Puzzling, Ominous And Chaotic – Five Previously Unheard SONIC YOUTH Jams From 2000-2010 Sessions

22 March 2022

Who: Guitar noise legends with
Kim Gordon, Thurston Moore,
Lee Ranaldo and Steve Shelley

Active: 1981-2011 / 15 LPs

Release: 11 March 2022 – order info here

Three Lobed Recordings (the label) says: In mulling over their career, it’s staggering
to realize that Sonic Youth not only delivered a healthy slab of releases as a unit but also
have a myriad of shelved material still waiting for broader ears. “In/Out/In” ably delivers
a new slab of mostly-unheard Sonic righteousness, with a scope on the post 2000-era
band in specially zoned/exploratory regions.

Rolling Stone says: “In/Out/In feels less like a random collection of toss-offs and
more like a lost Sonic Youth album before everyone figured out who would sing
each track.”

Turn Up The Volume: These five previously unreleased jams sound like… jams,
going everywhere and nowhere but they never leave your mind once you let them
in. These retrieved soundscapes, mostly instrumental, perplex and baffle. Especially
the 11-minute track 4 Social Static, a sort of Lou Reed’s Metal Music Machine escapade
and the 12-minute track 5 Out & In, a riff-Krautrock-roaring rattlesnake.

Ominous, chaotic, and mind-dazzling.

Enter Sonic Youth territory here…

SONIC YOUTH: Story – All Albums

(Group image: cover of their 1982 debut EP)

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