DEATH VALLEY GIRLS Show Their Commitment To Life On New Track ‘MORE DEAD’…

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13 September 2018

Los Angeles gloomful garage gang DEATH VALLEY GIRLS share another track from their upcoming new album. MORE DEAD is a “about how important and necessary each person
is, especially these days. We need numbers now more than ever to fight the good fight. After having experiences with people we love struggling to stay alive, we believe the harder the battle, the less one is able to ask for help.”

‘More Dead‘ is remarkable for its tribal drums, savage guitars, Bonnie Bloomgarden inevitable, diabolical vox and its hammering groove creating a sort of voodoo-like
dance rhythm. As much as Death Valley Girls are hooked on doom loaded hullabaloo they’re also tremendously committed to life. The human message at the end of the accompanying clip, directed by Dylan Mars Greenberg says it all: “Please reach out to
your suicidal friends. Please reach out to your loved ones. Please remember there are
people, animals and beings who love you. Your existence is important to this world.”

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New album DARKNESS RAINS out 5 October – Info and pre-order facilities here

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