New York’s Doom And Gloom Duo GHXST Share Tenebrific Clip For ‘U R MY NIGHT’

Clips that will have an impact on your eyes and your ears…

4 November 2020

Two years after their pitch-black, arresting 6-track Gloom EP, New York’s
anxious psych-goth mavericks GHXST are gearing up for a new EP called
DARK DAYS, out 16th November.

The pair just launched a dramatic clip for one of the bloodcurdling tracks
called U R MY NIGHT. A sort of Kafkaesque nightdream making you feel both
tense and comfortable, thrilled and relaxed. A slow-moving sonic reflection
of an emotion-charged wandering during dusk hours in Los Angeles.

The multi-guitar-layered resonance and spine-chilling vocals create a
hallucinatory atmosphere fittingly visualized in their quarantine-made
clip looking like a psychedelic film-noir in colors.

Enter GHXTS‘ world here…

GHXST: Facebook>


(photo via Big Mouth PR)

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