Daydreamers HIGHLAND KITES Spellbind Again With Brand New Track – Here’s ‘WHAT LOVE IS’…

Daily fuel to load your sonic batteries…

7 March 2020

(Artwork by Mallory Quinn)

Los Angeles’ daydreamers HIGHLAND KITES is a wonderfully captivating duo that spellbinds with every release. These artists deserve much more attention than they
had so far. Their brand new mesmerizing track is a tremendous pearl again.

Magical singer and songwriter Marissa Lamar says about –‘WHAT LOVE IS’ : “it’s
about love, inclusion, realizing even though we’re all individuals, we’re not all that different
from one another and want similar things in life. It’s me wondering about the bigger picture and having hope that love and compassion for others can fix a broken world. I hope it ends
up inspiring you in some way, or at least makes you feel some feelings.”

As well musically as vocally this duo comes up with another magnificent beauty that touches heart and soul. A gorgeous humdinger growing in vitality and fervency as the
impressive song moves son. The atmospheric orchestration is rhapsodic and bewitching and Lamar‘s vox is, as always, stupendous.

There’s something about the stars
the way they shine on
they shine on despite the dark
even a million years after they’re gone

Sit down, relax and enjoy…


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