10 Ace Albums Of 2020 According To Magazine ALTERNATIVE PRESS

15 December 2020

American monthly music magazine ALTERNATIVE PRESS, founded in 1985 and working out of Cleveland, Ohio is the biggest US music magazine (more than 1 million followers on Facebook) that focuses on various alternative music genres. Here is their TOP 10 of awesome 2020 albums with THE 1975 leading the pack…


AP: “Massive, earth-shattering release. It fuses everything The 1975 have built their career
on and more: Auto-Tune goodness, orchestral tracks, ’80s power ballads, and pop-punk throwbacks.”

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AP: “Wake Up, Sunshine is energetic, introspective, dynamic and everything
in between. All Time Low certainly delivered when we needed it most.”

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20/20 VISION by ANTI-FLAG (Pittsburgh, US)

AP: “One of the standout albums from their revered multi-decade career. We wouldn’t
expect anything less from Anti-Flag, but we yearn for more LPs like this one in the future.”

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AP: “Like A House On Fire is Asking Alexandria throwing themselves in the deep end and breathing comfortably at the depths. As cinematic as it is unapologetic, their melodic 2020 incarnation made its intentions clear.”

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GUARDIANS by AUGUST BURNS RED (Lancaster, Pennsylvania, US)

AP: “‘August Burns Red’ are one of the most consistent bands in metalcore,
as well as the metal and hardcore “ingredients” that make up the collision
subgenre. The superhero theme is apt because these Pennsylvanians helped
save metalcore from sinister synths and continue carrying the torch.”

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The Ride by BAD COP, BAD COP (Southern California)

Everything Means Nothing by BLACKBEAR (Palm Coast, Florida)

Death In Venice Beach by THE BOMBPOPS (San Diego, CA, US)

Glue by BOSTON MANOR (Blackpool, UK)

Post Human: Survival Horror by BRING ME THE HORIZON (Sheffield, UK)

50 Best Albums Of 2020 According To LOUDER THAN WAR…

Very popular British music website LOUDER THAN WAR revealed their list of 50 best albums of 2020 preceded by this message: “An unforgettable year, and some magnificent music. 30 odd LTW writers agree on these fifty to varying degrees. Bob Vylan led the field right up to the last two nominations, closely followed by Bob Dylan! There are artists here you won’t find on any other End of Year lists. New and old side by side. In the Top 20 more than half the acts are female or include female members. Enjoy.”

1. ‘I Am Moron’ by THE LOVELY EGGS (Lancaster, UK)
“LTW favourites The Lovely Eggs return on top form with album number six. Psych
punk at its height, again produced by Flaming Lips magician David Fridmann.”

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2. ‘We Live Here’ by BOB VYLAN
A groundbreaking album that slammed right into 2020 full of rage, anger and messages
pre lockdown (WC) Crucial mix of grime and punk with a clear angry fuck off to racists.”

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3. ‘A National Disgrace’ by DEAD SHEERAN
“Dead Sheeran is the dogs bollocks. The one album which makes you laugh at the impotence of the collective rage and feeling of desperation in the UK in 2020. He doesn’t have answers, he doesn’t even know the fuckin’ question. But he is some kind of accidental genius and a vital antidote to the misery of 2020.”LTW

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4. ‘Rough And Rowdy Ways’ by BOB DYLAN
“How can this fantastic return of Mr Zimmerman not make it into the top 5?
An absolute masterclass of songwriting once again.”

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“Purely beautiful. Shiver down the spine stuff. Not a bad track and a hark
back to the glory days. No One is just a stunning piece of songwriting.”

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6. England Is A Garden by CORNERSHOP
7. A Hero’s Death by FONTIANES D.C.
8. Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future by GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS
9. Untitled (Rise) by SAULT
10. Fetch The Bolt Cutters by FIONA APPLE

Full 50 list here.

10 Best Albums Of 2020 According To The BBC (No Rock And Roll)

British TV moment BBC has revealed their top-10 of best albums of the
year led by FIONA APPLE and her fifth LP FETCH THE BOLT CUTTERS.

“Named after a line delivered by Gillian Anderson in BBC miniseries The Fall, it’s a thrillingly idiosyncratic art-pop album that Apple mostly recorded at home; she even uses the bones of her dead dog for percussion. Her beguiling songwriting explores thorny issues such as depression, sexual violence and bullying, but Apple never loses her humour.”BBC

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2. Ungodly Hour by CHLOE X HALLE
3. Rough and Rowdy Ways by BOB DYLAN
4. Future Nostalgia by DUA LIPA
5. Róisín Machine by ROISIN MURPHY
6. Set My Heart on Fire Immediately by PERFUME GENIUS
7. RTJ4 by Facebook
8. Sawayama by RINA SAWAYAMA
9. KItchen Sink by NADINE SHAH
10. Folklore by TAYLOR SWIFT

Short reviews of all albums here.

The Best 50 Albums Of 2020 According To STEREOUM

American Music website STEREOGUM (founded in 2002 – 320.000 followers on Facebook) has published its list of the best 50 albums of 2020. Their numero uno is Fetch The Bolt Cutters by FIONA APPLE.

“It’s the sound of one of her generation’s most gifted studio-pop musicians, someone
who could’ve once been considered a peer of Mariah Carey, getting explosively insular, navigating a perilous emotional landscape with a joyous sense of exploration. The mercurial and sometimes reclusive Apple made Fetch The Bolt Cutters at home, working with a small circle and expressively soaring through resentment and anger and depression without letting any of those feelings weigh down her giddy creativity.”

2. Saint-Cloud by Waxahatchee
3. RTJ4 by Run With Jewels
4. Women In Music Pt. III by Haim
5. Folklore by Taylor Swift
6. Manger on McNichols by Boldy James & Sterling Toles
7. Magic Oneohtrix Point Never by Oneohtrix Point Never
8. Lament by Touché Amoré
9. Untitled (Rise) by Sault
10. Color Theory by Soccer Mommy

The full 50 best list here.


15 November 2020

There’s so much more to CORNERSHOP than their 1993 No 1 hit single Brimful Of Asha.

The band’s newest, ninth, album ENGLAND IS A GARDEN – released last March – shows again what Cornershop does best. Expressing their personal views on politics, culture and daily life in general and embedding them in irresistible pop tunes you hum, whistle and sing along after only one spin. Tunes that put a big smile on your face. Tunes you return to frequently because they make you feel-good. That’s what perfect pop music is all about.

The Guardian wrote: “Cornershop are reminiscent of Primal Scream – well-read, politically informed survivors of indie rock, who came to national attention with a well-chosen remix,
and are still happy to try any number of musical styles to please themselves as much as their audience.”

Ben Ayres: “You know, there’s no real cupboard we can be put in. We’re constantly
misfiled. That makes it harder for us. But isn’t there something brilliant in that too?”

Lead-single No Rock Save In Roll

Full album…


Easy rider…

TURN UP THE VOLUME’s 10 Knockout Albums Of The Year (So Far)…

The best longplayers so far in this science-fiction-like 2020. Ten cracking records that kept Turn Up The Volume safe at home, camping next to his vibrating speakers. Let’s roll…

‘Hot Slick’ by PINS (Manchester, UK)

These bad girls with ponytails will turn your summer into a daily party. Hot stuff for ravers, disco freaks, and funky night owls. Boogie in wonderland and move like it’s 1999 again.
Live for today, plan for tomorrow but go gaga right now, right here to this sweaty slick…

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‘Dead Lips’ by DEAD LIPS (Los Angeles / Oklahoma, US)

When coolness meets outlandishness then all motherfuckers have to go. Surprising super team Deap Vally and The Flaming Lips dont’ talk shit, they surprise us with a gloomy-moody longplayer that makes you happy. Femejism battling the Pink Robots. Top stuff!

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‘Bejahung’ by ELEFANT (Ghost Town, Belgium)

Sound-exploring desperadoes who open your doors of perception. Sonic crusaders who evolved into one of the most fascinating bands in this universe. Isolate yourself in your private quarantine and listen with disinfected headphones. Once in a lifetime experience!

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‘Self-Surgery’ by MRS. PISS (US)

Keywords: bloodcurdling shrieks, goth inferno, pitch-black nightmares, underground hysteria, gloom & doom sisters in crime, bone-chilling frenzy, hellish commotion. These princesses of darkness take you on a razorblade roller coaster. Keep a sharp lookout!

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‘Every Bad’ by PORRIDGE RADIO (Brighton, UK)

This up and coming gunslingers swing from amplified pop to emo punk and back
with glowing passion. Anarchic and sweet, chaotic and intense, zealous, and plainspoken with future indie star Dana Margolin as the driving force backed by a tremendous band. Without a shadow of a doubt on their way to world domination.

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‘Epidemic’ by UNRULY GIRLS (Italy)

A head-twisting extravaganza of high-tech trash. A mind-blowing record with a diversified melting pot of jaw-dropping knockouts and petrifying brainfuckers as if you are listening to several albums at the same time. Alert your poor neighbours before you press play!

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‘The Doctrine Of Infinite Kindness’ by THE MIGHTY ORCHID KING (St. Albans, UK)

A bold, existential, bizarro piece of psychedelic work. A sonic visualization of Stanley Kubrick‘s spectacular sci-fi vision ‘2020: A Space Odyssey. Otherworldly, metaphysical, mindboggling and rainbow-colored. Lose yourself in their nature caring stratosphere.

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‘Trust No One’ by IZZY AND THE BLACK TREES (Poland)

Flamboyant and red-hot rock band out of Poland turning up the heat with sharp-edged riffs, jagged licks, hammering drums, and frontwoman Izzy‘s feverish vox in the middle.
A record serving a versatile cocktail of high-energy jackhammers and charged reveries.

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‘Five Things’ by SMALLTOWN TIGERS (Pisa, Italy)

Imagine The Stooges having an earsplitting fight with The Runaways while the Ramones are sniffing glue in the producer room and you know what is coming your way, straight in the face. Eight firecrackers, eight uppercuts, eight smoking guns, and lots of middle-fingers.

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‘Rough And Rowdy Ways’ by Bob Dylan (US)

What can I say? Best singer/songwriter/poet/storyteller of all time (in my big book).

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Also thumbs up for…

‘925’ by SORRY  
‘Container’ by THE WANTS
‘Exquisite’ by MEKONS 
The New Abnormal by THE STROKES
‘England Is A Garden’ by CORNERSHOP 
‘Type II’ by SEX SWING

Have a great summer, music junkies