50 Best Albums Of 2020 According To LOUDER THAN WAR…

Very popular British music website LOUDER THAN WAR revealed their list of 50 best albums of 2020 preceded by this message: “An unforgettable year, and some magnificent music. 30 odd LTW writers agree on these fifty to varying degrees. Bob Vylan led the field right up to the last two nominations, closely followed by Bob Dylan! There are artists here you won’t find on any other End of Year lists. New and old side by side. In the Top 20 more than half the acts are female or include female members. Enjoy.”

1. ‘I Am Moron’ by THE LOVELY EGGS (Lancaster, UK)
“LTW favourites The Lovely Eggs return on top form with album number six. Psych
punk at its height, again produced by Flaming Lips magician David Fridmann.”

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2. ‘We Live Here’ by BOB VYLAN
A groundbreaking album that slammed right into 2020 full of rage, anger and messages
pre lockdown (WC) Crucial mix of grime and punk with a clear angry fuck off to racists.”

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3. ‘A National Disgrace’ by DEAD SHEERAN
“Dead Sheeran is the dogs bollocks. The one album which makes you laugh at the impotence of the collective rage and feeling of desperation in the UK in 2020. He doesn’t have answers, he doesn’t even know the fuckin’ question. But he is some kind of accidental genius and a vital antidote to the misery of 2020.”LTW

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4. ‘Rough And Rowdy Ways’ by BOB DYLAN
“How can this fantastic return of Mr Zimmerman not make it into the top 5?
An absolute masterclass of songwriting once again.”

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“Purely beautiful. Shiver down the spine stuff. Not a bad track and a hark
back to the glory days. No One is just a stunning piece of songwriting.”

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6. England Is A Garden by CORNERSHOP
7. A Hero’s Death by FONTIANES D.C.
8. Now Here’s An Echo From Your Future by GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS
9. Untitled (Rise) by SAULT
10. Fetch The Bolt Cutters by FIONA APPLE

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London’s Punk Trio GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS Spits And Sneers On New Fiery Single ‘FAN THE FLAMES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 October 2018


Who: “Formed in late 2016, Girls In Synthesis have quickly forged a fearsome reputation
as one of the most exciting and volatile live acts in London.In equal parts frantic, considered, ear-splitting and melodic, the group take their cues from the early DIY punk and post-punk pioneers.”

Pick: FAN THE FLAMES – title track from their upcoming E.P.

Score: Punk is not dead. Punk is alive and hitting. Living proof is London’s Girls In Synthesis.
Their new hot-blooded slam ‘Fan The Flames‘ is a nasty uppercut pushed by the drummer’s kick-ass battering, the bassist’s pumping cadence and the guitar’s head-splitting electricity. Add the frontman’s spit and sneer vocals and a stirred up scream-along chorus to test the flexibility of your vocal chords to and what you get is a rowdy firecracker to wake up your entire neighbourhood with. Ignite the frenzy right here…


FAN THE FLAMES E.P. out 10 November – All info and order facilities here