Garage Disaster Rockers DEATH VALLEY GIRLS On An Electric High In Belgium…

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS – 4AD Club, Diksmuide, Belgium – 23 February 2019

After following this red-hot Los Angeles garage gang since their 2014 debut LP Street  Venom hit me in the face and having interviewed them at the end of 2017 I finally got
to see DEATH VALLEY GIRLS explode on stage, for the very first time, yesterday. Are they that special I hear you ask. Absolutely. This crazed quartet combines The Stooges‘ raw power, The Cramps‘ rockabilly lunacy, Black Sabbath‘s metallic insanity and they inject their sonic havoc with a cool, dark sense of humor. Oh, and one more thing: they love cemeteries. As expected the band’s ringleader Bonnie Bloomgarden led the rollicking troops last night. Intoxicating opener Abre Camino from new stirring album Darkness Rains set the heated tone of a stormy set instantly, with blazing bangers Death Valley Boogie, Disco, Electric High and the already classic stormer Disaster (Is What Were’ After) being the tumultuous highlights of a thunderous show…

… in between, ambiguous groove Gettin Hard, infectious poppy chant Pink Radiation
and organ injected swagger Wear Black showed their versatile songwriting caliber while Bonnie was wandering all over the place and hugged cracking bass player Pickle a couple
of times. She’s the charismatic eyecatcher of a hell-raising foursome that spoiled us all with a psych-o-delic Halloween experience in February. HAIL HAIL DEATH VALLEY GIRLS!

Picture this

Hello Belgium….

Get down and boogie


At the disco

These boots are made for walking

Band hug

Stream new longplayer

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Facebook – ‘Darkness Rains’ available on Bandcamp

(All concert pics by Turn Up The Volume!)

TURN UP THE VOLUME’S Selection Of Five New Rad MUST-HEAR Albums…

New longplayers that will have an impact on your ears and your speakers

1. ‘Darkness Rains’ by DEATH VALLEY GIRLS (Los Angeles, CA, US)
Halloween is just around the corner. Perfect timing for this voodoo-ish garage gang to launch their new tremendous LP. From glowing glam slams to freakish doom havoc with demonic guitars and Bonnie Bloomgarden‘s cutting primal screams. Freakish experience!



2. ‘Icon’ by THE VENUS FLY TRAP (Northampton, UK)
If Stephen King and David Lynch formed a band they would sound as creepily cool as this cult duo who formed in 1986. Now they return with some horror-ific electro punk fuel to inflame the coming Apocalypse! Don’t miss the fun, all you bloodthirsty pariahs out there.

Stream/purchase here


3. ‘Lower’ by MEDICINE BOY (Berlin, Germany)
Welcome this twilight Cape Town duo to the dark side of your troubled mind. Their sonic electronic explorations vary from Mazzy Star‘s gloominess to The Kills‘ darkest blues moments. Mystifying voices and magnetic vibes. Join this truly fascinating journey!

Stream/purchase here…


Expect sixties injected psychedelic jams, transcendent escapades, wah wah electricity, organ sultriness à la The Animals, reverberating guitar turbulence and echoing vocals
with a biting flair. Time to leave reality temporarily! Time now to go eight miles high!


RD And The CF: Facebook

5. ‘New Bad News’ by THE FABRICATORS (South London, UK)
“We’re a garage band / We come from garageland” spitted The Clash iconic frontman Joe Strummer once. This is what The Fabricators‘s spirit is all about. Raw, energetic, confident and burning. Frank DIY post punk emotions from the street. Direct and honest and loud!

Stream here…


DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Show Their Commitment To Life On New Track ‘MORE DEAD’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

13 September 2018

Los Angeles gloomful garage gang DEATH VALLEY GIRLS share another track from their upcoming new album. MORE DEAD is a “about how important and necessary each person
is, especially these days. We need numbers now more than ever to fight the good fight. After having experiences with people we love struggling to stay alive, we believe the harder the battle, the less one is able to ask for help.”

‘More Dead‘ is remarkable for its tribal drums, savage guitars, Bonnie Bloomgarden inevitable, diabolical vox and its hammering groove creating a sort of voodoo-like
dance rhythm. As much as Death Valley Girls are hooked on doom loaded hullabaloo they’re also tremendously committed to life. The human message at the end of the accompanying clip, directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg says it all: “Please reach out to
your suicidal friends. Please reach out to your loved ones. Please remember there are
people, animals and beings who love you. Your existence is important to this world.”

Watch/listen right here…

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Facebook – Twitter

New album DARKNESS RAINS out 5 October – Info and pre-order facilities here

(photo on top: FB – DVG)

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Share Dynamite Single/Video Clip ‘DISASTER (IS WHAT WE’RE AFTER)’ Featuring IGGY POP Eating A Hamburger…

16 August 2018

Los Angeles‘ red-hot garage engine DEATH VALLEY GIRLS just released new dynamite single ‘DISASTER (IS WHAT WE’RE AFTER)‘. The accompanying video is quite special. It features Godfather of Punk Iggy Pop eating a hamburger. The Kansas Bowling-directed
clip is actually an ode to a scene in Danish filmmaker Jørgen Leth’s 1982 film, 66 Scenes
Of America
, in which the late pop-art icon Andy Warhol eats a hamburger. It’s weird, hilarious and… crumbly. Really great to see living legend Iggy Pop teaming up with amazeballs misfits Death Valley Girls, a band Turn Up The Volume is following closely
since their smashing 2016 album Glow In The Dark.

‘DISASTER (IS WHAT WE’RE AFTER)’ is the first single from the rowdy gang’s new LP.
A glorious glam slam thundering madly from the banging start to the wildly sax-noise injected finale with Bonnie Bloomgarden‘ red-glowing vox adding fuel all the scorching
way. Demonic hullabaloo to go totally gaga to. Watch Iggy Burger while listening to Death Valley Girls’ fresh hammer…

DEATH VALLEY GIRLS: Facebook – Twitter – TUTV’s 2017 Xmas interview with DVG

New album DARKNESS RAINS out 5 October – Info and pre-order facilities here