15 November 2020

There’s so much more to CORNERSHOP than their 1993 No 1 hit single Brimful Of Asha.

The band’s newest, ninth, album ENGLAND IS A GARDEN – released last March – shows again what Cornershop does best. Expressing their personal views on politics, culture and daily life in general and embedding them in irresistible pop tunes you hum, whistle and sing along after only one spin. Tunes that put a big smile on your face. Tunes you return to frequently because they make you feel-good. That’s what perfect pop music is all about.

The Guardian wrote: “Cornershop are reminiscent of Primal Scream – well-read, politically informed survivors of indie rock, who came to national attention with a well-chosen remix,
and are still happy to try any number of musical styles to please themselves as much as their audience.”

Ben Ayres: “You know, there’s no real cupboard we can be put in. We’re constantly
misfiled. That makes it harder for us. But isn’t there something brilliant in that too?”

Lead-single No Rock Save In Roll

Full album…


Easy rider…

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