Dark Night Trip In Sunny L.A. With Duo GHXST And New Single ‘MARRY THE NIGHT’

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6 April 2022

(Photo by Soojin Park)

Who: Darkwave tandem
from Los Angeles

Debut album: ADMIRE
Out: 22 April 2022.

The LP was written and recorded in California and was mixed by
long-time collaborator and UK producer James Aparicio (Nick Cave,
Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Liars

New single: MARRY THE NIGHT (great song title)
After Pls, You Must Be A Dream, the second piece
from the upcoming full length.

‘Marry the Night’ is a love song for nights after hours spent walking through empty streets.
The track opens with a lulling atmospheric loop that gradually opens into heavier spaces, with Shelley X’s signature delayed vocals echoing against drop-tuned guitars. Throughout, a drum machine pulses, like beats echoing from outside a Brooklyn warehouse. It’s gloomy listening, but the gloom is somehow warm and inviting.

Turn Up The Volume: This new dark piece resonates like a nightmare in slow motion
by  A Place To Bury Strangers. You know, when you try to run, but some unknown power holds you back. Scary, right? But here, city lights guide you safely to the place you wanna go to.

Duskiness in the sunny City of Angels. Not really the way
Los Angeles is pictured in my head, but fascinating it is.

Walk along here…

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Jet-Black Noise Duo GHXST Gear Up For Their Debut Album With Sneaky Single ‘PLS, YOU MUST BE A DREAM’

Daily electricity to load your batteries

22 March 2022

Who: Noise tandem from
the City Of Angles, Los Angeles

Debut album: ADMIRE
Out 22 April 2022.

The LP was written and recorded in California and was mixed by
long-time collaborator and UK producer James Aparicio (Nick Cave,
Depeche Mode, Spiritualized, Liars


“The song adds a surf goth element to the duo’s signature metal-inflected
sound and “is an ode to the obsessions that haunt you, like a half-remembered
scene from an arthouse film. As Shelley X coldly intones “You’re the only one”
over a menacing surf riff, it’s not clear whether it’s for a lost love or a memory
of times past. As always, the allure is in the unknown”.

Turn Up The Volume: This deafening jet-black groove moves slowly
like a sneaky snake on a destructive mission. Metallic disturbance, bass
turbulence, traumatic vocals, and chainsaw guitars that cut up your

GHXST seem to battle a damaging war in their heads
while David Lynch is waiting in the shadow.

Time to smash your wicked cacodemons…

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New York’s Doom And Gloom Duo GHXST Share Tenebrific Clip For ‘U R MY NIGHT’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

4 November 2020

Two years after their pitch-black, arresting 6-track Gloom EP, New York’s
anxious psych-goth mavericks GHXST are gearing up for a new EP called
DARK DAYS, out 16th November.

The pair just launched a dramatic clip for one of the bloodcurdling tracks
called U R MY NIGHT. A sort of Kafkaesque nightdream making you feel both
tense and comfortable, thrilled and relaxed. A slow-moving sonic reflection
of an emotion-charged wandering during dusk hours in Los Angeles.

The multi-guitar-layered resonance and spine-chilling vocals create a
hallucinatory atmosphere fittingly visualized in their quarantine-made
clip looking like a psychedelic film-noir in colors.

Enter GHXTS‘ world here…

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(photo via Big Mouth PR)

Brooklyn’s Darksome Noise Duo GHXST Shares Murky Track From Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘RIDE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

2 November 2018

(pic: Aldo D’Luna)

Brooklyn‘s noise duo GHXST announced the release of their third EP in their Nowhere trilogy, called GLOOM. The EP is the final iteration of a sonic journey that has taken the
duo across America: from the sonorities of hyper-real deserts, back to New York’s no-wave

Ahead of its release the pair just launched first single RIDE. A heavy, jet-black groove moving slowly and menacingly. Its multi-guitar-layered drones and murky electronics create a horror-ific tension that feels both mystifying and hypnotic. Tenebrous vibe with arresting effect. The accompanying video clip features footage from New Orleans‘Krewe
of Boo
‘ parade. Here we go…

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GLOOM EP out 16 November – more info here