Killer tracks of the month…

Eleven standout tracks played on repeat in March!
A heated mix of flaming rippers and glowing grooves
energizing all of my senses and limbs this past month!
Here’s Turn Up The Volume‘s Knockout March Team!

1. No Rock Save In Roll by CORNERSHOP (Northern London)
This sickly sticky earworm will put a big smile on your face! Welcome back Cornershop!

2. ‘Ponytail’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)
Hot disco banger that should be played in all discotheques around the globe. Dance fever!

3. ‘Home Thru Hell’ by DEAP LIPS (California, US)
The Flaming Lips + Deap Vally = Utterly Cool Yamaha Magic

4. ‘Vicious Little Sister’ by THE MEDICINE DOLLS (Cape Town)
Unquestionably one of the blowup singles of the year! The Medicine Dolls rule!

5. ‘Luminescence’ by THE HIDEAWAYS (Bristol, UK)
This burning sledgehammer’s riff is TITANIC! Kick-ass stroke! Hells bells!

6. ‘Cause Effect’ by SINKA (Watford, UK)
High-powered blast fueled by crazed guitars, banging percussion and racy vocals. Yeah!

7. ‘Somebody Else’ by PLASTIC SUN (UK)
Melodious swagger bringing stone rock icons Queens Of The Stone Age to mind. Top-notch!

8. ‘Louder’ by TWIST HELIX (Newcastle, UK)
A swirling electro pop stunner with sassy synths and stunning vocals. Bingo!

9. ‘Lungs’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St.Albans, UK)
A retro psych vibe with a revitalizing, stimulating and spiritual impact. Save the trees!

10. ‘TheWorldIsClosingDown’ by TV COMA (St. Albans, UK)
A catchy apocalyptic psych pop humdinger. Witty, satirical and pungent.

11. ‘Harbor Me’ by AUDRI (Belgium)
Starry-eyed vocals, clapping flamenco hands and glimmering guitars. A trippy beauty!

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See you next month, music junkies…

CORNERSHOP Returns With Groovy Ninth Longplayer ‘ENGLAND IS A GARDEN’…

7 March 2020

Every single track (except for two short instrumentals) on CORNERSHOP‘s 9th LP
ENGLAND IS A GARDEN’ has a catchy groove. Every single track is an euphonious earworm you want to hear again after the first spin. CORNER SHOP still do what they
do best since they hit the scene several years ago. Writing feel-good and upbeat jams combined with their outspoken views on England, their native country. This is highly infectious indie rock ‘n’pop that puts a big smile on your face.

The Independent‘s key quote: “This ninth album proves that Cornershop – made up
of founder members Singh and Ben Ayres – are no less confrontational, nor musically
ambitious nearly 30 years after they formed in Leicester.
” Full review here. Score: 4/5

Album in full…





British Indie Rockers CORNERSHOP Return With Rattling Single ‘NO ROCK: SAVE IN ROLL’ From Their Upcoming LP…

New sonic impulses

26 November 2019

Do you remember CORNERSHOP? Back in 1997 these indie rockers from Leicester scored
a No 1 UK hit single with Fatboy Slim’s remix of their sickly catchy song Brimful Of Asha. Afterward the band kept on going and released several albums with little success. Their latest longplayer called Hold On It’s Easy came out four years ago.

And now their back again with the lead-single of a new album titled ‘England Is A Garden‘ planned to hit the streets next year, in March. But first the new cut. ‘NO ROCK: SAVE IN ROLL’ is a rattling Stones-esque garage rocker. Check its repetitive groove out right here…