London’s Punk Trio GIRLS IN SYNTHESIS Spits And Sneers On New Fiery Single ‘FAN THE FLAMES’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

15 October 2018


Who: “Formed in late 2016, Girls In Synthesis have quickly forged a fearsome reputation
as one of the most exciting and volatile live acts in London.In equal parts frantic, considered, ear-splitting and melodic, the group take their cues from the early DIY punk and post-punk pioneers.”

Pick: FAN THE FLAMES – title track from their upcoming E.P.

Score: Punk is not dead. Punk is alive and hitting. Living proof is London’s Girls In Synthesis.
Their new hot-blooded slam ‘Fan The Flames‘ is a nasty uppercut pushed by the drummer’s kick-ass battering, the bassist’s pumping cadence and the guitar’s head-splitting electricity. Add the frontman’s spit and sneer vocals and a stirred up scream-along chorus to test the flexibility of your vocal chords to and what you get is a rowdy firecracker to wake up your entire neighbourhood with. Ignite the frenzy right here…


FAN THE FLAMES E.P. out 10 November – All info and order facilities here

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