ALAN VEGA’s Lost Album ‘MUTATOR’ Out In Two Weeks – Here’s Another Freaky Taster ‘FILTHY

In 1995/1996 ALAN VEGA, half of synth-punk pioneers Suicide
and his wife Liz Lamere, recorded an album called MUTATOR.
But it never saw the day of light. Then, back in 2019 Lamere and
close Vega friend Jared Artaud discovered the original tapes and
decided to mix the songs into a proper LP.

The lost album will be released
by Sacred Bones Records
on 23 April. Order info here.

After Fist and Nike Soldier
we get a third taster called FILTHY.

His widow Lamere about the track: “The anthemic zombie
atmosphere challenges the listener to find the underlying message
of hope that is always within Vega’s words and sound.”

Press play here for the freaky slo-mo groove…

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