A Joy Division Nightmare In Slow Motion – ‘FIST’ From ALAN VEGA’s Lost Album

New sonic impulses…

24 March 2021

In 1995/1996 ALAN VEGA, half of synth-punk pioneers Suicide
and his wife Liz Lamere, recorded an album called MUTATOR.
But it never saw the day of light. Then, back in 2019 Lamere and
close Vega friend Jared Artaud discovered the original tapes and
decided to mix the songs into a proper LP.

The lost album will be released
by Sacred Bones Records
on 23 April. Order info here.

We already got a vintage Vega jam from Mutator called
Nike Soldier
(see clip below). And here’s another cut.
FIST echoes like a Joy Division nightmare in slow motion.

His widow Lamere: “Fist’s relentless forward movement of the music coupled with
Vega’s battle cry lyrics makes it a powerful call for action to the people to muster their
power, come together and Make One Nation. The message is timely, the impact timeless.”

Tune in

Nike Soldier

ALAN VEGA: Facebook

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