Sly & The Family Stone Of The 21st Century Indie Rock – FOALS Have New Album ‘LIFE IS YOURS’ Out

23 June 2022

Who: British top star quartet from Oxford led by
Greece born singer-songwriter Yannis Philippakis
Active: Since 2005 / 7 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: LIFE IS YOURS
Released: 17 June 2022
Order info: here

NME says: “An album to be filed alongside Primal Scream‘s ‘Screamadelica’,
New Order’s ‘Technique’ and LCD’s ‘Sound Of Silver’ as one of those records
that makes you move, but with no cheap thrills.
” Score: 4/5.

TUTV: This new one made see the light, finally, after their other hit LPs.
Foals are Sly & The Family Stone 21st Century British indie band. Again
they come back with a non-stop jukebox of funky soul earworms driven by
bouncy guitar sparks, beats after beats after beats, and Yannis Philippakis
ardent vocals. They will set (once again) several green fields on fire this

Singles/clips: 2001 / 2AM / Looking High / Crest Of The  Wave

– 2001 –

– 2AM –



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Now Watching! New FOALS Video For New Funky Cut ‘LOOKING HIGH’

Eye-catching video clips

British funky rockers FOALS launch their
7th LP LIFE IS YOURS on 17th June.

And here’s a new taster off that album.

Yannis Philippakis (frontman/songwriter)about LOOKING HIGH: “This is looking back to a more hedonistic time in my life, and a more innocent time in society in general, pre-pandemic and before the existential threat of climate change,” Yannis Philippakis says. “It takes place in an alley in Oxford with two clubs – The Cellar and The Wheatsheaf – that all the city’s nightlife gravitated towards. It was before clubs started to close down and our cities started to change into more corporate, arid places. There’s an element of being haunted by nightlife that’s no longer there.”

Funk it up, folks…

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Stay On Track In The Weekend With Five Fresh Firecrackers

5 new firecrackers to boost your weekend

Who: Post-industrial-punk veterans from London
Active: 1979–1996, 2002–present / 15 LPs
with Pylon as their latest, released 7 years ago.

Out: 25 March 2022

New single: LORD OF CHAOS – title track

Lord Of Chaos resounds familiar from the get-go.
A huge wall-of-storming sound, Coleman‘s poignant
vox and a muscular chorus…



Who: Jangly indie rockers from NYC

New album: BROKEN EQUIPMENT – 2nd LP
Out: 11 March 2022


Speedy stunner
Punchy Panache
Full blast ahead…



From their upcoming horror
movie (no joke) titled Studio 666.

The Foos go metal mental.
Trash, crash, smash.
Here they come…



Who: Oxford 4-piece led by front star
Yannis Philippakis (Greek father, Ukrainian Jewish mother)
Active: Since 2005 / 7 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: LIFE IS YOURS, set for a summer release

New single: 2AM

The fervent funk machine hits again.
Get up and shake your booty, folks…


Who: Legendary West Coast hip-hop desperados
Active: Since 1988 / 10 studio LPs including new one

New album: BACK IN BLACK
Out: 18 March 2022 – order info here

New single: Bye Bye

The hip-rap-hop motherfuckers
are back with this dope lullaby
featuring Dizzy Wright

See/hear you next week, music junkies

British Power Pop Combo FOALS Drop New Funky Single ‘2AM’

New striking strokes

12 February 2022

(Press photo via FB Foals)

Who: Oxford 4-piece led by frontstar
Yannis Philippakis (Greek father, Ukrainian Jewish mother)
Active: Since 2005 / 7 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: LIFE IS YOURS, set for a summer release

New single: 2AM
After Wake Me Up the second taster from the upcoming full lenght

Philippakis: “Musically ‘2am’ is one of the poppiest songs we’ve ever written.
It’s about repetitive cycles of destructive behaviour, which I think lots of people
can relate to, and certainly, it’s an expression of something that I struggle with.
There’s something cathartic about expressing that feeling to this upbeat music
that’s got a sense of release and the hope of resolution.”

A high-powered Foals show again that they’re a fervent funk machine.
Get up and shake your booty, folks…

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UK TOUR 2022

THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN – 7 New Firecrackers From The Past 7 Days

7  from the past 7 days

1. ‘This Night’ by SUPERCHUNK (North Carolina)

The second single from their 11th LP
called Wild Loneliness, out 25 February.

Mac McCaughan (guitarist) About: “Like much of Wild Loneliness, this song was
written in the mode of “let’s look around and be thankful for what we have rather
than focusing on what Republicans have taken from an entire generation.”

Never too old to rattle and roll…


2. Slowly Separate by CROWS (London, UK)

Almost three years after their debut album Silver Tongues this must-hear
post-punk hit team returns with follow-up Beware Believers, out 1st of April.

James Cox (frontman): “Slowly Separate is about living in London, working a job
you hate and just going through the mundane routine of hand to mouth living.”

A blazing uppercut with the
cutting force of a chainsaw.



3. ‘Am I Really Going To Die’ by WHITE LIES (London)

Another warm-up piece from their upcoming
6th longplayer, out on 18 February.

Not a happy one, yet funky and jumpy in sound…


4. ‘Wake Me Up’ by FOALS (UK)

I’m not a big fan of remixes unless the remixer – in this case, electro duo
Flight Facilities – transforms a head-dazzling rocker into a head-dazzling
disco stomper that works like a vaccination with a shot of adrenalin.

Yoohoo! Party time…


5. ‘Lights’ by BAND OF HORSES (Seattle, US)

Album number six Things Are Great hit the streets on 4 March.
And they dropped taster number three Lights a few days ago.

An experience with security guards and the police flashing
their lights inspired frontman Ben Bridwell to write this song.

Vibrant vibe…


6. ‘Thrown’ by BODEGA (NYC)

I’m sure that this Big Apple indie squad has all Parquet Courts records on their shelves. You already could hear it on their 2019 debut album Endless Scroll and their second one, titled Broken Equipment looks to go in the same direction when hearing new single Thrown.

Not original but tumbling
and revolving nevertheless…


7. ‘Fraggle Rock Rock’ by FOO FIGHTERS (Seattle, US)

Seems like Dave Grohl and his Fighters adore the spotlights
and do anything to have them shine on them every day.

Check this… children’s television series Fraggle Rock gets a full revival on Apple TV+ and yes, you already guessed it, the Foos are among the musical guests on the show. For the occasion, they wrote this bonkers retro rocker that triggers your laughing muscles.

Have fun

FOALS Played ‘SUNDAY’ And ‘DREAMING OF’ On New Live Session…

14 February 2021

British indie-rock heroes FOALS enjoyed playing, safely live,
before with their CCTV Sessions, and continue to do so.

Here’s why… “It’s just about hearing the songs unadorned by production and
seeing the band in a weird, parallel universe. It’s cool how dusty and primitive-
sounding some of them are when we flip the aesthetic of the songs on their head.
There’s also something in the fact that they’re captured by CCTV cameras. We forget
that we’re being filmed which makes it all feel very rough, ready and unadorned.”

says maestro Yannis Philippakis.

Capture their vibes…

– SUNDAY – from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1

– DREAMING OF – from Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 2

FOALS: Facebook

FOALS Played Intimate Piano Versions Of ‘SUNDAY’ And ‘BIRCH TREE’ – Here’s The Gripping Perfomance…

British highly popular band FOALS at Radio 1’s Piano Sessions last weekend played a gripping, stripped-down piano version of two songs ‘Sunday’ and ‘Birch Tree’, one from each of their two ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost’ part 1 & 2 albums from 2019.

Here’s the absorbing performance…



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