ELBOW Drops Another Cut From New Upcoming Album – Here’s ‘WHITE NOISE WHITE HEAT’…

Brand new sonic impulses

5 October 2019

British daydreamers ELBOW release eight longplayer, titled GIANTS OF ALL SIZES
next week, on 11th October. But first another taster from the upcoming LP. After
sensitive lead single Dexter & Sinister and gloomy ballad Empires here’s ‘WHITE
‘. A pure Elbow song. Theatrical, romantic and soulful.

Capture the spirited mood here…

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Artwork new album ‘GIANTS OF ALL SIZES’ – out 11th October

ELBOW Shares New Gloomy Ballad From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘EMPIRES’…

Brand new sonic impulses

22 August 2019

British daydreamers ELBOW will launch their new, eight, studio album GIANTS OF ALL SIZES in October. After sharing emotive lead single Dexter & Sinister a few weeks ago
the band just unleashed another track. EMPIRES is an entrancing ballad with a gloomy feel. Keyboard player Craig Potter revealed how the song came together: “We sat around and played together in a way we haven’t for a long time and experimented and improvised with the music which led to the looser feel you’ll hear.”

Listen here…

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Artwork new album ‘GIANTS OF ALL SIZES’ – out 11 October

ELBOW Drops New Emotive Jam From Upcoming LP – Here’s ‘DEXTER & SINISTER’

Brand new sonic impulses

1 August 2019

British empathetic popsters ELBOW will release their new, eight, studio album GIANTS
in October. Today they dropped its lead single ‘DEXTER & SINISTER’, an extended sensitive jam featuring vocals by American folk singer-songwriter Jesca Hoop.

Frontman and songwriter Guy Garvey says the song is “a great, big, bewildered question dealing with my feelings on Brexit, the loss of family and friends and the general sense of disaffection you see all around at the moment.”

Here’s the lyric video…

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New album GIANTS OF ALL SIZES out 11th October

ELBOW Released Second LP ‘CAST OF THOUSANDS’ 15 Years Ago…

Going back in sonic history looking for memorable albums…

17 Augustus 2018


Album: CAST OF THOUSANDS – their 2nd longplayer

Released: 18 August 2003 – 15 years ago

NME review: “Like all great albums, even though it takes a few listens to truly appreciate what’s going on here, your journey of discovery is immediately dotted with signs that this is something special. ‘Cast’ sounds wreathed in a kind of celestial soulfulness, awash with atmospheric sonic trickery and jazz/ psychedelic influences – That it does all this whilst sounding human, ordinary almost, is Elbow’s genius. ‘Cast’ may be serious, but it’s never self-important. Rock ‘n’ roll is very nearly at the end of its creative evolution. But, on ‘Cast’ Elbow transcend their influences to produce a virgin sound. A rare pleasure indeed.”

TURN UP THE VOLUME says: The band that turned bombast into pure passion…

TOP TRACKS: Fallen Angel / Not A Job / Grace Under Pressure




Album in full..

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ELBOW – Here’s New BLACK FRANCIS inspired Track ‘ALL DISCO’…


Manchester’s daydreamers ELBOW will release new album Little Fictions (their 7th)
on 3 February. Last month they released first single Magnificent (She Says) and
now they shared another new one called ALL DISCO. A vintage Elbow symphony with epic appeal.  It seems the song was inspired by a conversation frontman/singer Guy
had with Black Francis, the Pixies’ mastermind as Garvey explained in a video message: “I remember this phrase from Black Francis from the Pixies. I interviewed
him for a radio show 10 years ago in Lynchburg Tennessee. I was talking to him about between him being Black Francis and Frank Black and all these different incarnations. I said ‘with all these different styles of music, where are you going next?’ He said something along the lines of ‘you have punk rock, you have rock, you have blues, you have soul, it’s all disco. And I just love that attitude, from one of the most influential people – particularly to me. For him to have this attitude of ‘put everything into it, invest everything into it, but remember it’s not everything. I think that’s a really good way to do it. He’s not having any money but he
gave us a really good chorus there.” 

Here’s the compelling serenade …

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Artwork new album – out 3 February