KINGS OF LEON – Sizzling Southern Rockers’ Debut Album ‘YOUTH AND YOUNG MANHOOD’ Is 20

Back in time

8 July 2023

Nashville’s rock family KINGS OF LEON started their crusade to global stardom
20 years ago – 7 July 2003 – with their debut LP YOUTH AND YOUNG MANHOOD.

It peaked at #3 in the UK but didn’t even chart in the US, but that would change quickly.

NME said: “Arriving in the poker-faced wake of The Strokes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
and The Libertines, ‘Youth & Young Manhood’ was a breath of fresh Southern air. A gaggle
of hot-blooded 1970s throwbacks with more hair than Dolly Parton’s wig storage space, their chugging hillbilly groove wasn’t overly deep, but it was heavy with hooks, snarling personality and glorious imperfections, like Caleb’s cracked vocals on ‘Trani’ – the only track on the album to broach the five minute mark by a significant margin.”

TUTV: Good old sizzling Southern rock riffage. Their most authentic (read: before turning into major record label’s slaves), unrestrained and unbridled album to my ears and eyes (they were cooking on stage back then). Afterward, the albums’ quality became more and more mainstream and lost its original we do what we fucking want to do spirit. The big money came in. The band became a brand.

Singles/clips: Red Morning Light / Molly’s Chambers / California Waiting





KOL: Instagram – Bio – Discography

Waking Up With… SEX ON FIRE

Works faster than caffeine

14 September 2022

This day 14 years ago the Nashville family KINGS OF LEON scored their first
No 1 single in the UK with SEX ON FIRE (almost 1 billion vieuws on Spotify).
And it was also a chart success in Europe and the US.

It helped them to become giant stars, along with the album
Only The Night (their 4th) where the song was taken from.

By that time I wasn’t the fan of the first hour no more. It was the debut LP
and the sophomore one that made me rock out. Although Sex On Fire was/is
a sickly sticky hot hellraiser.

Start the fire here…

KINGS OF LEON: Bio – Discography

One Live Shot A Day Turns Summer Into A Holiday – Today: KINGS OF LEON

11 August 2022

Two days ago I saw the American desperadoes of KINGS OF LEON playing live again since their early days when they produced 4 rad rock albums (between 2003 and 2008), followed by 4 big-market-aimed albums (although some ace singles on it) between 2010 and 2021.

They performed at Lokerse Fest in Belgium. And? Their light show was
better than the choice of the setlist with too many songs, for my liking,
from the last 4 albums.

Here’s one of my favored KOL crackers… they didn’t play.

Black Thumbnail (2007)

KOL: Facebook

Photos by Turn Up The Volume

Happy 40 To King Of Leon CALEB FOLLOWILL

14 January 2022

(Caleb up front, second from left)

40 years ago today, on 14 January 1982, Caleb Followill saw the day of light in Mount Juliet, Tennessee. Seventeen years later, in 1999, he started a band with his two brothers and his cousin. By now – after 8 albums – KINGS OF LEON are a worldwide famed group. Kudos to them.

Now, let’s celebrate Caleb.
Here come the Kings with
a smoking live performance
of The Bucket (2005)…


KINGS OF LEON Steam On New Cut ‘ECHOING’ From Upcoming Album

12 February 2021

KINGS OF LEON unleash new album When You See Yourself, their 8th, on March 5th.
The Nashville family already gave us two cuts ‘100.000 People‘ and ‘The Bandit‘.

And here’s another piece. A steaming ripsnorter called ECHOING.

Turn it up motherrockers….

The previously shared tracks…


– 100.000 PEOPLE –


Safe AOR Family KINGS OF LEON Back With Two New Tame Tracks

New sonic impulses…

KINGS OF LEON is one of those too many bands that kick ass – on record and on
stage – when they hit the scene and then turn slowly into a corporate goody-goody
band making tons of money with safe AOR (adult-oriented-rock). Check their first
three longplayers and hear the difference in dynamism, briskness, and most of all
the difference in uninhibited and steaming rock ‘n’ roll swagger.

Next March – the fifth – the Nashville family release
their 8th album called When You See Yourself.

Here are the first two tame tracks
The Bandit and 100,000 People


– 100.000 PEOPLE –

The KOL I loved – 2003…


KINGS OF LEON Share Acoustic Reverie ‘GOING NOWHERE’…

New sonic impulses

1 April 2020

KINGS OF LEON frontman Caleb Followill joins the countless artists who share old
and new music from their homes and/or isolated places with the ‘stay home, stay safe’ message. Followill‘s contribution is an acoustic reverie appropriately named GOING NOWHERE. The accompanying black and white clip is directed by Casey McGrath with Followill singing in an empty room.

Watch/listen here…