Here’s L.A.’s Dream Pop Duo HIGHLAND KITES And Their New Sorrowful Ballad ‘A THOUSAND REASONS’…

Reveries for the laziest day of the week

19 January 2020

Turn Up The Volume featured Los Angeles made/Nashville bound duo HIGHLAND KITES before, the brainchild of splendid singer-songwriter Marissa Lamar, who teamed up
with drummer, Neil Briggs a few years ago. They’ve already released four EPs (check
them on Bandcamp). And now the pair is back with a somber, heartbreaking love song.

‘A THOUSAND REASONS’ is a sorrowful and honest ballad about a doomed relationship Lamar had with an ex-lover. “We both know this was meant to turn into nothing / we both know we were meant to be free / me from, me from you and you from me”

Wonderful voice Marissa Lamar unveiled the overall sentiment behind this new tune: “You don’t have to dwell in crappy emotions, but pretending they don’t exist doesn’t make them go away. Life is life and it has ALL emotions, and we can experience every single one of them in any given day, and that’s ok. I have never been able to “just not care” about people or things and I don’t want to feel numb, because turning all this emotion into art is one of my greatest joys in life.”

Here’s the painful reverie…


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