British Power Pop Combo FOALS Drop New Funky Single ‘2AM’

New striking strokes

12 February 2022

(Press photo via FB Foals)

Who: Oxford 4-piece led by frontstar
Yannis Philippakis (Greek father, Ukrainian Jewish mother)
Active: Since 2005 / 7 studio LPs (new one included)

New album: LIFE IS YOURS, set for a summer release

New single: 2AM
After Wake Me Up the second taster from the upcoming full lenght

Philippakis: “Musically ‘2am’ is one of the poppiest songs we’ve ever written.
It’s about repetitive cycles of destructive behaviour, which I think lots of people
can relate to, and certainly, it’s an expression of something that I struggle with.
There’s something cathartic about expressing that feeling to this upbeat music
that’s got a sense of release and the hope of resolution.”

A high-powered Foals show again that they’re a fervent funk machine.
Get up and shake your booty, folks…

Also on Spotify

UK TOUR 2022

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