Brooklyn’s Darksome Noise Duo GHXST Shares Murky Track From Upcoming EP – Here’s ‘RIDE’…

Brand new sonic impulses

2 November 2018

(pic: Aldo D’Luna)

Brooklyn‘s noise duo GHXST announced the release of their third EP in their Nowhere trilogy, called GLOOM. The EP is the final iteration of a sonic journey that has taken the
duo across America: from the sonorities of hyper-real deserts, back to New York’s no-wave

Ahead of its release the pair just launched first single RIDE. A heavy, jet-black groove moving slowly and menacingly. Its multi-guitar-layered drones and murky electronics create a horror-ific tension that feels both mystifying and hypnotic. Tenebrous vibe with arresting effect. The accompanying video clip features footage from New Orleans‘Krewe
of Boo
‘ parade. Here we go…

GHXST: Facebook

GLOOM EP out 16 November – more info here

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