Daydreamers HIGHLAND KITES Spellbind Again With Brand New Track – Here’s ‘WHAT LOVE IS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 March 2020

(Artwork by Mallory Quinn)

Los Angeles’ daydreamers HIGHLAND KITES is a wonderfully captivating duo that spellbinds with every release. These artists deserve much more attention than they
had so far. Their brand new mesmerizing track is a tremendous pearl again.

Magical singer and songwriter Marissa Lamar says about –‘WHAT LOVE IS’ : “it’s
about love, inclusion, realizing even though we’re all individuals, we’re not all that different
from one another and want similar things in life. It’s me wondering about the bigger picture and having hope that love and compassion for others can fix a broken world. I hope it ends
up inspiring you in some way, or at least makes you feel some feelings.”

As well musically as vocally this duo comes up with another magnificent beauty that touches heart and soul. A gorgeous humdinger growing in vitality and fervency as the
impressive song moves son. The atmospheric orchestration is rhapsodic and bewitching and Lamar‘s vox is, as always, stupendous.

There’s something about the stars
the way they shine on
they shine on despite the dark
even a million years after they’re gone

Sit down, relax and enjoy…


Here’s L.A.’s Dream Pop Duo HIGHLAND KITES And Their New Sorrowful Ballad ‘A THOUSAND REASONS’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 January 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured Los Angeles made/Nashville bound duo HIGHLAND KITES before, the brainchild of splendid singer-songwriter Marissa Lamar, who teamed up
with drummer, Neil Briggs a few years ago. They’ve already released four EPs (check
them on Bandcamp). And now the pair is back with a somber, heartbreaking love song.

‘A THOUSAND REASONS’ is a sorrowful and honest ballad about a doomed relationship Lamar had with an ex-lover. “We both know this was meant to turn into nothing / we both know we were meant to be free / me from, me from you and you from me”

Wonderful voice Marissa Lamar unveiled the overall sentiment behind this new tune: “You don’t have to dwell in crappy emotions, but pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away. Life is life and it has ALL emotions, and we can experience every single one of them in any given day, and that’s ok. I have never been able to “just not care” about people or things and I don’t want to feel numb, because turning all this emotion into art is one of my greatest joys in life.”

Here’s the painful reverie…


On-Repeat-In-January-2018… FOURTEEN KNOCKOUTS!

Striking vibrations that good we play it on

A versatile mix of electric eruptions and firework strokes
that energized all my senses and limbs this past month!
TURN UP THE VOLUME! Here’s plenty of sonic dope…

1/ ‘Fol De Rol’ by THE FALL (Manchester, UK)
From the troubled genius’ final 2017 album – rest in peace…
Album: New Facts Emerge

2/ ‘Black Habit’ by MIEN (US, UK, Canada)
Supergroup hits it big psych time with debut single…
Debut album: out 8 April – info here

3/ ‘Love’ by ANTEROS (London, UK)
Striking pop pearl, as catchy as flaming hell…

5/ ‘Current Affair’ by SEXTILE feat SIENNA (Los Angeles)
Hyperkinetic electro whirlwind to go totally apeshit to…
Album: Albeit Living

6/ ‘The Gift’ by THE LIMIÑANAS feat. PETER HOOK (France/UK)
Sensual psychedelia with a sultry touch and legend Peter Hook on bass…
New album: Shadow People – just out now

7/ ‘Jukebox Babe’ by MOON DUO (Portland, US)
Portland’s mind-expanding pair covers Alan Vega in swinging style…

8/ ‘The Great Chain Of Being’ by KING GIZZARD & THE LIZARD WIZARD
Another heavy eruption by the Aussie psych junkies…
Album: Gumboot Soup

8/ ‘Bubbilicious’ by TOKYO TABOO (London, UK)
Pschodelic glam punk, hot as an exploding volcano…
Album: 6TH Street Psychosis / Interview with TUTV!

9/ ‘Skin Spilling’ by BONNE APARTE (The Netherlands)
Weird and eccentric paranoia post punks…
Album: Scalps  – out 2 February – info here 

10/ ‘Ballad’ by NO FRIENDZ (London, UK)
Funky scream along indie kick for all useless people on this planet…
Album: split LP with Chupa Cabra – all info here

11/ ‘Luxury Animals’ by MUSH (Leeds, UK)
Jingle jangle noiseniks fronted by Lou Reed‘s ghost…

12/ ‘Black Smoke’ by BLACK FUN SURGERY (London, UK)
Glimmering disco ball electronics with a spell-binding edge…
New album: PATCHES – to be released soon

13/ ‘Serpent Speak’ by AURAL AIR (Dublin, Ireland)
Poetic guitar euphony and Laura Rai‘s remarkable voice…
EP: The Torpor OF Minds

14/ ‘I Didn’t Belong’ by HIGHLAND KITES (California, US)
Tremendous voice to solace your troubled heart and hurt soul in times of love sickness…
Debut EP: to be released this year

See/hear you next month, music junkies


Los Angeles’ HIGHLAND KITES Will Capture Your Heart & Soul With Touching Single… ‘I DIDN’T BELONG’

Daily fuel load your sonic batteries…

18 January 2018


Base: Los Angeles, CA, US

Who: “the brainchild of singer-songwriter Marissa Lamar who teamed up with drummer Neil Briggs. By weaving hope, positivity and closure into their songs they create compelling and often dark content that ultimately feels uplifting. Their goal is to make people feel better even though most of the songs are themed around painful experiences.”


Score: I guess many of us experience(d) that weird, yet truly human emotion when
you use harrowing music as a remedy for a state of moodiness. A spine-tingling voice
to solace your troubled heart and hurt soul in times of love sickness, depression or any kind of sadness that brings your spirit down. Marissa Lamar definitely has that healing force. Her crystal clear vox, somewhere between Linda Rondstadt and Sharon Van Etten, somewhere between melancholic country and downcast blues, somewhere very special, will move you graciously and softly. This is the magnificent voice and this is the matching, downhearted ballad you want to hear on the jukebox when you have a drink, late night, somewhere in a bar in the city, lonely and affected by emotional damage. This is gloomy pearl ‘I DIDN’T BELONG’

HIGHLAND KITES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Keep your handkerchief close by as full album I DIDN’T BELONG will follow…

When Mixed Emotions Touch Your Heart & Soul – Here are HIGHLAND KITES…

Vibes that thrills us in a way we want to scream out loud…


‘I’m Not Weak’ by HIGHLAND KITES

Singer/songwriter/guitarist Marissa Lamar is the heart and soul of Californian indie trio HIGHLAND KITES out of Los Angeles. After a very long battle with Lyme disease, music helped her healing process and emerged as her saving grace, giving her a reason to persevere and ultimately share her life-affirming strength as she overcame her illness.
She started as a solo artist in 2014, but soon formed Highland Kites with drummer Neil Briggs and Alex Edwards on lead guitar. They toured in Southern California, the Pacific Northwest and also played shows in New York and Austin and received airplay on over
70 radio stations in the US and UK. So far the three-piece released their full length debut  ‘All We Left Behind’ and an EP called Let Me Run. And now here’s the first impressive single I’M NOT WEAK from the same titled upcoming 5-track EP. Marissa says about the new, personal songs: “Musically, we worked hard to ensure each song really felt right emotionally. There was no focus or obsession over genre, we spent time ensuring that the compositions of each song respectively matched the feeling of the lyrics and experiences. This EP is all of my heart. It’s my darkness, my light, my past and my future, my sadness, my happiness, my resolutions, hopes, weaknesses, strengths and all my love for being alive. It’s a resolution of my past and the idea that the future can be.”

‘I’m Not Weak‘ is a strong and inspiring high quality pop song. Intense, richly arranged, colored with poetic guitar lines and driven by the truly gripping and vivid voice of Lamar dealing with mixed emotions but strongly convinced she’ll survive in the end, the way she wants.  Think Hope Sandoval (Mazzy Star) fronting a moody Radiohead. Yes, that special. Here’s some appealing beauty…

It’s always late at night when these thoughts they seem to culminate.
They almost make sense in my dream like state
The words are so loud, they’re so loud in my brain.
They scream if I loved you less I’d be okay.

But you knew it
All I’d ever done is forgive your flaws
You knew it
That I can’t help myself at all
Not at all

I finally realize that’s it ok to break
I finally realize that it’s ok to not feel hate
I finally realize I’m not weak for always forgiving
That I’m not weak

As I walk away I curse the whole universe
For not splitting love is perfect halves so we’re equally hurt
I curse myself for heavy thinking,
Feeling all this pain,
It’s like a thousand bricks,
A thousand bricks deep seated in my brain

I know who I am and it’s okay
I’ll love you as I walk away, I’ll know you are and I pray you’ll find that person someday.

I’m not weak

The 5-track ‘I’M NOT WEAK’ EP will be out on the 29th of July. Watch this space…

HIGHLAND KITES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Los Angeles’ HIGHLAND KITES Cover RADIOHEAD With A Mesmeric Touch…

‘Fake Plastic Trees’ by HIGHLAND KITES
Original by Radiohead

On my daily search for something special on the Internet I discovered this truly splendid guitar pop/folk trio HIGHLAND KITES based out of Los Angeles and formed in late 2013.
It’s the brainchild of the wonderful singer/songwriter/guitarist Marissa Lamar blessed with a gripping voice. And the first song I heard of this trio and made me silent instantly was/is a cover of one of Radiohead‘s unforgettable masterstrokes FAKE PLASTIC TREES (from their 1995 breakthrough album The Bends). A truly impressive rendition. Lamar‘s voice is really enchanting and colors the song with a mesmeric touch Thom Yorke would certainly approve. Musically the band’s overall sensitive approach with poetic guitar lines
is delightful. Yes, today I found something special. Here’s the magic…

There’s so much more to discover about HIGHLAND KITES. Explore the rich beauty of their own quality songwriting on their two EPs and debut album here on Bandcamp.

HIGHLAND KITES: Website – Facebook – Twitter

Original version also released as single in 1995…

SEVEN IN THE MIX! 7 Energizing Crackers for Week 30…


Seven steamrolling tracks I played on repeat these past days
Seven crackers to vitalize your body and soul all week long
Turn up the volume! Music is the dope! Get stoned legally!…

1/ ‘Lonely Ghoul’ by POWER-BUDDIES (Alberta – VA, US)
Organ & bass driven lunacy that will make your neighbours screaming for the police…
On: Shake!Fest 3 Compilation Tape
POWER-BUDDIES: Facebook – Bandcamp

2/ ‘Suitcase Jimmy’ by EVANS THE DEATH
Mad guitars, mad vocals, mad sax, mad minds – MAD! MAD! MAD!
On: new album VANILLA
EVANS THE DEATH: Facebook – Twitter

3/ ‘Centennial’ by HEATERS (Grand Rapids, MI – US)
Surf spiced psych serpent creeping slowly but surely under your skin – nasty stuff…
On: new album BABTISTINA – out 5 August via Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records
HEATERS: Facebook – Bandcamp

4/ ‘Homesick’ by EARTH HEART (Boston, MA)
Bouncing guitar riffs & biting vocals that will drive you crazy in the end – perfect!…
On: debut album out 5 August
EARTH HEART: Facebook – Bandcamp

5/ ‘Tunnel Vision’ by THE CRYSTAL FURS (Forth Worth, Texas, US)
Highly catchy indie pop powered with splattering guitar fuel – energetic score…
THE CRYSTAL FURS: Facebook – Website

6/ ‘This War Inside’ by HIGHLAND KITES (Los Angeles, CA – US)
Marissa Lamar‘s inner struggle becomes an irresistible, swinging blessing for the listener…
On: brand new EP ‘Let Me Run’ – here on Bandcamp
HIGHLAND KITES: Facebook – Website

7/ ‘Moe Syzlack’s Revenge’ by PARVUS AC & THE MASTERS OF SHAMBHALA (Glasgow, Scotland) – It will be hard to remember the band’s name in 3 minutes but you will play
this lazy party jam featuring the world’s most famous bar man on repeat, undoubtedly…
Bandcamp – Facebook – Twitter


See/hear you next week, music junkies…