Now Watching! New FOALS Video For New Funky Cut ‘LOOKING HIGH’

Eye-catching video clips

British funky rockers FOALS launch their
7th LP LIFE IS YOURS on 17th June.

And here’s a new taster off that album.

Yannis Philippakis (frontman/songwriter)about LOOKING HIGH: “This is looking back to a more hedonistic time in my life, and a more innocent time in society in general, pre-pandemic and before the existential threat of climate change,” Yannis Philippakis says. “It takes place in an alley in Oxford with two clubs – The Cellar and The Wheatsheaf – that all the city’s nightlife gravitated towards. It was before clubs started to close down and our cities started to change into more corporate, arid places. There’s an element of being haunted by nightlife that’s no longer there.”

Funk it up, folks…

FOALS: Facebook

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