Addictive Rock And Blues Grooves With Canadian Team THE MANDEVILLES And Their New EP ‘JUNKIE’

19 November 2022

Who: Indie rock team from Niagara, Canada
Albums: Goodnight Golden Sun (2012) and
Windows And Stones


TUTV: The Mandevilles fuse classic rock, impassioned and amplified blues,
and punky/grungy juice here and there, on this 5-track extended play.

Result: 3 inflammable grooves and 2 high-energetic mid-tempo strokes with
vocalist Serena Pryne ‘s ardent vox in the middle, backed by a rousing 4-piece.
Warning: this is addictive stuff.

References: Janis Joplin, Juliana Hatfield, The Go-Go’s and Sleater-Kinney



It starts with a cool slicey guitar that grabs your attention. It feels like it’s steeped in some blues, but is still rock ‘n’ roll. There’s a solid 90s vibe, paired with a modern guitar sound.


The idea that you can be changed into something you no longer recognize as
yourself. By a person or circumstance. It’s an introspective soliloquy – a plea
to yourself. The rhythmic drum pattern hypnotizes.


It’s been in the vault for a really long time, as it was written with Charlton Pettus (of Tears for Fears) way back when we were in Oliver Black. The song has always had a special place in our heart, but never felt like it belonged on any of our albums. Until now.


It features our friend, Tara Stanclik who sings harmonies with Serena. But listen carefully… you’ll hear the warm click of castanets in the background. Nick is especially proud of learning how to play these wonderful percussion instruments, and it adds a southern warmth to the whole song. Neil also introduced us to the haunting Farfisa Organ – an incredible Italian organ – which brings in even more depth.


Serena: “I remember we were gushing about Big Wreck the day we wrote this. We basically
had a verse/chorus idea mapped out fairly quickly… and we knew we wanted a lengthy jam to take it home. So we started building those parts pretty intensely, as we wanted them to feel like different sections. I think the end result culminates sonically and still feels a little unsettled with the unanswered “Is it over / Are we over?”.

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THE MANDEVILLES: Instagram – Facebook – Website – Spotify

Artwork and photo: Lauren Garbutt

Ghostly Dark-Wave-Ambient Artist NOX ARCANA With His Shadowy Symphonic 5-Track EP ‘DARKFALL’

30 October 2022

Who: The neoclassical dark wave/dark ambient
music project of Ohio artist Joseph Vargo

Five new tracks to quench your dark desires during eerie autumn nights
when sinister things prowl the shadows and ghostly chills fill the air.
Released: 13 October 2022

This is where darkness and brightness clash. Expect five ghostly, instrumental
symphonies with ominous synth shadowplays and chilling orchestral architecture.

Video for top track Dark Matter

Dim the lights, sit down, relax and let the goosebumps overwhelm you.

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Puzzling, Ominous And Chaotic – Five Previously Unheard SONIC YOUTH Jams From 2000-2010 Sessions

22 March 2022

Who: Guitar noise legends with
Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore,
Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley

Active: 1981-2011 / 15 LPs

Release: 11 March 2022 – order info here

Three Lobed Recordings (the label) says: In mulling over their career, it’s staggering
to realize that Sonic Youth not only delivered a healthy slab of releases as a unit but also
have a myriad of shelved material still waiting for broader ears. “In/Out/In” ably delivers
a new slab of mostly-unheard Sonic righteousness, with a scope on the post 2000-era
band in specially zoned/exploratory regions.

Rolling Stone says: “In/Out/In feels less like a random collection of toss-offs and
more like a lost Sonic Youth album before everyone figured out who would sing
each track.”

Turn Up The Volume: These five previously unreleased jams sound like… jams,
going everywhere and nowhere but they never leave your mind once you let them
in. These retrieved soundscapes, mostly instrumental, perplex and baffle. Especially
the 11-minute track 4 Social Static, a sort of Lou Reed’s Metal Music Machine escapade
and the 12-minute track 5 Out & In, a riff-Krautrock-roaring rattlesnake.

Ominous, chaotic, and mind-dazzling.

Enter Sonic Youth territory here…

SONIC YOUTH: Story – All Albums

(Group image: cover of their 1982 debut EP)

Coming Soon… 5 Previously Unreleased Tracks By Legends SONIC YOUTH

28 February 2022

Who: Guitar noise legends with
Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore,
Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley

Active: 1981-2011 / 15 LPs

Release: 11 March 2022 – order info here

Three Lobed Recordings label says: In mulling over their career, it’s staggering to realize that Sonic Youth not only delivered a healthy slab of releases as a unit but also have a myriad of shelved material still waiting for broader ears. While the group’s current Bandcamp abode lays out a generous amount of it, a bunch more has yet to surface. And it’s a massive mountain to chip away at in the sense of the group output alone; individual members’ projects are a whole other game, needless to say. “In/Out/In” ably delivers a new slab of mostly-unheard Sonic righteousness, with a scope on the post 2000-era band in specially zoned/exploratory regions.

Here’s taster IN & OUT. A ghostly trance-like jam, stirring and spooky, with Kim Gordon wailing all over it and Thurston Moore letting his guitar do the psychedelic talking. Great find.




24 January 2022

Who: Jewish mystics/drone/space pop explorers from Merrick, US.

EP: American Klezmische

Second installment of the In The Running series by I Heart Noise, the Boston
label that thinks out of the box promoting musicians who think out of the box.

Turn Up The Volume: I guess we can all can use some relaxing and tranquilizing moments, now and then, to get away from all that mind-oppressive pandemic misery.

Let’s start to relax with the first two tracks Old Schmeckled Hen and Noshville. Two magnetizing meditations that cause a trance-like sensation with its repetitive flow
and a hypnotic clawhammer banjo riff sounding like a sitar to my ears.

Tracks 3 and 4 (Stratoshmear and Klezmische) generates a similar effect but have
a different, more upbeat texture with its spirited harmonies and keep up the bracing balance of this extended play.

Someday soon change will come.
Humankind always found a way to survive.

Positive vibes like these are welcome…



COCTEAU TWINS Legend ROBIN GUTHRIE Celebrates His 60th Birthday With New Cinematic EP ‘SPRINGTIME’

Great extended plays

5 January 2022

Who: Scottish trailblazer best known as a founder and
sonic dreamweaver of legendary trio Cocteau Twins

Recent works: 2 EPs, Mockingbird Love and Riviera, and
one full album called Pearldiving, all released in 2021.

Guthrie was born 60 years ago, on 4 January 1962. Happy B. to the heart and soul
touching musician. To celebrate his birthday, he just released (yesterday) another
EP titled SPRINGTIME, containing 4 instrumental, synths painted pieces with an
instant soothing effect.

Imagine this: an eagle flying, with its wide wings spread, over a high mountain, with
a bright blue sky on top of it. All nature, all beauteousness, all cinematic magnificence.
Get the picture? I’m sure you do.

Dim the lights, sit down, relax, open your mind and
your ears and let yourself float on these moony waves…


Photo by Violette Guthrie

PEEPING DREXELS – Spend Some Bad Time With A New Fat White Family

3 November 2021

Who: Post-punk misfits from South London who announced their past UK gigs with this message: “Come through to the show of your liking to witness the degradation of our already poor physical and mental health in musical form.” Say no more.


This amazeballs extended play came out back in April, but before last Saturday night, I had never heard of this London gang of outcasts. But seeing them turning up the heat in the historic Paradiso Club in Amsterdam as part of the yearly (actually 2 editions per year) London Calling Festival, a showcase for up and coming bands (mostly from the UK), was pretty fucktastic and made them the talk of the night.

Why? If you start with some early Talking Heads‘ mania, followed by crashing Apocalypse drones, then you switch to some casual piano touches and 60s echoing guitars, and you end in a depressive lullaby way and you do all of this in one song with a flabbergasting resonance you’ll understand why the whole venue went apeshit and left their sweat on
the beer-drained floor for the whole wall-of-barbwire-sledgehammer-beats and post-punk orgasms filled gig.

Need a reference? Last Saturday Peeping Drexels made me feel what I felt so many times when seeing their mates Fat White Family slash and trash stages. You know, that feeling of pumped-up confidence to go out in the street and kick some fascists’ asses. Hell bloody hell yeah!

Enough talking. Do your miserable post-lockdown state of
mind a favour and buy yourself some more BAD TIME.

Right here, right now…


Well, my camera went apeshit too, last Saturday night

Shake Your Ska Booty On Halloween – MENTO BURU Take Care Of The Music With ‘SKAWOLLEEN’ EP

13 October 2021

Who: A 7-piece band from Bakersfield, CA that combining an energetic blend of Latin alternative, Jamaican SKA, and reggae sounds. Veterans of ska music’s hyperactive nineties third wave, the group has released music on the Moon Ska and Steady Beat record labels. The band’s name refers to two forms of early Jamaican folk music styles, which make up the rhythmic foundation of what would become ska and reggae music in the 1960s.

(photo by Jeremy Gonzalez)


Info: A six-song Extended Play of reimagined Halloween music classics originally recorded and released by Bakersfield Sound icons Buck Owens and Ronnie Cook & The Gaylads.

Turn Up The Volume: Just leave your death metal albums on the shelf this year with Halloween. Why? With this steaming EP you can organise also a moshpit with your friends. But instead of banging you’re heads against each other with concussions as a result, you can safely go Ska bonkers now. Warning: don’t fall over your feet while shuffling them like crazy and while shaking your booty too fast, or you’ll have the same painful outcome as with your metalloween havoc.

Join the special(s) madness here…

MENTO BURO: Facebook

(design by ERock)

British Post-Punk Revolters SHATTERCONES Unleash Demons On New EP ‘THIS SEPTIC ISLE’

11 October 2021

Who: Frustrated noiseniks from London

Released: 1st October via Gare Du Nord Records.

When their fulminating single Butterly Room came out (an acrimonious
reflection on the state of chaotic Brexit England) I called these four raging
post-punk revolters the Four Horsemen of the Great Britain Apocalypse. Their
second EP confirms this description with unbridled intenseness and stunning
songwriting bringing the sinister force of The Birthday Party to mind.

Opener Ghoul Driver sets the tremendously torrid tone of this jaw-dropping
extended play. It’s an ominous trance-like outburst that threatens to explode
any second with a nervous violin initiating the expected blood-and-guts finale.

Say Goodbye both surprises and impresses with its longing Mexican tango
melodiousness. Melancholic trumpets, a weeping violin, and banjo-like guitar
gusto. And again the vocals are utterly impassioned. A touching video clip
visualizes this heavy-hearted gem.

As said above Butterfly Room is a fulminating blast and closer The Man Ate
progresses at a funeral pace. Lamenting and dolesome. Seems
like capitalism is the deceased.

Conclusion: one of the most fascinating EPs I heard all year.

Stream/buy here…


R & B Cocktail With LOVE ITOYA And Her Effervescent Debut EP ‘INTRODUCTION’

28 September 2021

Who: A 24-year R&B/Soul Greek Nigerian singer, songwriter,
performer, dancer, artist, born and raised in Thessaloniki, Greece.

Released: 24 September 2021
Order-info: here

Itoya: “Introduction” was written by my true life experiences and
also has a message of empowerment and advice to the world.”

Turn Up The Volume: Itoya is a natural-born singer and entertainer. Her glorious soul voice – think Béyonce and Neneh Cherry (yes that good) -sounds so spirited, so brisk, so
real and human that your stream of adrenalin explodes and euphoria takes over. Her 6-track debut EP couldn’t have come at a better time. After about 18 freedom-limiting and depressing months – we can dance in the streets again, side by side.

Finally, we can enjoy life again while swaying and swinging our hips to this exotic R&B jamboree injected with reggae sparks (Pepper Dam / Real Love), Motown inspired disco fervor (Ups & Downs) and passionate, mixed emotions (Consideration, with a flashy guitar solo, should be a hit worldwide)). All irresistible tunes, richly orchestrated and greatly arranged. And yes, Love Itoya looks totally gorgeous. What an introduction!

Stream/buy the EP here…

LOVE ITOYA: FacebookInstagram