British Starry-Eyed Voice PEARL Shines On Debut EP ‘WHERE I GO’

23 July 2023

British singer-songwriter/producer PEARL who grew up in the English countryside,
much of her childhood centred around building dens in the forest, has released her delightful 4-track, titled WHERE I GO

“PEARL is my birthstone and holds a lot of symbolism
for me. I finally feel grounded and sure of myself.”

The EP showcases four tracks which touch on the theme of acceptance. Each song
was written as a way of processing emotions and events and moving on from them
in a positive way.

PEARL explains: “Writing these songs was a really reflective process, I would look back at a memory, make sense of it, and plot a path through. It was really cathartic. Music is very visual for me, and I love to create little worlds around it. This EP is verdant, a secret spot in the garden with round velvet chairs, cocooned and warm, with soft edges and lots of plants. I look at the music as biophilic, the synths, drums and production are the architecture, and my voice, the organic sounds, and the lyrics are the green and natural elements that run through…I’ve
always had an overactive imagination!”

TUTV: PEARL’s voice is the star in the middle, operating in a universe where you also can listen to Cocteau Twin‘s shiny vocalist Liz Fraser and Kate Bush‘s moonstruck moments. An instrumental instrument for four melodic ruminations, four sonic rainbows in the air and yours to take and to embrace. Where I Go is indie synth pop for dreamers who love to look at the bright side of life but fully know that reality can be a drag. Four-star debut. Another proof of how music can have a healing and soothing power.

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