘…

Well she’s show showing it off then
The glitter in her lovely eyes
Show show showing it off then
And all the people shake their money in time
She sells heart she sells meat
Oh dad she’s driving me mad come see

We shake shake shake to the trumpet
And through the slippery city we ride
Skyline swine on the circuit
Where all the people shake their money in time

She sells heart she sells meat
Oh dad she’s driving me mad, come see

SUEDE: Website – Facebook – Discography

Appeared on their eponymous debut LP – 29 March 1993…

U2 – The Irish Legends Found America Thirty Years Ago…

When timeless in sound and vision…


Band: U2
What happened: as second single from The Joshua Tree it hit
the top spot of US charts on 8 August 1987 – 30 years ago today…
Album: THE JOSHUA TREE – the album that turned the band into
superstars in the U.S. – one of their Holy Trinity Diamonds, next
to Achtung Baby (1991) and ‘All You Can’t Leave Behind‘ (2000)
Note 1: one of their most epic love crackers ever (in my book)…
Note 2: last week (August 1) I saw them playing Brussels – in a
65.000 capacity football stadion – playing The Joshua Tree in full
plus a dazzling greatest hits set. I’ve lost track of U2 the past years
but this giant concert was nothing less than a magical event…

Masterpiece LP in full

U2: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Phenomenal performance in Brussels last Tuesday (1 August)…

Full tree screen…



Mega band…

THE DOORS – Breakthrough Classic ‘LIGHT MY FIRE’ Made Them Stars 50 Years Ago Today…

When timeless in sound and vision…


Fifty years ago today – 29 July 1967 – THE DOORS scored their first US number one hit single. LIGHT MY FIRE landed on the top spot of the charts that day and stayed there for three weeks. Suddenly they became the hottest band on the planet. Maybe, except for
the hardcore fans of course, many don’t know that this sultry grand slam was written by guitarist Robby Krieger with additional lyrics from Morrison and arrangements from the rest of the band. It was the first song he ever wrote for the L.A. legends, saying at the time “It’s like I’d saved up all these ideas in my mind and got them out all at once. Jim had this idea
of the band being a shooting star.
The track ran for seven minutes on their self-titled debut album, but was cut down to three for radio play. The rest is tremendous musical history…

Short version

Long (live) version

THE DOORS: Biography – Discography

Glorious history…

Glorious debut album…