LED ZEPPELIN Recorded Their Steamrollin’ Classic ‘WHOLE LOTTA LOVE’ 49 Years Ago – Most Devilish Macho Rock Riff Ever…

When timeless in sound and vision it’s a…


24 June 2018


With monumental classic WHOLE LOTTA LOVE, searingly rockin legends LED ZEPPELIN, hammers of the Gods, scored the most devilish rock riff ever in Turn Up The Volume‘s noisy book. Guitar hero Jimmy Page‘s massive opening chords blew me away the very first time I heard their crushing steamroller and it still does transport me to a wild state of mind when it strikes my hungry ears. The monstrous track was recorded 49 years ago today, on 24 June 1969. Here’s the nastiest, filthiest, sexiest and most devilish macho rock intro ever. Hell Zep Yeah!…

LED ZEPPELIN: Website – Facebook – All Albums

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