Rollicking Electro-Kraut Sparks – New Single ‘THE OBSERVER’ By FLYING MOON IN SPACE

Daily electricity to load your batteries

4 November 2020

(photo via Fuzz Club)


Who: A seven-piece band from Leipzig, Germany born out of live improvisations
that are known to last hours at a time. After a series of tours around Europe, the
group has now signed to London-based label Fuzz Club for their self-titled debut LP.

“A shape-shifting blend of driving Krautrock aesthetics, vivid psychedelic pop and techno-indebted electronics, Flying Moon In Space’s ambitious first full-length is due for release December 4th 2020.”

References: Can, NEU!, Juju, Juju, Tangerine Dream, My Bloody Valentine, Brian Eno,
Klaus Schulz
, HEALTH, A Place To Bury Strangers and more orchestral acts like
Godspeed You! Black Emperor
or Sigur Ros.

Pick: THE OBSERVER – new, 2nd single, from the forthcoming first album.
Described by the band as “an anthem for the ‘post-industrial burnouts’ of the world,
the track is a call to break from the drudgery of modern life delivered in the form of reverberating, motorik psych-pop”.

Score: Only thirty seconds in and this electrical Kraut-synth stunner is already
jumping from left to right and back in your uncontrollably spinning head. Ongoing sparkling rotations cause a transcendent experience giving you the opportunity to
escape our grim reality for a while. And when you close your eyes you’ll see flashes
of psychedelic flames on your iris while intoxicating vocals add a sinister dimension. Ghostly vibrations indeed.

Press play here…

Dont’ stop yet, continue directly with the hypnotic first single Ardor and extend your trip…


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