Picked By TURN UP THE VOLUME – These 10 Classic Crackers Turn 25 In 2022

11 December 2021

1. Bitter Sweet Symphony by THE VERVE (Wigan, UK)

Released: 16 June 1997
Album: Urban Hymns
Score: No 2 in the UK, No 12 in the USA

“Cause it’s a bittersweet symphony, that’s life
Tryna make ends meet, you’re a slave to money then you die
I’ll take you down the only road I’ve ever been down
You know the one that takes you to the places where all the veins meet, yeah”


2. ‘Nothing Lasts Forever’ by ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN (Liverpool)

Released: 20 June 1997
Album: Evergreen
Score: #8 in the UK

“I want it now, I want it now
Not the promises of what tomorrow brings
I need to live in dreams today
I’m tired of the song that sorrow sings”


3. ‘Kowalski’ by PRIMAL SCREAM (Scotland/UK)

Released: 5 May 1997
Album: Vanishing Point
Score: #2 in Scotland, #8 in the UK

“This radio station was named Kowalski
In honor of the last American hero to whom
Speed means freedom of the soul
The question is not when he’s gonna stop
But who is gonna stop him”


4. ‘Get Higher’ by BLACK GRAPE (UK)

Released: 10 September 1997
Album: Stupid Stupid Stupid
Score: #24 in the UK

“Nancy is joining me because the message this evening is not my message, but ours
“Despite our best efforts, shortages of marijuana are now being reported. From the early
days of our administration, Nancy has been abusing marijuana on a daily basis and her
personal observations and efforts have given her such dramatic insights that I wanted
her to share them with you this evening.”


5. ‘Brimful Of Asha’ by CORNERSHOP (UK)

Released: 18 August 1997
Album: When I Was Born For The 7th Time
Score: #1 in the UK, #1 in Scotland

“Brimful of Asha on the 45
Well, it’s a brimful of Asha on the 45
Brimful of Asha on the 45
Well, it’s a brimful of Asha on the 45”



6. Song 2 by BLUR (UK)


7. ‘All You Good People’ by EMBRACE (UK)


8. ‘Electricity’ by SPIRITUALIZED (UK)


9. ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’ by CHEMICAL BROTHERS (UK)


10. ‘D’you Know What I Mean’ by OASIS

Turn Up The Volume’s 20 KNOCKOUT TRACKS Of 2020 – Simply The Best!

22 December 2020

I love the smell of rock and roll.
Here come Turn Up The Volume’s
20 Knockout Tracks
of 2020.
Nothing but the best! Hands down!

1. ‘State Of The Union’ by PUBLIC ENEMY (Long Island, New York)
Time to get up and leave the White House, Donald Dumped. You split the USA right down the middle, you’re a disgrace for America, for humanity and the whole wide world. GO!

From brill album: What You Gonna Do When the Grid Goes Down?

Unprecedented, demented, many president’d / Nazi Gestapo dictator defended / State of the Union, shut the fuck up / Sorry ass motherfucker / Stay away from me / State of the Union,
shut the fuck up

2. ‘Ultra Plus Ultra’ by ELEFANT (Belgium)
The Belgian sound-exploring motherrockers unleashed their second stupefying album Behajung  early this year with Ultra Plus Ultra‘ as one of the dazzling highlights.
A schizophrenic sonic blast with balls. Abso-fucking-lutely cool! VREE WIJS! You betcha!

3. ‘Hot Slick’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)
A hot stuff disco stomper that should be played in all discotheques around the globe,
from one of the coolest gangs on the planet. Bad girls forever. Title track from their swirling party album. Saturday night pins fever all the way!

4. ‘Under The Spell Of Joy’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles)
Sickly sticky like first-class glue. With an angelic choir, feet-tapping drum beats, sweaty
sax flames and a mental finale. Yes, it’s Death Valley Girls en-joy-ing themselves in a new sonic zone. Don’t resist the spell! From the rad, same titled full length.

5. ‘I Found Out’ by OFFWORLD (UK)
Hard-Fi‘s frontman Richard Archer and imposing vox Krysten Cummings realized a high-powered tour de force. An epic heart and soul explosion! TOP! Waiting for the album!

6. ‘Never Ever Ever’ by BOA Vs COBRA (Belgium)
Don’t mess with charismatic frontwoman Sandy Fee who rants unambiguously about a toxic relationship from the very start when ‘Bad bad bad boy‘ bursts out of your speakers. The decibels turn up when the ablaze chorus kicks in. Stunning uppercut!

7. ‘American Dream’ by TOKYO TABOO (London, UK)
A steamy stunner with an explosive in-your-orange-face-intro, kick-starting this
clamorous jackhammer instantly with a titanic wall-of-blazing-riff hurly-burly and deafening percussion slams. YEAHHHHHHHHHHH!

Hey Mr President
You’re just a joke
Kids dodging bullets
World’s up in smoke

8. ‘Sweet’ by PORRIDGE RADIO (UK)
A towering loudQUIETloud haymaker with Margolin‘s repeating magnetically ‘I’m charming, I’m sweet and she will love me when she meets me‘. Emotive belter from the band’s excellent album Every Bad. Porridge Radio is on its way to world domination! Capeesh??

9. ‘Mr. Motivator’ by IDLES (Bristol, UK)
A riff-roaring ripper made to start crowded moshpits at gigs (for now you need to pirouette yourself bananas at home). A red-hot-blooded corker that does your head in. Hells Bells! Album: Ultra Mono.

10. ‘A Hero’s Death’ by FONTAINES D.C. (Ireland)
‘Life isn’t always empty ‘ states frontman Grian Chatten in his characteristic parlando
flow while the band grooves non-stop. Album: A Hero’s Death.

11. ‘Dark Blue’ by THROWING MUSES (California)
A firm banger driven by a solid beat with a pounding guitar groove, Kristin Hersh‘s characteristic sensual voice, and a catchy polyphonic chorus. Throwing Muses rocks!
From the band’s highly acclaimed longplayer Sun Racket

12. ‘The Rise And Fall Of America’ by THE MOODS (Manchester, UK)
A crystal clear stream of cutting lines as sharp as a brand-new Swiss knife. It’s The Moods‘ towering take on the bombastic American National Anthem. They rock, roar and rage. The Moods kick ass! Go home Donald Duck Trumpet!

13. Psychopath’s Monologue by THE CHRONICLES OF MANIMAL AND SAMARA
A 2020 Apocalypse Now Odyssey. It all starts enigmatically with Samara reciting her Dante’s Inferno inspired poem in a haunting foreplay tone until Manimal shows up and all metallic hell breaks loose. Learn more about this year’s most intriguing act in their interview with Turn Up The Volume right here.

14. ‘Paycheck’ by LEG PUPPY
A dizzy disco-ball drone making you jump up and down like a kangaroo on E. It goes bang, bang, bang, and bang with crazy duet vocals all over it and that psych-o-delic surf guitar riff that messes up your mind the way you like it. Dance floor blast. PAY THEM!

15. ‘A Reason To Celebrate’ by bdrmm (Hull, UK)
Delightful shoegaze rainbow. Like a nightingale symphony waking you up in the morning. From – yes, ladies and gents – the best debut LP of the year with Bedroom.

16. ‘Out Of The Shadows’ by GREAT HARE (Sweden)
From the stimulating intro on you’ll tap your feet, without even noticing it. This is the wake-up-call I want to hear when I can’t get out of my bed in the morning. You simply can’t resist this shot of adrenaline. This is what elevating pop is all about.

17. ‘Man Of Chaos’ by FLIGHT ATTENDANT (Nashville, US)
A feverish cracker and jaw-dropping power slam. The sensual, magnetic, and spellbinding vocals create a sort of delirious trance. And when, unexpectedly, bouncy strings kick in as a harbinger for a vibrant finish you’ll reach a sonic orgasm.

18. ‘Rainbow Records’ by OCEANOGRAPHY (Oakland, CA)
Glorious guitar pop stonker getting your aural attention from the get-go with a repetitive riff sticking immediately. Inflammable passion, scintillating ardency, and vehement fervor. Big tune, big sentiments and a big voice reminding me of Greg Dulli‘s imposing vocals at times.

19. ‘Maggot Line’ by THE BATTERY FARM (Manchester, UK)
“We all gonna die and it’s our fault.” This is not just a punk slogan. It’s the fucking truth. Middle-finger to all those buffoons who ignore global warming, corona and The Battery Farm. NO MERCY!

20. ‘No Rock Save In Roll’ by CORNERSHOP (UK)
A rattling Stones-esque garage rocker with an unstoppable groove that makes you
want to jump in the street and have a sweet little dance (with mouth mask on).

All together on Spotify


How Was 2020 For… CORNERSHOP? A Chat With Main Man TJINDER SINGH

15 December 2020

The bands who are still going strong after nearly 30 years are very rare. CORNERSHOP
is one of them. They’re so much more than their massive 1997 hit Brimful of Asha (more than 11 million views on YouTube).

The Leicester-based band delivered nine notable longplayers since they hit the scene back in 1991. They master the art of embedding their views on society, on politics, on daily life in general in terrifically catchy guitar-pop tunes, with musical echoes of frontman TJINDER SINGH‘ Indian roots.

New critically acclaimed 2020 album ENGLAND IS A GARDEN, their first in eleven years, shows exactly what Cornershop is all about. All killers, no fillers. Lyrically it deals with a retrospect on Singh’s birthplace in the Black Country, and on the Midlands’ first wave of heavy metal. Two words: top record.

It’s always a most pleasant thrill when Turn Up The Volume can have a Q & A with, and
about one of his all-time favorite bands. So thank you very much for taking the time to
do this, Tjinder Singh. We’ll start the interview, as usual with a piece of music. Here’s one
of the highlights of the album with a knockout riff Keith Richards would be proud of…

Hello Tjinder,

CORNERSHOP hit the scene about 30 years ago. Music is in your DNA.
What keeps the band going for so long?

“Music is not actually in our DNA, but trying to do music and appreciating it is. Hence we continue at our own pace, and we have our own targets to achieve. These achievements have kept us going to our next target. We never wanted to just be on a stage, there was a lot of things to put to people and we have never stepped off that accelerator.”

Back then after releasing debut LP HOLD ON IT HURTS, David Byrne signed you to
his label Luaka Bop. Did you meet him and how did the collaboration work out?

“We met him of course, but the engine of Luaka Bop Records, New York was always
Yale & Kat. It ended being left out at sea by Mr. Byrne, luckily we met a life boat.”

The band always shared/shares outspoken political and social views packed in catchy, upbeat sing-along tunes. Was it a conscious choice to communicate that
way with the world when you started out?

“It wasn’t conscious but more a reflection on the upbeat music I liked – Punjabi folk and devotional music, and Christian gospel. I never thought out-and-out preaching of politics was a good way to win people over, and such an approach turns people off very quickly.
So communicating with other elements, even different music keeps people guessing and interested.”

What or who inspired the new album’s title ENGLAND IS A GARDEN?

“The idea that we were a finished group propelled us most. We needed an undeniable album and that’s what I think we got. After David Fricke of Rolling Stone USA, not only agreed to do our album sleeve notes but asked for more time in order to do the songs justice you know you have hit your target.”

Any relation between the title and the impressive artwork of the LP?

“Both are ambiguous and allow the viewer to make up their own mind about them. For instance, England Is A Garden may be a reflection of how wonderful this green island can be or a foolhardy person may see such a Garden as growing with Brexit. Both are valid
and viewer generated, so totally invalid too.”

Lead-single NO ROCK SAVE IN ROLL is an irresistible rockin’ groove.
What’s the song about?

“It’s a song saying there is not one thing without another, with a view on
England’s Midlands where I was born, and the birthplace of Heavy Rock.”

How’s life in the UK after 4 years of Brexit?

“Frustrating to know so many people around you
are actually so full of shit, not good shit, just shit.”

Suppose you were asked to rewrite and put new music to the British Royal Anthem ‘God Save The Queen’. No restrictions whatsoever. What would be the outcome, in sound and vision?

“A reflection of all the countries Britain has conquered, that’s many countries,
it would be a long opera.”

Trump or Biden?

“Far-right racism or center-left.”

A lot of musicians came up with a cover of another artist’s song during
these bizarre times. Which one would you pick to cover, Tjinder?

“We do the odd cover now and then for specific reasons, but a cover to reflect
these bizarre time.”

Several artists developed mouth masks with their logo, image or
album covers on it? A good idea? Are CORNERSHOP masks available?

“We have Judy Sucks a Lemon for Breakfast masks with artwork from that album.”

Info about the mouth mask right here

What was the best track and album you heard in 2020?

“The Frazer Ford album is good, nice southern soil feel and Shirley Collins made a good record this year aged 85! The best track of the year is State Of The Union by Public Enemy gives Trump both barrels.”

Movie of the year?

Making A Murderer on Netflix I found fascinating. ”

Which song will be on your stereo on 31st December at midnight, Tjinder?

Son of my father by Chicory Tip because it aces.”

Name three things you really want to see
happen in 2021 for the band and/or personally?

“Trump fucks off forever.
Johnson fucks of forever.
UK returns to the wonderful EU.”

Thank you a bunch, Tjinder, for this interview.
Have a safe Xmas and a brimful 2021

Stream/buy England Is A Garden here…


May the road rise with Cornershop


15 November 2020

There’s so much more to CORNERSHOP than their 1993 No 1 hit single Brimful Of Asha.

The band’s newest, ninth, album ENGLAND IS A GARDEN – released last March – shows again what Cornershop does best. Expressing their personal views on politics, culture and daily life in general and embedding them in irresistible pop tunes you hum, whistle and sing along after only one spin. Tunes that put a big smile on your face. Tunes you return to frequently because they make you feel-good. That’s what perfect pop music is all about.

The Guardian wrote: “Cornershop are reminiscent of Primal Scream – well-read, politically informed survivors of indie rock, who came to national attention with a well-chosen remix,
and are still happy to try any number of musical styles to please themselves as much as their audience.”

Ben Ayres: “You know, there’s no real cupboard we can be put in. We’re constantly
misfiled. That makes it harder for us. But isn’t there something brilliant in that too?”

Lead-single No Rock Save In Roll

Full album…


Easy rider…


Killer tracks of the month…

Eleven standout tracks played on repeat in March!
A heated mix of flaming rippers and glowing grooves
energizing all of my senses and limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout March Team!

1. No Rock Save In Roll by CORNERSHOP (Northern London)
This sickly sticky earworm will put a big smile on your face! Welcome back Cornershop!

2. ‘Ponytail’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)
Hot disco banger that should be played in all discotheques around the globe. Dance fever!

3. ‘Home Thru Hell’ by DEAP LIPS (California, US)
The Flaming Lips + Deap Vally = Utterly Cool Yamaha Magic

4. ‘Vicious Little Sister’ by THE MEDICINE DOLLS (Cape Town)
Unquestionably one of the blowup singles of the year! The Medicine Dolls rule!

5. ‘Luminescence’ by THE HIDEAWAYS (Bristol, UK)
This burning sledgehammer’s riff is TITANIC! Kick-ass stroke! Hells bells!

6. ‘Cause Effect’ by SINKA (Watford, UK)
High-powered blast fueled by crazed guitars, banging percussion and racy vocals. Yeah!

7. ‘Somebody Else’ by PLASTIC SUN (UK)
Melodious swagger bringing stone rock icons Queens Of The Stone Age to mind. Top-notch!

8. ‘Louder’ by TWIST HELIX (Newcastle, UK)
A swirling electro pop stunner with sassy synths and stunning vocals. Bingo!

9. ‘Lungs’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St.Albans, UK)
A retro psych vibe with a revitalizing, stimulating and spiritual impact. Save the trees!

10. ‘TheWorldIsClosingDown’ by TV COMA (St. Albans, UK)
A catchy apocalyptic psych pop humdinger. Witty, satirical and pungent.

11. ‘Harbor Me’ by AUDRI (Belgium)
Starry-eyed vocals, clapping flamenco hands and glimmering guitars. A trippy beauty!

All knockout tracks
together on Spotify


See you next month, music junkies…

CORNERSHOP Returns With Groovy Ninth Longplayer ‘ENGLAND IS A GARDEN’…

7 March 2020

Every single track (except for two short instrumentals) on CORNERSHOP‘s 9th LP
ENGLAND IS A GARDEN’ has a catchy groove. Every single track is an euphonious earworm you want to hear again after the first spin. CORNER SHOP still do what they
do best since they hit the scene several years ago. Writing feel-good and upbeat jams combined with their outspoken views on England, their native country. This is highly infectious indie rock ‘n’pop that puts a big smile on your face.

The Independent‘s key quote: “This ninth album proves that Cornershop – made up
of founder members Singh and Ben Ayres – are no less confrontational, nor musically
ambitious nearly 30 years after they formed in Leicester.
” Full review here. Score: 4/5

Album in full…





British Indie Rockers CORNERSHOP Return With Rattling Single ‘NO ROCK: SAVE IN ROLL’ From Their Upcoming LP…

New sonic impulses

26 November 2019

Do you remember CORNERSHOP? Back in 1997 these indie rockers from Leicester scored
a No 1 UK hit single with Fatboy Slim’s remix of their sickly catchy song Brimful Of Asha. Afterward the band kept on going and released several albums with little success. Their latest longplayer called Hold On It’s Easy came out four years ago.

And now their back again with the lead-single of a new album titled ‘England Is A Garden‘ planned to hit the streets next year, in March. But first the new cut. ‘NO ROCK: SAVE IN ROLL’ is a rattling Stones-esque garage rocker. Check its repetitive groove out right here…